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Swaragini Main or tum (Epi-2)


Thank You guys for such lovely comments. I really didn’t expect this much love. Thank you for such lovely and cute comments from all my friends
Episode 1:

Recap: Three new entries Yash, Abhi and Abdul. Abhi scolds Sumi.
Taher Shabbir as Yash
Amir Ali Malik as Abdul
Karan Tackar as Abhimanyu
Happy Reading 
Abhi: “Vo toh acha hua ki Ragini ne mujhe phn kiya or sb kuch bata diya. Varana pta nhi kya hota.” (It was good that Ragini called me and told me everything)
Fb shows Ragini calling Abhi and telling him everything.”
Abhi goes to Ragini and says “Thank you Thank you so much Ragini mujhe phn krne ke liye.” (Thank you Tank you so much Ragini for calling me)

Ragini: “Aap thank you kyun bol rhe hain yeh toh hmara frz tha Swara hmari behen hai. Thanks toh hmein aapko kehna chahiye ki aapne waqt pe aakar Swara ko handle kr liya.” (Why are you saying thank you Swara is my sister and it is my duty. I should be the one to thank you. You came on time and handled Swara).
She goes to Yash and says “Bhaiya hmara koi bhai nhi hai mgr Swara ki vajah se aaj hmein ek bhi mil gya. Thank you Bhaiya. Agar aaj app teeno nhi hote toh pta nhi kya ho jata. (Bhaiya, I don’t have a brother but today bcoz of Swara even I got one. Thank you. If you three were not here then God knows what would have had happened.”

Abdul: “Woh sb toh theek hai Ragini mgr aapko mare baare mein kaise pta. I mean hm aapse toh kabhi mile nhi hai aur naa hi hmari kbhi baat huyi hai.” (That’s alright Ragini but how do you know about us. I mean we have never met until today and we have even never talked to each other.)
Ragini: “Swara aap sb ke baare main itni baatein krti thi ki hmein toh aisa lgta hai ki hm aapko brson se jaante hai. Kyun Swara?” (Swara talks about you guys so much that I think I know you from ages).
Swara: “Pta hai Ragini main sbko bahut miss kr rhi hoo I hpe ki main unse jldi milun.” (U know Ragini I miss everyone a lot. I hope I meet them soon.)
Ragini: “Swara tum kiski baat kr rhi ho?” (Swara who are you talking about?)
Swara: “Arey haan tum Abhi , Yash Bhaiya or baaki sb mese kisi ko bhi nhi jaanti.” (You don’t know anything about Yash Bhai and everybody else.)
Ragini: “Acha toh hmain batao sb kuch.” (Fine the, u only tell me.)
Swaragini plays I bkg……Swara tells Ragini a lot of things. They talk for a lot of time. Swaragini’s conversation is muted. (I’ll reveal it in the coming episode). After that they sleep.
Fb endzzzzzzzz.

But when everybody look at Swara they see her raising her hand like school kids do when they want to ask a question.
Abhi by giving her an angry look: “kya hai?” (What?)
Swara: “do battein hain” (2 things.)
Abhi: “Jldi bko.” (Tell quickly.)
Swara: “pehli yeh hai k baaki sb kb aa rhe hain?” (Firstly, when is everybody else coming?)
Abhi: “Kal subah. Aur doosri baat?” (Tomorrow morning. What is the second thing?)
Swara: Doosri baat yeh ki…….. ummm…..” (Second thing is…..)
Abhi: “Haan bol” (Tell)
Swara: “Mujhe bhookh lgi hai.” (I am hungry.)
Abhi: “Kya matlab.” (What.)
Swara gives him an angry look and he takes out a Muesli Bar to eat. Swara snatches it from his hand and finishes it in a seconds. Abhi looks at her and laughs loudly. He is then joined by Swara Yash Abdul and Ragini while Sanskar looks on shocked.
Laksh: “Swara jab Abhi ya jo bhi hai Maa ko daant rha tha tb tumne kuch kaha kyun nhi.” (Swara when Abhi was scolding ma why didn’t u say anything.)
Swara: Well yeh raaz toh main tumhe tb bataungi jb baaki sb aa jayenge. (Well I’ll tell this secret when everybody else comes.)

Sanlak: “Baaki sb kaun.”
Swara: “bhai abhi toh mujhe neend aa rhi hai kal sbse milvake sb ke baare main bta doongi……….. vaise bhi tumhe unse koi matlab nhi hona chahiye Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari. (Sanskar fells heartbroken by his words) Sipahiyon muje Ice-cream khaani hai. Ruko ruko usse se phle main change krna chaahti hoon isliye mera liye libaaz pesh kiya jayye.” (Guys, I’m feeling a bit sleepy. I will tell everything to everyone tomorrow when everybody comes. Anyways u should not be bothered about it Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari. I can’t write the rest of it in English. If anybosy else can do it I would be really thankful.)

Abhi and Abdul look at each other and then Abdul goes and gets a bag.
Abdul: “Mohtarma yeh kpde toh aapko tbhi milenege agr aap aaj raat ko long drive k liye tayyar ho?” (Madam these clothes are for you only if u agree fr a long drive.)
Swara nods into a big yes. She goes and gets changed. She comes down wearing a violet coloured Jeans with an indigo, red, white and black coloured balloon top and a Brown leather jacket which is unzipped only the button of the jacket is done. She looks gorgeous with her hair open. She comes down when Abhi and Abdul give her the shoes and socks. She is wearing purple sport shoes of Puma. Everything was perfect but only one thing was missing and that was her smile.
Swara: Tum dono bikes nikalo phir hm hltein hain saying this she send them out.
She looks at Sanskar with teary eyes. He also looks at her and tears roll down his cheeks. Screen freezez at their teary-eyed faces.

Precap: who are the rest of the people Swara is talking about? Why is she behaving rudely with Sanskar?
Muski Abdul and Abhi are Swara’s best friends.
Many secrets to be revealed in the next episode. See you guys tomorrow. And for Raglak fans I will definatly focus on Swasan and Raglak evenly.

Credit to: Khushi

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