Swaragini – A Marriage Love Story (Epi 14)

Hi guys I am back with my ff I am Teja so I revealed the secret of swara and today I will tell about the connection between Rohan and Ragini so I hope you like this episode
So let’s begin the story:
Epi 13:
@swasan room:
Swara and sanskar did their packing and swara went to make dinner for them and sanskar started watching TV swara called him for dinner
Swara: Sammy dinner is ready come have your dinner
Sanskar: coming sona
Swara arranged the table and meanwhile sanskar took his seat and swara and served him and she also had her dinner after that they went to room and slept as they are tired

@Raglak room:
Ragini was thinking about Rohan and laksh was sleeping beside her Ragini is thinking what happened before 5 years.
Ragini was doing her BBA in Mumbai there she met Rohan and they both became good friends and they shared a good morning but one day Rohan proposed Ragini she rejected his proposal and said that she loved Laksh and broken Rohan asked her accept the proposal and said that Ragini you are lying and I really love you but Ragini did accept so he slapped her and Ragini broke friendship and Rohan said that he will ruin her life and said that he will make her his forever
Flashback ends.
Ragini cried thinking about it she had fear of losing Laksh but she thought she should be strong now if she falls weak now then she will lose forever so she thought to handle the situation by herself and not let anyone know about it . Meanwhile laksh got up and saw Ragini thinking about something and went near her and called her
Laksh: Ragini why you are awake
Ragini (came to senses): nothing laksh not feeling sleepy but you sleep tomorrow you have to go to office early I will sleep after sometime
Laksh: ok come as soon as possible
Ragini: ok
Laksh went and slept and Ragini thought it is late now I will think about this matter in the morning and went and slept beside laksh she hugged him and slept.

@Swasan room:
Swara got up and went to freshen up and came wearing a sleeveless kurta and leggings she went near sanskar to wake him as they are going to Germany sanskar got up and went to freshen up meanwhile swara is setting her bed and sanskar came and hugged her and started kissing her neck.
Swara: Sammy leave me we should go now there is no time to romance now
Sanskar: Sona we are busy for few days and I didn’t get time to romance with my wife so don’t stop me
Swara: Sammy please for now
Sanskar: ok
He left her and asked about his breakfast swara said that eat the fruits that kept in fridge as I don’t have time to make breakfast sanskar kept quiet and went to fridge and took out some fruits and ate it swara also did the same the cab arrived and they kept their luggage and left for airport.

All members are at dining hall and Ragini was wearing kurta and legging and went to the table and served them when the turn came for Rohan she felt uncomfortable but she served him and Rohan was touching her hand without anyone notice she went near laksh and served him and sat beside laksh and called a servant to serve them and said that I am tired and she had her breakfast and left immediately she don’t want to see the face of Rohan and laksh felt something wrong with Ragini from yesterday he thought to ask her after returning home and Rohan was planning how to get Ragini he smirked

@Germany airport:
Swara and sanskar reached the airport and a car arrived for them they went in that car and started their conversation.
Sanskar: swara whose marriage it is?
Swara: Angelia and jimmy
Sanskar: oh we met few days before only no
Swara: yes Sammy
They reached the place it is beautiful palace it has two houses attached with a connector it has large ground for playing tennis and on left side there is a golf court and there is big garden backside of the house it had water mountain in the middle sanskar was speechless and swara is not new as she had visited that place several times as the house belongs to Angelia and jimmy as their fathers are business partners and childhood friends they promised each other that they will stay together. Sanskar came into senses and asked about it
Sanskar: sona whose palace is this its mind blowing
Swara: its jimmy and Angelia’s house their fathers are partners and childhood friends you have to see inside you will be shocked and won’t forget this place in your life
Sanskar: is it so?
Swara: yup they rich than us with their money they can remove poverty to large extent
Sanskar: they are looking so simple but now only I came to know that they are more powerful than us
Swara: let’s go inside we are standing here only
Sanskar: ok
Meanwhile servants came and took their luggage and swara and sanskar came inside as swara said sanskar was shocked because their house is so big then his house the place was beautifully decorated they went to their room and took some rest.

@swasan room:
Sanskar: sona I am not able to say anything about this place and my house is nothing in front of this house
Swara: you know Sammy when I came here for the first time my position is also same I fainted by seeing it
Sanskar: you came here before also
Swara: yes I came here for several times I know each and every single corner of this house and you know what those who are staying here also don’t know the places till now aunty and uncle struggle a lot sometimes aunty use to ask to buy a new house with less space and rooms. They are surprised by me as till now no one knows correctly Angelia and jimmy also struggle to find their rooms. And aunty and uncle use to ask me to go to some places and I use to guide them
Sanskar: sona day by day I am getting to know new things about you how many talents you have I want to know and I want to see each and every corner of the house in free time can you show me
Swara: ok I will show you the house and about my talents you soon get to know
In the evening they got ready as there is party
Screen freezes here

Precap: same as previous chapter

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