Swaragini – A Marriage Love Story (Epi 5)


So, guys I am back with my ff I am Teja I will show leap of two years because I think swasan fans are not happy and my comments are getting low because of it so I am forwarding the story and I will describe what happen between swara and sanskar in these two years in 6th episode and I forgot to say I will put swasan they do chatting but they are in different places
So let’s begin with the story
Epi 5:

@ Raglak room:
The sun rays falls on ragini and laksh their clothes were lying down ragini woke up first and seen laksh sleeping remembering last night and blushed she saw laksh sleeping peacefully and went for fresh up she came near laksh to wake him up but laksh pulled her and said something which made ragini as red as tomato
Laksh: Ragini I never thought that the surprise of yours will be this and if you will give treat after your punishment then I am ready to get punishment
Ragini: laksh stop it this treatment is for this time next time I will not give this type of surprise
Laksh: is that so
Mean while Ragini gets up and go to washroom by running she goes to washroom and vomits she then remembers that she skipped her menstrual cycle so she thought she may be pregnant so without wasting time she sent laksh to office and asked permission from mom for going to hospital by saying that her friend had called her to meet in hospital they agreed

Ragini consults the gynaecologist in the hospital the gynaecologist is swati
Dr.swati: Ragini your guess is right you are pregnant
Ragini: thanks doctor by the way when reports will come
Dr.swati: in the evening
Ragini: can you give me now
Dr.swati: ok but it takes time
Ragini: I will wait
So the doctor called someone and asked him to make the reports as soon as possible. Meanwhile ragini is waiting when she saw her friend meeta and went to her
Ragini: hi meeta what are you doing here?
Meeta: hi ragini I am working as a doctor here
Ragini: which profession?
Meeta: cardiologist
Ragini: how is your husband and children?
Meeta: they are fine. Ragini can you predict my future?
Ragini (shocked): how you know that I predict future by past and present situations
I said earlier no one knows Ragini has some knowledge in astrology except swara laksh and her family
Meeta: sorry one day I heard your prediction to someone and I was shocked when it happened
Ragini: it’s ok but don’t tell anyone
Meeta: ok
Ragini: meeta I want to say that be careful in this one week your life will change happiness and sadness comes at a time
Meeta: what
Ragini: yes
Meanwhile meeta gets some emergency and had to leave she bid bye to ragini and went

That is weekend swara and sanskar thought to message each other as they have to live together.
So swara starts messaging
Swara: hi sanskar what are you doing?
Sanskar: hi swara nthg much as it is weekend planning to do something
Swara: sanskar though we are not having any husband and wife relationship for world we are husband and wife so we can be friends no
Sanskar: I am also thinking the same lets be friends
Swara: ok
Sanskar: by the way did you see me?
Swara: no sanskar what about you?
Sanskar: no swara I am not interested
Swara: same here and I have decided that I will talk on phone after 1year and see your face after my studies are completed
Sanskar: swara what a coincidence I am thinking the same way at first time I got a friend who is thinking like me
Swara: sanskar I am feeling the same here
By mistake swara sent 😡
Then sanskar asks what?
Swara: I sent it by mistake
Sanskar: it’s ok
Swara: bye had some work
Sanskar: bye catch you later
After sanskar smiled to himself and slept thinking about her

Ragini came with the reports and went to her room and relaxed after sometime Ragini went down and informed everyone that she is pregnant and the family was very happy there is no bound for their happiness they informed laksh and durgaprasad and ragini family members they are happy
Meanwhile Ragini got call from Swara
Swara: Ragini di I am happy that I am going to be mausi and chachi congratz
Ragini: thanks swara
Swara: Di you are not happy
Ragini: Nthg like that swara but I am afraid that I can be able to manage
Swara: I understand di its difficult for you to manage but its ok you will be a good mother
Ragini: thanks swara by the way you should also give this good news after your studies
Swara (became sad): ok di
Ragini: sorry swara I forgot that you are not happy
Swara: its ok di it has to happen after all I am married no and I want to say that sanskar and I became friends now
Ragini: that’s good swara bye I have to go now
Swara: bye di take care
Ragini put the phone then someone hugged from back its laksh he turned her and kissed her forehead expressing his happiness then laksh got call from Sanskar he put on speaker
Sanskar: congratz bro and bhabhi
Laksh & Ragini: thanks sanskar by the way you and swara became friends is it true ragini said laksh asked when
Sanskar: yes bhabhi it happened today only bro
Laksh: by the way you will also become father after some year
Sanskar (sad): yes bro you said right
Laksh: sorry sanskar I forgot
Sanskar: it’s ok bro it should happen no
Ragini: sanskar did you listen swara and my conversation?
Sanskar: no bhabhi why you asked?
Ragini: because she also given the same reply as yours?
Sanskar: what
Ragini: yes she became sad when I said the same thing as laksh said and you also became sad
Sanskar: ok bye bro and bhabhi
Laksh Ragini: bye sanskar
Screen freezes on swara and sanskar sad faces

Precap: 2 years leap of swasan and raglak
Hope you guys like it

Credit to: Tejasvi

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