swaragini a malayali story (part 5)


its me hope you all liked my earlier episodes
thank you for all the persons who like my ff

so lets start

when swara and laksh reached their parents came near them. sumi started to ask swara about the class. just then laksh started to say about ragini. he praised her skills a lot.
swara got bored hearing that finally shegar broke lakshs words

shega: hmm mone (child) you are telling us the same topic for the hundredth time now its 7 come go and bath
swara and laksh went to their respective room
on the way to their room laksh talked continously about ragini

swra: eda please talking about her change the topic for some time. you are telling about ragini like you have fall in love with her
laksh: what……. before he coud complete swara shut her rooms door
laksh: (in mind) i am love ?????? how is this love at first sight??????? no no she is only my good friend but why am i always thinking about her????????

next day laksh and swara went to their collage
today seniors will ragg juniors in swaras collage
when swara entered she saw a group of boys ragging a girl. they asked her to sing but she is bad at singing. and the boys where making fun of her singing
swara got angry and came near them

swara: hey what are you doing
the leader of the gang answered her
boy: cant you see its called ragging
swara: ragging means telling your juniors to do something but not making fun of their mistakes
boy: hey dont you dare….
swara: what will you do ha tell me???? what will you do
boy: i will….

just then bell rang

boy: bell rang other vise
swara: onnupodappa (go man)

they went to their respective classes

after the class swara didint see that boy nor laksh their. so she decided to go to his collage
in lakshs collage laksh was staring ragini all the way to the gate
just then swara came to him
swara: hey laksh hai ragini
ragini: hai swara
swara: yesterday you forgot some thing
ragini: what
swara: u forgot to tell your bros name
ragini: oh its sanskaar
swara: hmmm

just then raginis brother ame thier. this time he took of his helmet and swara was shocked to see him it was the same boy whome she argued with………..

precap: swara and sanskar will they lead to swasan

hope you like it

Credit to: ammu

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  8. ammu kollam….swara nalla bold aau….enikku eshtamayi…laksh nee raginine full time vayiokkiikkalle………

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