Swaragini – A Marriage Love Story (Epi 11)


So guys I forgot to tell you Ragini is 8 months pregnant she Is expecting third child I m back with my ff I am Teja
So let’s begin the story

Epi 10:
@swasan room:
Swara woke up at 4 o clock as the flight is at 8 o clock they have to be 3 hrs before and they should get ready so she went first to freshen up and after that went to Sanskar to wake him up
Swara: Sammy wake up
Sanskar: sona it is the time to sleep
Swara: we have flight to Switzerland we should be in airport before 3 hrs don’t you know?
Sanskar: yes I totally forgot ok I am going to take shower bye
Sanskar went and came in shirt and pant swara was wearing jeans and a top they took their luggage’s and Ragini is awake as she knows they have to go so she has to lock the door meanwhile cab came and swara and sanskar had kept the luggage’s in the car and went to airport and Ragini locked the door and went to sleep
@morning mm:
All the family members gathered in the dining area and waiting for the breakfast and observed that Ragini is not there and Swara and Sanskar was also not there so they asked laksh
Durgaprasad: laksh where is Ragini?
Laksh: Dad she is sleeping now
Durgaprasad: But why? Where is swara and sanskar?

Laksh: dad she slept at 4 as swara and sanskar had a flight to Switzerland and they should be in airport before 3 hrs
Durgaprasad: oh how can I forget? And laksh you should take care of Ragini she is pregnant?
Laksh: dad I told her to sleep but she is so stubborn and I don’t want her to be angry on me if it affects her health I can’t risk but I put alarm on 4 o clock she got up at 4 and sent them and again slept

Durgaprasad: that’s good thing I appreciate you
Laksh: thanks dad
They had their breakfast and went to office and Ragini woke up at 10 o clock as nobody want her to wake her early as they know if she wakes up she starts working so they thought its better her to sleep in this way she gets rest and Ragini had her breakfast at 10:30
Swara and sanskar had finished the works which are needed to go Switzerland and they took boarding pass and went for security check after that they sat for some time and went to board the flight
They took their seats and tied the seat belt they slept for sometime as they woke up early in the morning and the flight had take off and after some time swara woke up and started listening songs by putting earphones as she is not getting sleep she felt so happy for two things first is that she is going to Switzerland and meeting her friends and second thing is after so many days she listening her favourite songs. Meanwhile sanskar also woke up he patted swara and she turned towards him and took out her earplugs
Sanskar: sona what are you doing?
Swara: Sammy nothing just listening my favourite songs

Sanskar: are you not feeling sleepy?
Swara: no I had enough sleep
Sanskar: ok I also want to listen the songs
Swara had given one earplug to sanskar and the other she had and they both were listening the songs after some hour’s flight landed in Switzerland
Swara and sanskar took their luggage and went near the entrance as soon as they entered a car is waiting for them sanskar is surprised but swara called someone
Swara: hey john
Sanskar: sona who is he?
Swara: Sammy he is my friend driver she sent the car for me

Sanskar: ok by the way your friends are so good
Swara: thanks shall we go or you will talk
Sanskar: ok
Saying this they kept their luggage and sat in the car they went to swara’s flat I told earlier she is having her own flat there
@swara’s flat:
Swara opened the lock with her duplicate key and the flat is three bedrooms it is spacious in each room five people can sleep and in hall maximum eight people can sleep.
Sanskar was shocked to see the flat and there is a balcony for three rooms and three attached bathrooms for three bedrooms and the kitchen is also not less it is also spacious they have four TV’s three in bedrooms and one in hall.
@swasan room:

They kept their luggage and swara is going to bathroom but sanskar stopped her from going
Sanskar: sona were r u going so fast?
Swara: Sammy please leave me I want to go for shower
Sanskar: sona did you forget something?
Swara: no Sammy
Sanskar: think for once
Suddenly she remembers and widens her eyes
Swara: no Sammy
Sanskar: Yes sona
Swara: no
Sanskar: yes you have to keep the word

Swara has no option but to accept so they both went to shower at a time as swara had promised on the day of shopping so after some time they both came and swara wore her baby pink dress which have sleeveless and it is below knee length and sanskar wore white t shirt and black shorts swara went to kitchen for making breakfast she prepared sandwiches and mango juice for them sanskar and swara had their breakfast and they took some rest
Screen freezes on swara and sanskar taking rest

Precap: swasan romance and going out

Credit to: Tejasvi

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