Swaragini Main or tum (Epi-3)


I am really srry guys just having a fun weekend with family so didn’t get time. I know u might complaint for a short epi but srry I’m at a family frndz house so just wrote this much. I promise from tomorrow I’ll update regularly and longer.
Recap: Swara shares some light moments with Yash, Abhi, Abdul and Ragini.
(Taher Shabbir as Yash
Amir Ali Malik as Abdul
Karan Tackar as Abhimanyu/Abhi)

Epi 2:


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Swara looks at Sanskar with teary eyes. Sanskar also looks at her with teary eyes.
Swara to herself “Why Sanskar, Kyun kiya aisa? Why damn it? I was a stupid to love you after all that but u don’t deserve my love. Now u cannot melt me with all those lies again.”
Sanskar to himself “Why Swara, main jaanta hoon that u need me the most. Why Swara why, Why are u doing this with me. Plz trust me Swara talk to me once.”
At that time Abhi and Abdul come in.

Abhi and Abdul at the same time: “Chlo, Swara Let’s go.”
Swara: “Guys, I don’t want to go. Tum log Yash Bhaiya aur Ragini ko le jao.”
Abdul: “Swara, what happened suddenly, yeh toh tumhari hi idea tha na.”
Swara: “Ya right, but, I don’t know. Jaane ka mann nhi kr rha. You guys go na and take Bhai and Ragini with you. Plz I don’t want u guys to spoil ur mood bcoz of me.
Abhi: “If u don’t wanna go then it’s just fine we’ll also stay na.”
Swara: “No naa yaar. If you’ll not go then I’ll feel guilty. Plzzzz go.”
Abhi and Abdul look at each, nod a yes ad then start heading towards the door when
Swara: “Arey, I said Ragini or Bhaiya ko bhi lekar jao.”
Abhi and Abdul 2gether pointing at each-other: “Ragini iski bike pr baithegi.”
Swara: “I think u should rather go in the car, nhi?”
Abhi: “Ya, right.”
Abdul: “Come on guys lets go.”

Ragini: “Pr hm?”
Yash: “Ragini abhi kuch der phle Bhaiya khan d now u don’t trust me.”
Ragini: “No, No nothing like that. I’m coming. But can we take everybody with us. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzz.”
Yash: “You should not ask, but, order bcoz if Beeji seez u asking fr permission then she will kill us. Ok?”
Ragini: “Ji Bhaiya. Thank you. Laksh, Ma, papa g, chacha g, chachi g, Uttara, and Sanskar nd everybody else come let’s go. ”
Shekhar: “No Laddo. I think we should now go home come Swara.” (Remember guys they didn’t go home frm MM.)
Swara: “No baba, I’ll stay here only.”
Shekhar: “Swara u don’t have a right to stay here.”
Swara: “Baba. Plzzz. Look I’ll even ask Bade papa. Bade papa if you don’t have any problem then can I stay here for some days.”
Dp: “Yes Swara why not. Shekhar ji plz let her stay here.”
Shekhar nods and leaves with the Gadodia family.
Dp: “Chlo guys let’s go.”
Sanskar: “Bade papa, I have fever so can I plz stay here.”
Dp: “If Swara is fine with it.”
Swara: “No bade papa I don’t have any problem.”
Dp: “Ok beta.”

So everybody else except Swara and Sanskar leave.
Swara leaves to her room while Sanskar goes behind her.

Precap: Swasan emotional convo. Secrets revealed. They patch up. Entry of Kavya and 9 new entries.

Credit to: Khushi

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