swragini a malayali story (part 2)

hi guys
thanks for all my chechies and chettans who commented on my ff
so today i will make it little more bigger

swara was going out she took lakshs bike and slowly went from their
when laksh came their he foud that his bike was missing
laksh: ee vattathi……… amma… swara took my bike
shegar: let her take it laksh you take our car
laksh : hmm you always support swara njan ponu

evining sumi shegar and laksh was waiting for swara. it has been long time since she went
sumi; mone avalevide poyennu nokkittu vaa
laksh: sari amma
just then swara came in she was so exited
swara: appa amma tommarow sanju chettan and family are going for a picnic to wonderla . nammalodu varumo ennu chodhichu can we goo
sumi: nalayo no no enthokke stuffs pack cheyyanam
laksh:common amma dont say that it will be amazing if we go with sanju he is really funny
shegar: ha sumi lets go
swara: kando kando appa and laksh agreed lets go amma…pleaseee
sumi:hmmmmm … sheri okk

next morning

swara was the first person who was ready the trip
she was really happy and laksh was right sanju was a real fun

they reached wonderla and every one was enjoing their picnic. laksh was going near the pool suddenly he saw a man misbehaving with a girl. she was in the verge of crying
laks came to them
laksh : chetta eentha ithu kochine veruthe vidoonne
man :athu chodikkan nee aara
laksh : no matter who i am … saying this he give him a tight slap……. matter is what you are doing then he again slapped him suddenly the men ran from their
then laksh turned to the girl and asked
laksh: are you ok
girl:yes i am fine thankyou for saving me saying this she ran from their

swara was seeing all this she came near laksh and asked
swara: bro who is that girl
laks:I dont know some one was misbehaving with her so i helpes her
swara: bro i am proud of you and she is so pretty na
laksh: hmmm

on their way back to home laksh was thinking about the girl . her face shined in his eyes her voice eccod in his ears laksh thought whats happening to me why i am thinking about that girl . i wish to meet her again

precap: who is that girl ????? will laksh meet her again


Credit to: ammu


  1. Mona (ash)

    malayalam dialogues nannayittundu. Ammu ethra vayassayi?
    Chechiyano Aniyathiyanoyennariyana!!

  2. Jerly

    I think that girl is RAGINI …………. pakshe avan swapnathil kandathum avalleyalle……. then why didn’t he remember her……….. anyways episode adipoliyarunnu……… 🙂 🙂 Ammu say ur age plzzzz want to know whether call u CECHI……. 🙂

  3. ammu

    ok ok ente peru ammu njan malappuram kariyanu pakshe ippol kochiyilanu i am going to study in 10th and i am 14 years old ningalokke ennekkal moothatanu ennu thonniyathu konda chechi ennum chetta ennum vilichathu enikku ilayathayi arengilum undo ennu ariyilla soo alla cofusionsum theernille
    and i will try to write my episode in english

  4. aastha

    hey ammu kutti nallatayirunnu……malayalatilulla dialouges enikke eshtamayi……..aduthate udane post cheyane……………..love u…….

    hey jerly ninakku sukhamano???? ninake entrance exam enna???? ……reply cheyan marakkanda……..njan eppo nattila…….athukond enikku mikkavarum sunday matrame reply cheyan patumayirikullo……….pattumenkil nee reply cheytha udane cheyan nookam…….pakshe ente reply kandillenkil ennode cuttice aakaruth………..

  5. Mona (ash)

    Ammu appo nammal same age anu. I am also 14 and next year I will be in 10th and u r the second person I am acquainted in tu who is a malayali and of my age.

    Mezhathur entetum friends undu. Ente vidu correct paranjal peringode aanu. Ariyumo?

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.