Swaragini – A Marriage Love Story (Epi 15)


So guys I am back with my ff and I want to end this ff soon as I want to start two more new ff and I am thankful to all those who are reading my ff and I want your encouragement I am very lucky as I completed 13 chapters and guys I am bad at romantic scenes so please pardon me and give your valuable comments.
So let’s begin the story:
Epi: 14
Swara was wearing a pink Ghaghara which has golden border and it has golden blouse and the duppatta also matches with it and she wore matching earrings and did light make up and left her hair and sanskar had wore white sherwani which has golden border and pant is in golden colour both got ready at same time swara came near sanskar and asked whether he is ready both were lost seeing each other and last they broke the silence.
Sanskar: sona you are looking beautiful I think it is also less
Swara: Sammy you are not less than me you are looking handsome
Sanskar: sona can we cancel of attending party
Swara (got what he meant): no Sammy I am going and you to come

Sanskar (fake anger): you are so bad I am not talking to you
Swara: ok but you only talk to me to end of the day
Sanskar: no
Swara: challenge
Sanskar: accepted
Swara went down and sanskar too came after her sanskar was not able to take off her eyes from swara and swara is enjoying by sanskar state and swara went to her friends and from back one boy came and closed swara’s eyes swara smiled because she knew who it was and a smile appeared on her face
Swara: Sahil
Sahil: this is cheating swara how can you say it is me
Swara: because it is your old habit
Sanskar was seeing and burning in jealousy but swara was so busy in talking with Sahil.
Sahil removes the hands from swara eyes and swara hugged him and he reciprocated and sanskar was burning in jealousy.
Sahil: swara by the way I have listened you are married?

Swara: yes
Sahil: this is bad you did not tell me? By the way where is your husband?
Swara: sorry and come I will show my husband and introduce
They both went to Sanskar and Sanskar had seen this he wanted to know why his wife hugged him and wanted to know who is he?
Swara: Sahil this is my husband sanskar and sanskar this is my best buddy Sahil
Sanskar (fake smile): nice to meet you Sahil
Sahil: same here by the way I want to say be careful your wife knows all secrets of the people whom she is close
Sanskar (shocked): how do you know?
Sahil: come on sanskar I am her best friend and I came to know when I challenged her to tell my secrets and she did which made me shocked
Sanskar: ok so you are also the victim of my wife and laughed
Swara (fake anger): this not fair you both became one team
Sahil came near swara and hugged her and said how can I leave my partner in crime and sanskar who was laughing stopped and fuming in anger swara had noticed his expressions she broke the hug and drag Sahil from there leaving sanskar

Swara: Sahil tell me how is my husband?
Sahil: he is so handsome I must say
Swara: ok leave it I want your help to win challenge
Sahil: what challenge swara?
Swara: Sahil I challenged sanskar that he will talk with me by the end of the day so I want to win the challenge and when I hugged you he was fuming in anger and jealousy I want to make him talk
Sahil: wow swara I will help you but if he came to know that I am married than what?
Swara: no Sahil he don’t know that you are married and take your wife permission or else she will be also jealous
Sahil: yes I will but don’t do the things which will spoil our life
Swara: don’t worry
Sahil takes permission from his wife and she accepted because she trusts that her husband will not hurt her feelings.

Sahil was flirting and swara was enjoying they both are observing sanskar expressions his jealousy is increasing and swara was acting as falling and Sahil is acting as holding swara from waist and from distance it is looking as swara was falling and Sahil was holding from waist and now it’s enough for sanskar now he is burst he went to swara and separated from Sahil
Sanskar (anger): sona what are you doing? You are married
Swara (acts innocent): what did I do sanskar?
Sanskar: don’t act smart Sahil is flirting and you are enjoying and he is holding you from waist but you did not said anything
Swara (laugh but hides): Sammy he is not flirting and he is not catching me by waist
Sanskar (confused): what? But I had seen him flirting
Now both swara and Sahil burst into laughter they are unable to control and sanskar who was angry till now was confused

Sahil (controlling laughter): swara say him or else your husband will kill me
Swara (stopped laughing): Sammy I won the challenge and this all a drama to make you talk with me and Sahil is not holding me by my waist his hand didn’t touch me and I was not falling I am pretending and you came near me and you did what I thought
Sanskar (realising and fake anger): sona you are genius and I am angry on you how can you do this when you are my wife?
Swara: Sammy but I have to say you look cute when you are jealous
Sanskar: swara I am not cute
Swara: you are my cute hubby

Sanskar: don’t call me cute or else you will bear punishment
Sahil: hello I am there don’t do romance here go to room or else all will see
Swasan were damn embarrassed as they forgot they are in party and caught by Sahil and Sahil was laughing
Screen freezes on swasan embarrassment

Precap: swara surprise for sanskar and ragini kidnapped and laksh was tensed

Credit to: Tejasvi

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