Swaragini – A Marriage Love Story (Epi 12)


So guys I am back with my ff I am Teja today I will try to show more of swasan scenes and I will post Raglak scenes more in next episode and guys I said swara knows her friends secret and she also knows sanskar secrets also and I will reveal in few episodes how she knows.
So let’s begin the story

Epi 11:
@swasan room:
Swara and sanskar had taken some rest and after some time swara went to kitchen as it is lunch time without disturbing sanskar meanwhile sanskar got up and searched for swara at last went to kitchen
Sanskar: sona you are here I am searching you every where
Swara: Sammy why are you searching me you want something and I am preparing lunch wait for sometime
Sanskar came near swara and hugged her from back and kissed her neck
Sanskar: sona I don’t want anything but I want to spend time with you as we met few days before and what you are preparing for lunch?
Swara: yes you are right and I am preparing dal and potato curry and rice
Sanskar: oh, sona where are you taking me today?
Swara: Sammy today I will show local places as I am tired today and from tomorrow we will start going other places
Meanwhile swara prepared lunch and asked sanskar to leave her because he is hugging her then they set the table and had their lunch and while they are eating door bell rang swara went to open the door.
Swara: Angelia, Samira what are you doing and your boyfriends to came hi jimmy and hi Samir come inside
Sanskar: who is swara?
Swara: they are my friends you met Angelia and Samira and their boyfriends samir and jimmy they are my friends in boys.
Sanskar: nice to meet you both join for lunch
Samir & jimmy: same here
Swara: I know you both will come with your boyfriends so I prepared lunch for you all
Angelia: I know you always cook food in large amount so that when we come we can have it you know sanskar she will be preplanned before cooking
Sanskar: I don’t know swara always take measures in cooking thanks for telling me

They all took their seats and started having lunch meanwhile samir talked to sanskar
Samir: so sanskar what are you doing know?
Sanskar: I completed my MBA in finance and I will be joining in my company after months and what about you Samir?
Samir: I did PHD in philosophy and working as a teacher
Swara: Samir one thing I didn’t understand your father is an IAS officer and you also passed IAS but you left that and completed PHD in philosophy and working as teacher why?
Samir: swara I left that job because of some reason and I can’t tell you and I am with my job
Swara: sorry I know the reason but still I asked you I am a big fool
Samir: what? How come you know?
Swara: I know each and every secret of our friends which they don’t know I know it’s my special quality and I keep secret and I will not interfere in their matters.
Samir: thanks for saying it and I know if you promise anything whatever happens you won’t say it.
Swara: yes that’s me
Sanskar: wow sona I didn’t expect these things from you
Swara: Sammy I also know each and every secret of yours which your brother also don’t know and also those which your brother knows if I start saying it you will be shocked
Sanskar: sona don’t say jokes which secret you know tell me which my brother doesn’t know
Swara: ok I will say two secrets in childhood while you are playing a girl named Riya kissed you and proposed you and the second secret is that you punctured your brother car tier when you both fought for that stupid thing
Sanskar widened his eyes as no one knows his brother also he didn’t expect swara will say it
Sanskar: sona my brother also don’t know and in childhood I did not remember that much but it is true a girl kissed me and proposed
All laughed and praised the swara for her intelligent then all came to know that swara is not innocent she knows everything about them they had finished their lunch and went

Swara and sanskar both got ready and they both went to local places Sanskar did some shopping for himself and family swara did not bought anything for herself because she has so many things so she is not interested then swara took him to some places which is nearby and at last they went to some park where they made an artificial lake they both sat there and at last of the day swara took sanskar to a restaurant where swara is a daily customer she gets discount of 10% for month and for year she gets 50% discount and as she went there after year she will get 50% discount they sat there and swara ordered for herself and asked sanskar he did not know what to order so asked swara to order so she only ordered for him meanwhile they started talking
Sanskar: sona can you tell me one thing how you know my secret?
Swara: Sammy I will tell you when the time comes as it is not right time to say
Sanskar: sona how you know about samir father?
Swara: I know him because he is an IAS officer here and you know what samir also dreamt of becoming IAS he achieved but due to some problem he left and did PHD in philosophy as he studied philosophy before IAS studies.
Sanskar: then you must know everyone fathers job of your friends
Swara: yes I do but one thing no one knows about my personal details and you know it but some things are there you also don’t know and you don’t know about my di secret me and laksh and my family knows.
Sanskar: which secret of Ragini bhabhi I don’t know
Swara: promise me that you won’t say anything until I will say to my di
Sanskar: ok I promise I won’t say anything to bhabhi
Swara: actually my di has some knowledge in astrology she predicts future on past and present basis till now whatever she predicted it happened
Sanskar: what? But I don’t believe it
Swara: ok I will prove it then you should give me whatever I want deal
Sanskar: deal and if you lost you should give me whatever I want
Saying this winked at her and meanwhile their food came and they started eating swara missed these foods so she enjoyed her food sanskar also enjoyed the food and swara asked that she will pay sanskar said he will pay swara said sanskar please I will pay because I am a daily customer and I will get 50% discount and she paid the bill sanskar came to know why she brought him here there so many restaurants are there but she brought him here only.

@swara flat:
They both reached to their flat and opened the door and went inside swara was not so tired and same with sanskar as they had gone to local places
@swasan room:
They both went to their room and freshen up swara is wearing a sky blue nightie and sanskar wore blue shorts and orange shirt.
Sanskar was sitting on the bed and watching TV and swara is going to other side but sanskar pulled swara and made her sit in the lap and hugged her from back they both stayed in same position and after sometime sanskar started kissing her neck and swara did not protest and sanskar turned her face towards him and kissed on her lips she also reciprocated the kiss and after some time they broke the kiss and sanskar again started kissing her neck and again they made love and they slept hugging each other
Screen freezes on sleeping sanskar and swara
Precap: trip to other places and a mystery person entering raglak life

Credit to: Tejasvi

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