Swaragini – A Marriage Love Story (Epi 1)


So guys I m back its Teja so I want to clear that there is no dadaji dadi and dida uttara and adarsh parineeta because the story focuses on only that characters only, and I am introducing few friends of Swara and Sanskar.
Friends of Swara: they are best friends
Friends of Sanskar: they are best friends

Epi 1:
So let’s begin the story,
@ Gm:
A room is shown where there is so many pictures of two girls from childhood till now and one girl is seeing that photos and crying, she wore a beautiful sky blue lehenga and the jewellery is white and in middle a blue stone is there, somebody opened the door and a girl came and called her name Swara (yes it is Swara who is crying) she turned to see ad ran towards her and hugged her and cried.
Swara: Ragini di when did you come from your London trip and where is jiju had he came?
Ragini: yes Swara I went to London and came yesterday and your jiju is in mm and why are you crying I know today is your marriage. But I am helpless Swara don’t cry.
Swara: ok di as you say I am sad that I am marrying at young age but I did not want to against my family.
Ragini: ok come fast your surprise is waiting for you
Swara: surprise but what?
Ragini: come down you will know
They both headed to down stairs the mansion is decorated beautifully with blue and white combination.
Then suddenly three girls came running and hugged Swara. Then Swara was surprised to see their friends Angelia, Samira and Shwetha she was so happy and they talked for sometime as there is time for marriage.

@ Mm:
A room is shown where a boy is sitting in bed and cursing and scolding himself for agreeing for marriage suddenly a door is opened disturbing him then another boy called him he turned to see that boy (the boy cursing himself was Sanskar and the boy who entered was laksh)
Laksh: bro wat happened? I know you are upset but I am helpless about this marriage.
Sanskar: ok bro I understand I will marry her I will not go against my family.
Laksh: bro be ready and come fast surprise is waiting for you.
Sanskar: ok bro I will be ready and I will come but what surprise is waiting for me?
Laksh: you will see
They headed downwards one boy closed Sanskar eyes and other two came running then Sanskar said Arav leave me you will never change and Sohail Manish when you all came?
They all talked for sometime as still two hours there for marriage.

A lady is busy in doing work and she is tensed and worried she is running and scolding everyone for the work then her husband came and said sumi don’t take tension all we be right.
Sumi: what shekhar how can I be calm today is our daughter’s marriage and still the work is not done.
Shekhar: sumi please take rest or you will fall ill.
Then two girls called papa you forgot us so sad they put pout face. Then shekhar said how can I forget my princesses come here and he hugs Swara and Ragini. Then they went from there. As they have to welcome the bridegroom’s family. The bridegroom’s family came to gm and sumi and shekhar welcomed them.
Shekhar: welcome durgaprasadji and hugged him
Sharmistha: welcome annapurnaji where is laksh and Sanskar
Then they hear the voices of two boys here we are they are laksh and Sanskar.

Sanskar is sitted and doing puja and then the pandit called the bride then Swara came down along with Ragini and her friends. while laksh saw Ragini and shocked she is looking so gorgeous with light pink sari with silver border then suddenly a girl called him he came into his senses she started flirting with him while Ragini is burning with jealousy and laksh has seen this and to add fuel he did the same because he knew what will happen next. Ragini came there and dragged laksh and started scolding her she said sorry and went.
She came to laksh and scolded him for flirting with girl that to in front of her.
Laksh: calm down Ragini you know I love you but I like when you are jealous and by the way you look gorgeous in it.
Ragini: Laksh I know you love me but don’t try to trap in your words I am not going to fall so easily you know that I hate flirting whether it is a girl or boy
Laksh: okay sorry I will not do from now onwards please don’t be angry
Ragini: no I am not going to forgive you so easily this time
She says this and went leaving laksh he says laksh you are gone now whenever she is serious the words meant the same so be ready to bear the punishment
Now in mandap Swara sat beside Sanskar and did all the marriage rituals and Sanskar made her wear mangalsutra and put vermilion on forehead and the marriage is over. They are now husband and wife. They never had seen each other from engagement to marriage as they are not interested.
Screen freezes on Swara and Sanskar faces

Precap: Swara is going to Switzerland and Sanskar going to Singapore

Guys I want to say that the marriage is happened in India but after marriage all members will go to US as they stay there.

Credit to: Tejasvi

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