Swaragini Main or tum (Epi-4)


Guys I know that in the last epi I said that Swasan will patch up. They will but not so soon.
Recap: Swara and Sanskar stay at home while everybody else leaves to have Ice-cream.
(Taher Shabbir as Yash
Amir Ali Malik as Abdul
Karan Tackar as Abhimanyu/Abhi)

Epi 3: http://www.tellyupdates.com/swaragini-main-tum-episode-3/

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Swara while going towards her room thinks of her moments with Sanskar and smiles while he follows her. Then she suddenly remembers something. Some persons face comes into her mind and tears flow out of her eyes. Suddenly her phn flashes. She picks it up.
Swara: “Haan Abhi Kya hua?”
Abhi and Abdul are shouting together and due to this she couldn’t understand a single thing.
Swara: “Where are u guys? Guys. Guys (she shouts).
Abhi: “Ohh srry. Bolo.”
Swara: “I asked where are you?”
Abdul: “We are in the carpark of Maheshwari Mansion. Come here fast or else we will start Mahabharat.”
Swara: “Huh, darra diya tha mujhe. Ok I am coming and don’t dare to cut the call until I come down.” She starts heading down to the Car Park.
Sanskar who is listened to just her side of convo was like “Main ise manane k liye liye ruk rha hoon or yeh madam. Anyways if she is going then I’ll also go. Why should I miss all the fun bcz of her.” He also leaves Runs down before her. They reach almost at the same time.
Sanskar: “Bade Papa I’m also coming.” He says that in a rush.
Swara: “Acha, now will u guys be so kind to tell me k problem kya hai?”
Abhi and Abdul again start talking at the same time. She enjoys this for some time but then starts getting irritated.
Swara shouts to her loudest: “Shut up guys, ekdam chup.”
Everybody including Sanskar look at her. There is pin drop silence for a second and then she again continiues “Pagalo ki tarah chabad chabad kr rhe ho. Agr ab koi kucch bola toh mujhe bura koi nhi hoga. Yash Bhaiya u tell me what happened.”
Yash: “Well, bacha baat yeh hai ki yeh decide nhi kr paa rhe hain ki who will drive the car.”
Swara: “Really yaar, I mean sachme u called me down here for this piddu si problem.” She starts laughing her heart out. Except Yash, Abhi and Abdul all look at her amused.
Swara (still laughing): “I mean seriously.”
Paaji tusi such a pu**y Cat plays in the bkg.
Abhi and Abdul make a puppy face and look at her. She stops laughing seeing their faces and thinks of something and smiles.
Swara jumps like a small kid and says “Idea!!!”
Abhi and Abdul together but this time they are clearly heard and understood: “Kya?”
Swara: “Well Bade papa, Badi ma, Mom and Dad can go in the Etios. Bhai, Laksh, Ragini, Adarsh bhai, Pari Bhabhi and Sanskar can go in the Fortuner and as u both love Bikes take a Bike. Jaate time Abhi drive karega or aate time Abdul. Thik hai.”
Abdul: “Perfect as always.”
Abhi: “Swara, u r great.”
Three of them give Hi-fives to each other and at that time.
Sanskar: “No, not perfect. Who said I am going?”
Everybody gives a confused look to Sanskar.
Laksh: “But Bhai. Abhi kuch time ago u said that u r coming with us.”
Sanskar: “It was just a joke.” Says trying to cover up.

Everybody including Swara give what the hell look to Sanskar.
Sanskar: “What? U guys r letting late. Parlour band ho jayega. Go.”
Everybody leaves. Swara goes back inside while Sanskar stands outside lost in his own world. But listening to Swara he comes back to the world he belongs to.
Swara: “If you want to stay outside then tell me.”
Sanskar: “No, no m coming.”
He goes inside. She then again goes back up to her room and Sanskar again follows her.
She goes into the room and tries to shut the door while Sanskar also tries to get in but in vain.
He comes in and moves towards.
Swara: “Stay where u r.”
Sanskar: “If I’ll not then what will u do.”
Swara picks up the T.v Remote and starts hitting him while he pleads her to stop and their nok jhok starts.

Precap: Swasan emotional convo. Secrets revealed. Entry of Kavya and 9 new entries.

Credit to: Khushi

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  2. Amazing

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