Swaragini – A Marriage Love Story (Epi 18)

Hi guys I am back with my ff and I want to say that I will show Raglak after few episodes as it will take time for forwarding the story hope you understand and one more thing if you want give any suggestions then you are welcome and I will accept it
So let’s begin the story:

Epi 17:
@swasan room:
Swara and sanskar came to the room and sanskar locked the room and swara asked him why he locked it
Swara: Sammy why you locked the door
Sanskar: I want to talk to you
Saying this sanskar went near swara and put his hands around swara
Swara: ok go ahead
Sanskar: sona you said that you won’t be jealous then if I ask her to have a cup of coffee with me then
Swara: Sammy I think you are forgetting something
Sanskar: what?
Swara: you are my husband so for me there is no need to be jealous if my love is true then you will come to me or else far from me and for me love equation is like gravitational force example
Sanskar: how can be?
Swara: see an apple grows on tree but it falls on ground it does not go up I think you will be confused so I will another example if you throw a ball up then it comes to you if it reaches out of the force then it will be gone and love is also the same but only this point matches.
Sanskar: sona I agree only one point matches but I must say you have unique thinking
Swara: thanks Sammy
Sanskar: sona where did you go at mid night when I was sleeping
Swara: how do you know?
Sanskar: it means I guessed right now tell me
Swara: yes I went out because I got call from my friend
Sanskar: ok I want a favour I want to dance with priya if you don’t mind
Swara: you ask her I am sure she will accept and I want to call Ragini di I have totally forgotten about our family if you remove your hands I will go and make a call
Sanskar: I have also forgotten sona after your calls finished give me I will also talk

He removed his hands and swara called Ragini number but it is unreachable she tried so many times but no response so she called Laksh and laksh lifted the call
Swara: hello laksh give the call to Ragini
Laksh (crying): swara Ragini has been kidnapped
Swara (at verge of crying): what? How? When?
Laksh: swara from three days and you know the day from when my friend came Ragini was upset and me and my friend searched her everywhere but she is not found
Swara (crying): Laksh please find her she is pregnant and can you tell me who is your friend?
Laksh: Rohan
Swara: what? Laksh don’t worry I know where Ragini will be and with whom but I cannot reveal it to you but I want a help from you
Laksh: swara I trust you and I don’t ask any questions if my help can bring Ragini then I will surely do whatever you say
Swara: laksh I want your friend photo do you have?
Laksh: swara Rohan photo is there in Sanskar mobile also
Swara: ok I will see and call you
Swara cut the call and narrated things to sanskar but did not said about Rohan as he is their friend and sanskar was shocked and angry on that person but swara calmed him

Swara: sanskar I want to see the photo of Rohan
Sanskar: ok he opened and showed the photo
Swara was shocked to see the photo now she knows that Ragini is with Rohan and he is behind her kidnapping so she immediately called Laksh
Swara: laksh you trust me
Laksh: yes swara
Swara: laksh keep an eye on Rohan and follow him you will get Ragini as one of the friend had kidnapped Ragini
Laksh: ok swara but I am feeling that you are doubting Rohan
Swara: laksh I know who the person is but I want you know his identity so that you will have proof and I have no proof making you believe
Laksh: ok swara I will do
Swara cut the call and thought sorry laksh I cannot tell you that Rohan had kidnapped your wife if I tell you then you will not believe me and I have no proof against him so that’s why indirectly I said to keep an eye on him you will know about his true colour
Screen freezes on sad faces of swara and sanskar

Precap: laksh following Rohan and kidnapper will be revealed and Ragini coming home and sanskar asking priya for dance at party

Guys I am I want a pair for priya.
Played by chahat khanna
I love this actress so please suggest a suitable pair

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