Swaragini – A Marriage Love Story (Epi 21)

Episode 19
hi guys I am back with my ff I am teja and the last episode ended on jimmy and angel party. And sorry for my late update and boring story I will end as soon as possible. I am also fed up with it.

Epi 20:
@Angel house:
A guy came to the mansion called: hi Juliet your Romeo came? Where are you?
A girl came running and said: hi Romeo your Juliet is here
Then hearing both Swasan came where swara is shocked seeing the guy and Sanskar are wondering who that guy is.
Swara (whisper): sahil
And sahil turned and shock to see swara and said swara you here?
Swara: hi sahil I am angel friend
Priya: swara why are you talking like you met him like first time
Swara: priya nothing like that ok leave it where is your fiancé?
Priya: Sahil is my fiancé
Swara (shocked): what?
Priya: swara why are you shocked?
Swara: nothing
Sanskar: swara you know sahil before?
Swara: yeah he is my childhood friend and priya know him because he is her neighbor
Sanskar: ok

Sahil asked swara: swara I want to talk to you about something come with me
Swara: ok Sanskar and priya can you excuse us
Priya and Sanskar: Ok
Swara and sahil went to a room
Sahil: such a long time swara
Swara: yeah but I can’t believe you are priya fiancé I thought you still love me and I am married now
Sahil: I love priya she helped me and what you said you are married but to whom?
Swara: Sanskar you saw him with me
Sahil: ok he is so handsome
Swara: thanks but you said you want to talk to me
Sahil: ya I forgot I will tell you he narrated (secret reveal later)
Swara: no it should not happen I cant let that happen it happened 5 yrs back and now the same thing should not happen sahil what should we do know?
Sahil: I am also thinking the same but know enjoy the marriage
Swara: hmm you are right we will think afterwards and I am going tomorrow to US so can you meet me there.
Sahil: ok as I am staying there
Swara: ok then meet me at farmhouse in the morning
( guys I am coming to marriage and I don’t want drag this part)

@Marriage of Angel and jimmy:
All the guest arrived and the bridegroom is sitting in the man dap and doing puja and the bride arrived they took garland and make each other wear garland and they took the 7 vows and the jimmy put mangalsutr around neck and put vermillion on her head completing the marriage .
They were packing their stuff as they are leaving the next day and after completing the packing swara went to sahil to take his number so that she can contact him and Sanskar went out to take something. Meanwhile swara came to the room and sat their thinking about sahil and her conversation and Sanskar came at that time and saw swara lost in her thoughts so he went up to her
Sanskar: sona where are you lost
Swara came in senses hearing voice: ha Sanskar nthg just tired from these functions
Sanskar: hmm I am also tired and we didn’t got time to spend these days
Swara: what do you mean? We spent time few days back don’t you remember that night?
Sanskar naughtily smirks: yeah I completely forgot but still you remember wah maan na padega great memory power but don’t think I will leave you when we go back I am tired now that’s why I leave you know
Swara: thanks for the compliment but I am not scared of you and I will show you who I am? By the way good night saying she lie on the bed
Sanskar also lie beside her and said good night and both slept

@ morning:
Swasan wake up and both freshen up and left for airport to catch the Flight and they soon boarded on flight and left for US
Soon they reached their destination and came out of the airport and took a cab and went to their home.

Precap: sahil meeting swara and secret revealed Ragini delivering

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