Swaragini Main or tum (Epi-9)


Guys don’t worry nobody is going to die but there will be something more twisty. I will reveal the past in a very slow pace.
Episode 8: http://www.tellyupdates.com/swaragini-main-tum-epi-8/
Recap: 20 years later. Swara’s birthday but everybody make her upset. Sanskar also had a small tiff with her.
Swara in her room sits crying looking at the birthday picture of 20 years ago. She hugs the picture and cries. Just then she gets a call. She picks it up as soon as her phn beeps. It has a different ringtone.
Swara: “Haan. Abhi.”
Abhi: “Yaar tu itni jdli phn utha leti hai mtlb tujhe naam pdhne ka toh time bhi nhi milta hoga phir tujhe kaise pta ki main call kr rha hoon.
Swara: “Bcoz I’v kept different ringtone for all of u taaki if Sanskar is near me I don’t let him pick up the phn nd he doesn’t know that I am still in touch with u guys.”
Abhi: “Hmmmm. Bilkul meri tarah u r also very intelligent. Anyways Happy birthday yaar.”
Swara: “Haaye so sweet of u thank u.”
in the meantime Ragini snatches the phn from Abhi.
Ragini: “Happy birthday Swara. Bacchein kaise hain.”
Swara: “Bacchein bhi theek hai.’’
After that Kartar take the phn from Ragini: “Happy b’day 2 u tin tin.”
Like this everybody wish her. They all talk to her.

While on other side Sanskar feels guilty for what he said as he knew that he hurted her a lot. He goes inside the room and Swara changes her expression and soon as she notices him.
Swara in mind “Yaar yeh sankar ko bhi abhi aana tha.”
Swara on phn: “Haan maine keh diya na Aakanksha I’ll come to studio but I don’t want Abhi their.”
on the other side Abhi notices the change of tone and gets to know that Sanskar is their with her now.
Abhi: “Sanskar aa gya kya room main.”
Swara: “Haan. Perfect.”
Abhi: “That means k whatever u say from now until Sanskar goes out I have to take it’s opposite right.”
Swara: “Exactly……….. Hmmm…………. Ok bye see u at the Studio this weekend.”
Swara cuts the call and thinks “Aaj toh baal baal bacche beta. Agr Sanskar ko pta chl jaata naa ki main Abhi se baat kr rhi thi toh Gadbad ho jaat.”
Swara to Sanskar: “Aapko kucch chahiye.”
Sanskar: “Haan. Tumse maafi.”
Swara: “I am very sorry Sanskar but I’ll not forgive u.”
Sanskar: “Swara plz naa. Look I love u so much.”
Swara: “But I hate u. now go away.”
She again hugs the picture and cries. Sanskar looks at her and then hugs her from back.
Sanskar: “I am srry na baba. I know I was rude.”
Swara: “I don’t give it a damn.”
Sanskar: “Plz na Swara.” Saying this he pecks her shoulder.
Swara was trembling by his touch. Swara: “Sanskar chodo mujhe.”
Sanskar: “Chodne k liye thoda na pkda tha.” Saying this he turns her around and pecks near her lips.
Swara: “Mr. Hubby m angry on u. I won’t melt by this.”
Sanskar: “Do u really think I can’t melt u.”
Swara: “Ji haan.”
She angrily leaves.
Sanskar: “I know how to make you up my dear Mrs. Wifey”

Precap: “Sanskar surprises Swara. Swara later meets her gang hiding from Sanskar.”
(Taher Shabbir as Yash
Amir Ali Malik as Abdul
Karan Tackar as Abhimanyu/Abhi
Zain Imam ad Jai
Nikita Dutta as Aalia
Shantanu Maheshwari as Neel
Saurabh Raj Jain as Kartar
Disha Parmar as Richa
Shaleen Malhotra as Raghav
Sudeep Sahir as Rahul
Aham Sharma as Veer)

Credit to: Khushi

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