Swaragini – A Marriage Love Story (Epi 19)

Hi guys I am back with my ff I am Teja here I am sorry for late update and I am going to end it soon and guys there is no love triangle story
So let’s begin the story

Epi 19:
Swara was sad but thinking that she will be fine and will come soon as now laksh will rescue her sister so she composed herself and sanskar also console her
Sanskar: swara don’t worry Ragini will be fine
Swara: I know sanskar but now I want to talk to my mom
Sanskar: ok

Swara leaves from there and calls her mom as she wants to tell about Ragini and Rohan
Swara: hello mom did you find Ragini?
Sumi(crying): no swara
Swara: mom if I say that I know where Ragini is and who kidnapped her you will stop crying?
Sumi: what are you saying beta tell me properly
Swara: I know where Ragini is and the person who kidnapped she narrates all about Ragini and Rohan and also the threatening them not tell this to anyone or else he will kill them.
Sumi: its ok laksh went to search Ragini he will find
Swara: I know mom bye

Sumi: bye
@xyz place:
Ragini is sitting in room thinking about her family members and laksh and her children she wants to cry but she is not able to cry because it can affect her child so she is trying to be happy but praying to the god for rescuing her from Rohan
Laksh is thinking about swara words and thought to do as swara said so he started keeping an eye on Rohan but did not find anything and as he was following he saw Rohan going to some isolated place and talking to someone and he thought it is safe to call police so he called them and went following Rohan and went to the house and was shocked to know something.
Rohan went inside and called Ragini

Rohan: Ragini see you’re would be husband came
Ragini came outside: what do you want?
Rohan: see Ragini I did shopping for our marriage you will like it
Ragini: I don’t want to marry you don’t have shame I am married and I have two grown up children and I am pregnant with my third child

Rohan: oh come on Ragini after your delivery I will give this child to orphanage
Ragini: shut up Rohan my laksh will come and stop this marriage
Rohan: laksh will not be able to find you
This was it for laksh and as he was about to enter police come so they went inside and laksh called Rohan. Rohan turned and was shocked to see laksh and said laksh Ragini came near laksh and hugged him and said I know you will come and Rohan was so shocked he is not able to do anything police came and arrested him.

Laksh hugged Ragini and now Ragini is crying she has tears of happiness that god listened her and both went from there.

Swara got call from sumi saying that Ragini is found and she is coming back and swara was so much happy and told this to sanskar and they both hugged each other
Sanskar (still hugging): swara now get Ready we have sangeet ceremony so we both have to get ready.
Swara: come on sanskar in this sangeet ceremony we have to wear western and traditional dress
Sanskar: yeah come let’s go
Swara wore long navy blue gown and it has duppatta which is arranged as sari pallu and it has silver borders and she did light make up and put matching earrings and accessories
Sanskar wore navy blue kurta and blue jeans he put silver broach
They both were looking stunning

@other side:
Angel and jimmy also got ready and priya preferred pink colour gown it looks same as swara dress but colours are different and she put matching earrings and accessories.
@sangeet hall:
All family members of angel and jimmy and guests are arrived and swara and sanskar also came down after that angel and jimmy came they both are looking stunning as jimmy is wearing white sherwani with silver border and white pant and angel is wearing white long gown with silver border and mean while priya also came swara and sanskar saw her and went near her
Swara: priya you looking gorgeous I am flat by seeing you
Priya: stop it swara by the way you are also not less looking gorgeous
Swara: before you I am nothing priya
Priya: swara you are not less than me

Swara: ok and by the way my husband wants to ask something sanskar say it
Sanskar: priya you looking gorgeous
Priya: thanks you are also looking good
Sanskar: thanks
Priya: you want say something
Sanskar: yeah I want to dance with you
Priya: I have no problem but swara
Swara: no priya he asked me and I agreed to him let him do what he wants today I am giving freedom
Sanskar: thank you sona and priya you will dance with me
Priya: ok

Swara is sitting in a corner and all couples started dancing and priya and sanskar also went for dancing and swara asked for drink and waiter offered her the drink and meanwhile one of swara friend Aditya came and asked for dance she accepted and went to dance floor and she danced with him after that swara and sanskar went to their room as party ended
Screen freezes here

Precap: angel and jimmy marriage and swasan leaving for us and Ragini and laksh reached home and new entry

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