Swaragini Main or tum (Epi-5)


Guys m sorry but I have a really high fever due to changing weather here in Melbourne so couldn’t write much. But as promised I introduced one of the 9 new entries in this episode. The new entry is of Jai (another member of this frndz gang.). I’ll give u 3 options to choose who do you want to play the role of Jai and the three people are:
1. Aham Sharma
2. Pearl V Puri
3. Zain Imam
Recap: Swara sends everybody to have Ice-cream, but, Abhi and Abdul have a stupid fight due to which Sanskar makes a joke of himself.
Episode 4: http://www.tellyupdates.com/swaragini-main-tum-epi-4/

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Everybody leaves. Swara goes back inside while Sanskar stands outside lost in his own world. But listening to Swara he comes back to the world he belongs to.
Swara: “If you want to stay outside then tell me.”
Sanskar: “No, no m coming.”
He goes inside. She then again goes back up to her room and Sanskar again follows her.
She goes into the room and tries to shut the door while Sanskar also tries to get in but in vain.
He comes in and moves towards.
Swara: “Stay where u r.”
Sanskar: “If I’ll not then what will u do.”
Swara looks around the room and then picks up the T.v Remote and starts hitting him while he pleads her to stop and their nok jhok starts.
Sanskar: “Swara, Swara yaar plz stop. Aah it hurts.”
Swara: “No, I’ll not. How dare u?”
Sanskar: “What do u want me to do so that u stop this.”
Swara: “Go back to your right now or else I can beat you the whole night.”
Sanskar: “That’s something I cannot do. Aah I wanna talk to aah u.”
Swara: “This is the only way to get rid off this maar.”
Sanskar: “No na Plzzzz. Plzzzz na baba.”
Swara remembers something and stops, tears flow from her eyes. Sanskar sees her distracted and snatches the remote from her hands. But then he notices the tears in Swara’s eyes.
Sanskar: “Swara.”
Swara in a heavy voice “Sanskar, plz yahan se chle jao.”
Sanskar: “Swara what happened suddenly?”
“I think you should go right now Sanskar.”
Sanskar turns around and sees Abhi and Abdul at the door. Abdul goes to Swara and hugs her while Abhi drags Sanskar out.
Abhi: “Sanskar, I don’t wanna be rude or something but plz leave her alone. I’ll tell u everything and every reason behind her tears, that also infront of her but not now. Plz.”
Sanskar: “I won’t ask her anything or talk 2 her but plz can I just Stay beside her.”
Abhi nods into a yes and both go back inside the room.
Abhi in signs asks Abdul is everything is better and Abdul nods a no with a tensed face.
Abhi: “I think ki ab he is the only last option.”
Abdul nods into a yes and Abhi Video calls someone.
Abhi: “Hi yaar.”
Guy: “Hi, kya hua itni raat ko phn kiya, look I can sense tension by your face tell me what happened.”
Abhi: “Jai ab only u can handle her. She is crying very bitterly and u r the first person this girl will listen to.”
Jai: “ok but firstly tell me what exactly happened before she cried.”
Abhi: “I think u better ask this question to Sanskar.” And gives the phn to Sanskar.
Sanskar: “Hi Jai, actually the thing happened was that she was hitting me with the t.v. remote and then I said Swara plz naa baba and then u know the rest.”
Jai: “Ok, thanks Sanskar. Abhi plz pass the phn to Swara.”
Abhi gives the phn to Swara. Jai talks to her for some time and then she behaves normally like a 4 year old and starts troubling the trio. All this time Sanskaar is a jealous seeing their frndship bond and trust on each-other.

Precap: what did Jai say to her that she behaved normally after the talk. Jai’s entry in MM. More Abhi, Yash, Abdul, Jai and Swara scenes. Entry of Kavya and 8 new entries.

Credit to: Khushi

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  1. Woooo…awesome yaar….jai abhi swara and abdul bond is super yaar….awesome
    ..keep more scenes between them

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