Swaragini – A Marriage Love Story (Epi 16)

Guys I am back with my ff I am Teja and I have seen your comments and I am happy that you are all reading and thanks for silent readers also for reading my ff and I am thankful for valuable comments and if anyone is disappointed for ending of this ff don’t feel bad I will try to write sequel of it but the problem is till now I came to one person only wanted not to end so if I have to continue I want more people and now enough of my bak bak
So let’s begin the story

Epi 15:
@Swasan side:
Sahil went away and swara asked sanskar to come with her as she wants to introduce jimmy and angel parents so they both went to them
Swara: Hi Raj uncle and Arnab uncle
Raj & Arnab: hi swara beta
Swara: Raj and Arnab uncle meet my husband sanskar maheshwari and sanskar this is Raj singhania Angel’s father and Arnab Malhotra jimmy’s father
Raj and Arnab: nice to meet you
Sanskar: same here
Raj and Arnab: swara beta sorry for not attending your wedding as we were busy and take this gift handing a keys and saying we bought a house for you in us and you have to sign the papers when you go to us and I called my manager there and informed it.
Swara: thanks uncle and took the keys

Meanwhile sanskar was going to say something swara stopped him and asked them about aunties they said that they are in room so swara dragged sanskar and took with him and sanskar asked swara about stopping in the middle
Sanskar: swara how can you take the keys and the house? You should not accept it
Swara: sanskar your father and my father are childhood friends but you know their great grandfather and my great grand fathers are childhood friends and we use to accept each and every gifts of them and they use to accept our gifts
Sanskar: what?
Swara: yes it is true and both of them use to treat me as their daughter whatever angel gets I also get the same but jimmy father give extra gifts as he has no daughter so he also treats me as daughter
Sanskar: oh now I understand why you stopped me.

By the time they reached the room and swara and sanskar went in that room
Swara: hi sakshi aunty hi suchitra aunty
Sakshi and suchitra: hi swara beta
Swara: sakshi and suchitra aunty meet my husband sanskar maheshwari and sakshi singhania angel mother and suchitra Malhotra jimmy mom
Sakshi and suchitra: nice to meet you may god bless you
Sanskar: nice to meet you too
Sakshi: swara beta we have chosen these dresses and jewelleries they handed two bags of dresses and jewelleries sets
Swara: thanks aunty
Suchitra: Swara beta take these dresses and jewelleries sets handing three bags of dresses and three bags of jewellery bags
Swara: thanks aunty
Meanwhile sanskar mouth opened wide he was shocked seeing swara getting these many gifts from two families and swara was seeing sanskar
Swara: sanskar close your mouth mosquitoes will come
Sanskar: swara don’t tease me and I did not see anyone giving gifts that to 5 bags of each
Swara: I said no they will give gifts for me
Sakshi and suchitra: by the way sanskar we have bought clothes for you also handing two big suitcases
Sanskar has taken it with smile and said thank you he was so confused as no one gives this much but he accepted as he don’t want upset them and called swara
Sanskar: swara can we go now
Swara: yes sanskar bye aunties
Sakshi and suchitra: bye swara
They carried their gifts and went to their room

@ Raglak side:
Ragini is now 9 months pregnant and she was becoming restless as Rohan is staying there and laksh was worrying about Ragini as now a days she is stressed and not taking care of her health he tried to know the reason but no response from Ragini and today he is taking Ragini to doctor
Laksh: Ragini today we have an appointment for doctor so get ready we have to leave to hospital
Ragini: yes laksh
And went to her room and got ready and went to hospital and doctor warned laksh about Ragini’s health as it will affect the baby and laksh assured he will take care and while returning laksh stopped the car for taking medicines and Ragini sat in car but someone came and put chloroform on Ragini mouth and she become unconscious and the person took away.
Meanwhile laksh returned and saw that ragini was not there he called to her house but came to know she is not there he called all her friends and known persons but Ragini was not there he was tensed and went to home to see whether she came or not but to the disappointment she is not there.

@swasan side:
While going swara blindfolded and took to their room and as soon as they reached swara took sanskar to the balcony and removed the cloth from his eyes he opened his eyes and saw decorations and in the middle there is a table and two chairs and food on the table and candles
Sanskar: sona you did this all decorations and candle light dinner
Swara: yes Sammy but didn’t notice one thing
Sanskar: what?
Swara showed him aboard as soon as he saw his eyes are welled up with tears and tears are rolling from his cheeks as swara has kept sanskar childhood pictures and friends till college friends
Sanskar (happy): sona when did you collected these pictures?
Swara: that’s a secret today I wanted to do candle light dinner with my husband and his friends
Sanskar: are you mad how can my friends have candle light dinner
Swara: they don’t have it they will see both of us from photos
Sanskar: you gone mad
Swara: ok now let’s have the dinner
They went and had their dinner
Screen freezes on candle light dinner

Precap: new girl entry and sanskar first meeting with girl

Guys I have put the gifts part more but I wanted to show because their friendship is from ancestors.

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