Swaragini Main or tum (Epi-6)


Hey guyzz plz decide and tell me who do u want as Jai
1. Aham Sharma
2. Pearl V Puri
3. Zain Imam

Recap: Swasan nok-jhok. New entry of Jai.
(Taher Shabbir as Yash
Amir Ali Malik as Abdul
Karan Tackar as Abhimanyu/Abhi)
Episode 5: http://www.tellyupdates.com/swaragini-main-tum-epi-5/
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Everyone come bak home and see Abhi &Abdul fighting with Swara and Sanskar supporting them instead of Swara.
Abhi: “Swara yaar, just bcoz of u we had to miss our ice-cream.”
Abdul: “Aur nhi toh kya Swara. When we were about leave u didn’t let us and when Yash called u. u said that we came back as we were feeling bad for u not having ice-cream. This toh is normal Swara u always make plans at last moment and then cancel it and don’t even let us enjoy. Very bad.”
Sanskar: “Yes Swara they r correct.”
Swara who was listening to all this was sad. Swara to herself: “Wow, yeh sila diya mujhe meri dosti ka. Only they used to care about me and support me.” She then remembers 4 boys and a girl talking on some similar incident.

Boy 1: “Yaar, just bcoz of u we had to miss our paani-puri.”
Boy 2: “Yaa right. When we were about leave u didn’t let us and when he called u. u said that we came back as we were feeling bad for u not having paani-puri. This toh is normal u always make plans and cancel them at last moment. Very bad.”
Boy 3: “Guys it’s not her fault she just had a mood swing.
Boy 4: “Exactly, and u could still go leaving her but u didn’t so don’t blame her.”
Girl: “Thanks for supporting me guys u 2 r the best. I love u both so much.”
Fb endzzzzzzzz………
Swara: “Then why did u stay here. U know what the Parlour owner knows me so I’ll just call him and tell that u both r coming fine.” She tries to control her tears at that time.
Abdul: “Gud girl.”
Saying this they both left.
Yash: “Bachu, they both r stupid u don’t spoil ur mood bcoz of them.”
Swara: “Bhai, m not surprised by their this behaviour. I know they do this just to annoy me a bit and keep me out of that trauma, but, jaane anjaane they make me remember those moments and especialy him.”
Yash: “The best part is that u trust and value each-other and care for each other.”
Like this they talk for sometime and Swara looks at the time and gets tensed.
Swara: “It’s 11:15. They should be here by now. Where are my 2 idiots?”
She calls them and they don’t pick it up. She tries again and Abhi pics it up.
Abhi: “Kya hua? All g.”
Swara: “Where r u both?”
Abhi: “On the way back to Maheshwari Mansion. Anyways we r getting ur favourite Blind love for u.”
Swara: “Have u guys looked at the time.”
Abhi: “Sorry we just were chilling…..”
and then she suddenly hears them both screaming and a loud thud and the call gets disconnected.
Swara shouts: “Abhi Abdul. Nhi it’s not possible. Nooooooooo.”
Yash: “What happened Swara?”
Swara: “Abhi………. Abdul………. Accident.”
Sanskar and everyone drop the stuff they have in shock. Yash is dazed.
She tries calling them repeatedly but they don’t pick up.
At that time she opens the mobile tracker app and tracks their phones. She notices their phone signal being a bit apart like 100 mtrs.
To everybody’s shock Swara snatches Fortuner keys from Yash and rushes to the car and drives in a really great speed to reach them. Sanskar also takes his bike and goes behind her.

Precap: What happened to Abhi and Abdul? How will effect this incident Swara and Sanskar’s relationship. Jai’s entry in MM. Entry of Kavya and 8 new entries.

Credit to: Khushi

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