Swaragini – A Marriage Love Story (Epi 2)


So, guys I am back with my ff I am Teja so now i want to say that I am not revealing the concept of my story as it proceeds you will know.
So let’s begin my story
Epi 2:

The marriage is completed and Sanskar family leave from Gm and gone to their house Ragini stayed back because she is angry on laksh and asked permission to stay back as they are going to Us tomorrow and her sister is going to Switzerland for pursuing her studies. So now Ragini and Swara are in their room.
Ragini: Swara I want to talk to you for sometime as tomorrow we will be going to different places, can we talk if you are not tired
Swara: yes Ragini di I also wanted to talk to you after the happenings in my life I wanted to relax myself and enjoy this moment, di we will talk by packing things as I have to go early as my flight is at 8 o’clock.

Ragini: ok Swara I will also do my packing and are you okay now I mean you are upset about this marriage no how are you feeling now
Swara: I am ok di it takes time to accept this fact as now I am young I cannot able to handle as I grow up maybe I will cope up. By the way I had seen you and jiju fighting not only me Sanskar also seen it what happened did he flirt again to make jealous of you. You are angry on him that’s why you stayed here Na.
Ragini: You are right Swara it takes time to accept wow you are talking so matured and how you know he flirted with that girl and expect you and Sanskar anyone has seen it. Yes Swara I stayed here because I am angry on him other reason is my sister is going tomorrow.
Swara: come on di jiju is handsome and any girl will fall for him and this the 24th time he did after your marriage and expect me and Sanskar mom and dad had seen but they don’t know the reason
Ragini: thank god they don’t know or else we will be in trouble
Swara: di I told dad and mom that you both were fighting because laksh forgot to bring gift for you on your birthday
Ragini: thanks cutie you saved us
Meanwhile they finished their packing and said good night to each other and slept and all other family members did their packing as they have to go to US

After tiring day all went to their respective room and laksh and Sanskar went to their room they both sat on bed and started talking.
Laksh: Sanskar are you ok
Sanskar: yes bro by the way why are you fighting with Ragini bhabhi don’t tell me that again you flirted with girl and made Ragini bhabhi jealous, because it’s your 24th girl with whom you flirted after marriage
Laksh: Sanskar how come you know? that and for your information that girl only started and what can I do you know that when a girl flirt with me I cannot stop flirting and making Ragini jealous is another thing she looks damn cute in it

Sanskar: ok bro but this time I am not going to help in convincing bhabhi you know it is difficult to convince her always you make mistake and I had to convince now you only do that I am going to Singapore tomorrow so I will do my packing
Laksh: ok bro I will convince her and I also should do packing for tomorrow
All the family members did their packing for US
All the family members of Sanskar and Swara are in airport as they are going to US and Swara and Sanskar left for Switzerland and Singapore at early morning as the flight is in early morning.
All are busy in talking but laksh is busy in convincing Ragini and she is not at all seeing laksh
Laksh: please Ragini forgive me I am sorry please
Ragini: no laksh I will not because you are always convince me with help of your bro today I am not forgive you
Laksh: please Ragini you know that when a girl flirt with me I cannot stop flirting with her I promise I will not do that next time
Ragini: I know laksh but how many years you will take to change yourself our marriage happened only one year before and we were in relationship from 5 years and I thought after marriage you will change but I am wrong
Laksh: please Ragini for god sake forgive me
Ragini: laksh I had forgiven you many times but now you have to bear the punishment given by me.
Laksh: okay Ragini I accept your punishment

Screen freezes on Ragini angry face and laksh confident face
Precap: laksh is bearing the punishment given by Ragini and new life of Swara and Sanskar.

Guys I want to clear that Swara is studying B.com in second year in Switzerland so she left after marriage and Sanskar is studying MBA in finance in Singapore he is first year I did not mention
Hope you guys enjoyed it

Credit to: Tejasvi

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