Swaragini – A Marriage Love Story (Epi 17)


Hi guys I am back with my ff I am Teja here so guys I had seen your comments and i am sorry to say I have to end this ff but those who want to continue my ff I will write sequel after sometime and I happy that there are still people reading my ff.

So let’s begin the story
Epi 16:
@swasan side:
After having candle light dinner swara and sanskar went to the room and sanskar came near swara and asked the candle light dinner is nice but I want something more.
Swara (got what he meant but acts like innocent): what do you mean?
Sanskar: I will show you
He came near swara and placed his lips on her lips and kissed passionately and they broke it due to lack of oxygen and sanskar kissed her forehead cheeks and went near her neck and started kissing
Swara (whisper): I love you sanskar
He stopped kissing and went near her ear and asked
Sanskar: why this sudden confession?
Swara: I wanted to say
Sanskar smiled and went to other side of neck and started kissing there swara was enjoying by closing her eyes and sanskar went back and removed her hair and kissed the nape of the back he removed the buttons of the blouse and he took swara to the bed and kept there and started kissing her whole body and swara is clutching the bed sheet tightly he entered into her and their after sometime they both slept in each other embrace and swara was smiling in her sleep thinking about sanskar love for her.

@next day:
Swara and sanskar were sleeping but swara woke up due to alarm and saw the time she immediately got up and went to bathroom thinking that she will kill me if I won’t go so she took shower quickly and dressed in white chudidhar and kept matching earrings and left her hair to dry she took mobile and covered sanskar in whole bed sheet and went down
Swara: uncle where is angel jimmy?
Raj: there in the car take car keys
Swara: thanks uncle
She went to the car and sat in the driver seat and started driving
Jimmy: swara why you are late you know she will kill you
Swara: sorry jimmy I got late because I slept late in night
Jimmy: why? You can sleep early no how can you forgot today we have to go to airport
Angel: stop jimmy I think because of jiju she got late hai na swara
Swara (blush and fake anger): shut up Angel if you dare to tease me I will say what you both did in college you forgot the incident
Angel (remembering): no swara please I am sorry
Swara: its better
Mean while they reach air port and there they saw a girl holding luggage and waiting
Swara went and hugged: how are you my sweetie?
Girl: I am angry sona I am fine but right now I am angry how can you be late I am waiting for you since 1 hr
Swara: oh so my sweetie is angry I thought too give something but as you are angry I won’t
Girl: ok I forgive you
Jimmy and angel: aw you forgot us we are not gonna talk to you
Girl: great actors how I can forget you both come here
And trio hug
Angel: priya how is your trip
(The girl is priya she is swara childhood friend and knows swara secrets up to some extent which Ragini also don’t know and swara consider her as sister)
Priya: good
Swara said can we go now as all will be waiting and they went to the car and drove to home

@sanskar side:
He got up due to sun rays and searched swara she was not there so he went to freshen up and called out her name but no response came so he searched whole room but swara was not there so he went out and saw Raj uncle and Arnab uncle so he went near them
Sanskar: hi Raj uncle and Arnab uncle did you see swara?
Raj: she went to airport to pick up her friend come sit here I want to know about you as we both are busy yesterday so we were not able to talk to you properly
Sanskar: yeah sure uncle
Raj: so sanskar what you want tea or coffee?
Sanskar: coffee
He poured coffee in cup and gave it to sanskar
Sanskar: thanks uncle
And started having coffee
Raj: so sanskar what do you do?
Sanskar: I have did my MBA in finance and wanted to join my dad business and now we came for trip to Switzerland and swara said their friends marriage so we came here
Raj: oh so you both came for marriage of angel and jimmy
Sanskar: yeah
Raj: sanskar from when you know swara?
Sanskar: I know her from childhood as my dad and her dad were childhood friends and I had seen when I was 10 years and when I was studying in MBA first year they married me with swara though I was not interested and she is also not interested but it took time to accept each other
Raj: oh but you know swara dad and my dad and Arnab dad are also childhood friends
Sanskar: yesterday only I came to know the great grandfather friendship from swara
Raj (laugh): oh so she said the history by the way I liked your truthfulness
Sanskar: thanks but why swara did come till now?
Raj: sanskar have patience you are behaving as missing her from days
Sanskar (feel little embarrass): actually whenever I meet new people I feel little uncomfortable and you all are new to me so I feel little nervous
Raj: don’t be you feel free as swara is like my daughter and you are like my son what say Arnab?
Arnab: yeah Raj
Sanskar: thanks uncle

Meanwhile swara jimmy angel and priya came to home.
Raj: see swara came
Sanskar turned and saw them and went near swara
Sanskar: swara where you went? You should at least you can say na?
Swara: sanskar I went to airport to receive priya my friend
Swara said priya meet my husband sanskar and sanskar meet priya
Sanskar saw priya she was beautiful he thought and brushed the thought as he was married
Priya: nice to meet you sanskar but swara I should say he is so handsome
Sanskar: same here you are looking beautiful
Swara (shocked): what did you say priya? Handsome did I hear any wrong
Angel and jimmy: yes swara we also think we heard wrong?
Priya: stop it guys I am tired now let me fresh up then you can tease me
Priya went with her luggage to the guest room and sanskar asked swara
Sanskar: swara why you said that?
Swara: actually sanskar our whole college boys have big crush on her after her I am their crush and she did not paid attention to them and all boys use to come to me as I am her best friend and you know what I also use to say that if I was a boy I will propose her and marry her and she use to say then I will definitely marry me and you are lucky as you are the first person to get such compliment
Sanskar (laughing): swara seriously I can’t believe it you also have crush on her and I am happy as I am the first person
Swara: shut up sanskar and don’t be so happy she only said handsome
Sanskar: but swara I thought you will be angry on me as I said she is beautiful and jealous as she said I am looking handsome
Swara: never sanskar you said right she is beautiful and there is no wrong you are really handsome for that why would I be jealous other girls should be jealous as I got handsome husband
Sanskar: swara you are really great I did not expect this answer from you
Swara: come on sanskar I am the girl who thinks before any reaction and can we go to our room
Swara sanskar and jimmy angel left to their rooms
Screen freezes on going to their rooms

Precap: swasan conversation and swara knowing about ragini kidnapping

Guys priya role is played by chahat khanna and I want a pair for her please see the photo and suggest a pair as I love this heroine those who didn’t see and those who had seen now so no need to say them its request to all readers

Credit to: Tejasvi

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