Swaragini – A Marriage Love Story (Epi 13)

Hi guys I am back with my ff I m Teja in this episode I will reveal how swara knows the secret of friends and sanskar this contains some fiction things so please pardon me
So let’s begin the story

Epi 12:
@swasan room:
Swara wakes up due to sun rays falling on her and she went to take shower she came after sometime and seeing sanskar sleeping she thought it’s better to go now so she went to one of the room leaving sanskar in the room

All the family members gathered to dining table for breakfast and meanwhile Ragini and laksh came to dining hall while they are having breakfast Ragini sees some one and scared of him her body starts to shiver laksh saw this and turned to see who is there he turned and called Rohan(he is friend of laksh) Ragini was shocked knowing he is laksh friend she excuses herself and went to her room all were shocked seeing her as she never left the place like this especially laksh was shocked.

@Second room:
Swara came to the room and she pushed the book shelf and there is a door she took the keys and opened the door and went down through stairs the room is filled with books it’s a small library and she went to a book shelf and took a book it is not an ordinary book it has secrets of every person and whatever name is written their secrets will be revealed it consists of small things to serious matters no one can read this book except swara ,it is given to her at age of 14 yrs by an old man he said that no one should know about this book if she wants she can tell to her husband and children in future but you should not tell to anyone until and unless the time comes. She helped that person so he gifted her this book. There is some instructions which says that she can know the secrets but cannot reveal unless the person himself or else the book will be vanished and you should not say about the book to others as they might misuse it.
Swara use to read the book whenever she is free without anyone notice she use to enter from other room and use to come from her room as it has to exits her room and the other room. Now sanskar is sleeping she entered through other room

Sanskar woke up from the sleep and called swara she heard sanskar called so she came out and locked the room and came to her room
Sanskar: sona where you went?

Swara: Sammy I was in kitchen what happen you want something?
Sanskar: we should go somewhere you are not ready till we are going or not
Swara: yes sanskar we are going you go and fresh up I will be ready till then
Sanskar: ok today don’t make breakfast as we are going out you just make a cup of coffee
Swara: ok

Saying this swara went to kitchen and sanskar went to fresh up and swara was preparing coffee and thinking about the secret book and she prepared and kept on table and went to her room and changed her dress and she went to that room and kept the book in shelf and came locked and push the shelf to its place so that no one doubts her she went in hurry so she came again
@Raglak room:

Ragini is crying vigorously and laksh came to the room and looked at Ragini and asked her
Laksh: Ragini why are you crying? What happened?
Ragini (thought): no I should not say laksh about Rohan now if he comes to know then it will make things worse I will say when right time comes
Ragini: nothing laksh something went to my eyes
Laksh: Ragini from when you started lying to me

Ragini: I remembered my cousin brother who died in an accident that’s it
Laksh: oh I am sorry I know you miss him so much as you use play with him
Ragini: yes you right laksh
Laksh: Ragini you should not cry like this it will affect your baby and your health
Ragini: ok I will take care
Saying this she stopped crying and went to sleep as she needs some rest and laksh sat beside and caressed her hair
@swasan side:
Both are ready and they took the cab and went to some places and they went to so many places and they bought clothes for themselves and their family members and bought some toys and gifts for Sharad and Shalini and went to their home at night and started packing as they have to go to Germany as one of the friend of swara marriage is there so they have to leave tomorrow so they started packing

Screen freezes on packing of swara and sanskar clothes

Precap: Rohan and Ragini is connection and enjoyment of swara and jealousy of Sanskar

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