Swaragini – A Marriage Love Story (Epi 10)


So guys I am back with my ff I am Teja and I am writing the next episode
EP 9:
@Mm swasan room:
Swara and sanskar are sleeping and the sun rays falls on swara and she woke up and closed the curtains and went to deep thoughts how her life changed in these years and she started crying silently and sanskar woke up from sleep to see the time he saw swara crying he went to her and hugged her swara wiped her tears quickly.
Swara: sanskar when you woke up?
Sanskar: now only while you are crying
Swara: ok I am going to freshen up
Sanskar: wait swara first tell me why you are crying
Swara: sanskar I am not crying something went in my eyes
Sanskar: swara don’t tell lies
Swara: ok I will say because I never thought that this marriage will be of love and I never thought that I will get love from my husband and the other thing is if they had given time there are chances that we can fall in love after that doing marriage any ways leave it now also nothing much happened but the trauma I suffered from this marriage I know and still I am not able to cope up it gives me headache by the way are you not getting late?
Sanskar: swara don’t be sad I can’t see you like this and are you not happy you are getting love from your husband and I also never thought that I will love my wife but it happened and I am happy as my wife loves me and coming to the trauma you suffered I am also there but time heals swara and I am not going to office today as I am joining a month later.
Saying this sanskar cupped the face of swara and kissed her face and afterwards kissed on lips it was passionate and swara lost in it and they broke the kiss and sanskar hugged her
Swara: sanskar leave me I am fine now I want to fresh up
Sanskar: swara I am thinking wat about we both go at a same time
Swara: no sanskar not now I am going for shopping with my friends and I won’t come till evening
Sanskar: what no swara we both will go shopping and I kept leave for you and you are going it’s not fair
Swara: ok now I am going
She went and came wearing a chudidhar and sanskar went and came wearing pant and a shirt.
Swara: sanskar don’t you think we should keep nick name as it is difficult to call names
Sanskar: ok as you say
Swara: call me sona
Sanskar: call me Sammy
They both went for shopping
All the family members at dining table having breakfast mean while laksh is eating whatever Ragini is eating and all family members are looking at laksh
Sumi: Ragini wat is happening why laksh is eating whatever you are eating?
Ragini: ma I had given him punishment
Sumi: what poor laksh
Laksh: (in mind ha ma) ma its ok she is concerned for me and I can work for whole day without having food as I am eating whole food now only
All started laughing Ragini did not understand what to do whether to laugh or angry on him she is totally confused and having mixed emotions and all others went to their respective works
@swasan side:
They went to shopping mall swara bought some dresses in ladies section and they headed towards gents section there sanskar chosen his clothes and they did shopping for others meanwhile sanskar asked swara
Sanskar: sona all people say girls take time in shopping and boys will carry loads of bags but you did not spend that much time in shopping and bought only few dresses for you
Swara: yes because I don’t like to spend hours and hours in shopping but it is true girls take time I also spend time in shopping minimum is 2 hrs and maximum is 4hrs when I do shopping alone when I come with boys I will spend only sometime for shopping because they will also be tired so I try my best to do shopping as soon as possible and they also accompany me as they know me
Sanskar: what do you mean by boys?
Swara: my college friends they accompany me whenever I do shopping
Sanskar: ok
After shopping they went to restaurant and had lunch after that they went to movie at night they came home and went to their room and changed their dresses into night suit and they are so tired that they both fall on the bed and slept
@next day mm:
All the family members came to mm and the door bell rang swara went to open the door and all the family members came swara went to her room to freshen up after that she went to sanskar and woke him and asked him to freshen up and they both headed to downstairs.
Durgaprasad: swara I wanted to give this
Swara: what is this dad?
Durgaprasad: your honey moon ticket
Swara: to Switzerland thanks dad I am going after 3 years and I will stay in my flat
Durgaprasad: what? Do you have a flat there?
Swara: yes dad now my flat is used by my friends and they have holidays so they are going to their home and I have a duplicate key we will stay there
Sanskar: you didn’t tell me swara?
Swara: I know sanskar but no one knows expect Ragini and me I had bought the flat secretly and I and ragini are owners of the house as we did job and bought that flat with money
All the family members are shocked especially Sanskar and Laksh as they came to know that both are doing job and both the sisters handled the situation
Sanskar: when is the flight swara?
Swara: tomorrow at 8 am
Sanskar: ok start packing as we have to leave early
Swara: ok
And they both did packing and went to sleep
Screen freezes on swara and sanskar sleeping faces

Precap: Trip to switzerland

Credit to: Tejasvi

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