Swaragini Main or tum (Epi-7)


I am sorry guys m really sick so this much for today. I promise to complete this episode tomorrow. So as u guys decided Zain Imam will play the role of Jai. Jai is another member of this frndz gang. I’ll introduce the rest of the gang member and how they met tomorrow.
Episode 6:

Recap: Abhi and Abdul meet with an accident.
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Swara snatches Fortuner keys from Yash and rushes to the car and drives in a really great speed to reach them. Sanskar also takes his bike and goes behind her.
Sanskar was shocked seeing Swara driving really fast but taking really smooth cuts and sharp turns. In the way her car stop.
Swara: “Damn it. Petrol ko bhi abhi khatam hona tha.”
At that time Sanskar some how is near her he shout “Swara, kya hua?” and reaches her.
Swara tries to do something but all go in vain.
Sanskar: “Agar tum chaho toh main tumhe lekar jaa skta hoon.”
Swara: “But I’ll drive the bike.”

Sanskar: “Done.”
Swara sits and: “Sanskar either hold my shoulders or my waist and don’t leave it or else u’ll fall.”
Sanskar nods a yes and she drives really fast. He is socked to her driving 3 times the speed he was driving. She was driving at 150 km/hr.
She reaches the spot and is shocked to see marks of dragging and a lot of blood and shouts “nooooooooooooooooooo……………………..” at that time Sanskar notices a chit on the floor. He picks it up and hands it to Swara.
The chit says somethong which shocks Swara.
The chit reads:
Swara kya tum apne baaki saathyon ka bhi who haal chaahti ho jo maine Rajat ka kiya tha. Well nhi a toh In khoon k daagon ka peecha kro or mujhe jo chahiye wo mujhe de do. Varna main inhe nhi wahin pahuncha dunga jahan maine Rajat ko bheja or usse bhi zyada drd dekar.”
She cries reading it and says: “No, I can’t let anything happen to them this time. I am the reason of all of this, if I’ll go then nothing will happen.” She starts following the blood marks and Sanskar accompanies her.

She then sees o house and the draggig marks end there and says: there we are” and enters in The light suddenly turn on and she is shocked to find her whole gang standing their including Abhi and Abdul.
all together shout: “10
Swara took a sigh of relief while tears continued flowing from her eyes. Sanskar keeps hand o her shoulder and she hugs him. He hugs her back. Just then a cute little girl come and wipes her tears and hugsher.
Ruhi: “Bua birthday wale day rona is not good.
She is non other than Ruhi the daughter of Yash Mehra.
Swara: Aww happy birthday to u 2 love.

Precap: Intro to Swara’s gang.

Credit to: Khushi

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