Swaragini Main or tum (Epi-14)


Recap: Raglak Romance. Swarsha and Laksh teasing Ragini. Swara’s fb.
Episode 13: Episode 13
Episode 14….

Fb continues….
At Swara’s birthday surprise party Abhi and Abdul were trying to talk to her.
Abhi: “Swara sun na.”
Abdul: “Swara” and makes a very cute puppy face.
Swara with teary eyes just ignores them while the whole gang and Ruchi are looking suspiciously at them. Ruhi being a kid doesn’t understand a single thing.

Swara decides to leaves the venue while Abhi, Abdul and Sanskar think to follow her.
Abhi and Abdul hold her wrists each and come infront of her. Swara has tears in her eyes and she is looking at them disgusted. They get shocked to this reaction on her face. They take her aside and confront her for her ignoring behavior towards them.
Abhi: “Swara, Yaar we agree that this accident drama shouldn’t have had been done. I know which secrets we have opened due to this but it was just a prank.”

Abdul: “I agree Yaar but please it is your birthday. We just wanted to surprise you.
Swara doesn’t say anything but just had them the letter she got near the accident spot.
Abhi: “Arre.”
They take the letter and open it and read it. They are shocked and look at with teary eyes.
Swara: “Now tell me, how should I React to this.” Abhi and Abdul both stay numb.
Swara: “You guys know what was it’s effect on me. I almost died. Last time you guys were their for me when I lost him but now.”
Abdul: “B…But we didn’t write this letter!!”

Swara: “Oh Please stop lying nobody else knows about him except the whole gang, Chocopie, bhabhi and Rockstar. And I don’t think they’ll mention this name.”
Abhi: “Shanaya sorry sorry Swara, Yaar it’s true. We didn’t write this letter. Wait Wait Rockstar and Chocopie wrote this letter.” Swara gives him a please don’t blame others for this look.
Abdul: “Haan Swara we didn’t write it. It was chocopie and rockstar. If you don’t believe us then call them.” On this instance Swara calls a caller Id named Rockstar.
On the other side in MM
Ragini gets a phone call she picks it up.
Ragini: “Hello.”
Caller: “Rockstar did you and chocopie write chit to follow the blood marks.” (So guys Rockstar is Ragini)
Ragini: “Happy Birthday Shona.”

Swara: “Ragini I’ve asked you something.”
Ragini: “Haan baba it was me and chocopie only.” Everybody else is shocked to listen Ragini calling somebody chocopie. While Yash asks her through signs what happened and Ragini just shrugs
Swara: “Pass the phone to chocopie” At this instance Ragini passes the phn to Yash. (so Yash is chocpie) (I know you guys would be angry at me for so many people and names but these names are just for this episode.)
Yash: “Happy bir.” But he is interrupted by Swara.
Swara: “Bhai how could you.”
Yash: “What did I do?”
Swara: “How could you mention his name in the letter.”

Yash: “Whose name Shona”
Swara: “Bhai you mentioned Dad’s name in it.”
Yash is hell shocked and in this shock he drops the phone on the floor. Ragini looks at him with a questioning look while he looks at her horrified.
Ragini picks up the phone and talks.

Swara: “Ragini I want you and Bhai in any room and I’ll get the rest of the gang and Bhabhi. I have to talk about something very serious.”
Ragini (confused): “Haan okay fine. By what time?”
Swara: “15 to 20 mins and make sure everybody else is asleep. Don’t worry about Sanskar I’ll handle him.”
Ragini: “Hmmm Bye” and she cuts the call. She then looks at Yash who is still in shock goes to him and shakes him. He comes out of the trance.
Ragini: “Aap sab log jaakar so jaiye.”
AP: “Swara.”
Ragini: “She has messaged me.” All look at Ragini surprisingly because she never behaves with this attitude.
Ragini: “Close your mouths and just rush to your rooms.”

Pari: “Ragini how dare you.”
Ragini: “Be in your limits Parineeta.” Everybody is shocked at her aggorant and rude behavior.
Pari is about to say something when Ragini: “Mr. Durgaprasad Maheshwari you signed those papers remember. If Swara gets angry then.”
DP helplessly asks everyone to go to their rooms. All leave.
Ragini goes to Yash and asks him: “Bhaiya what did Swara say. Who was she talking about?”
Yash: “Ragini somebody mentioned Papa’s name in that letter.” Ragini is hell shocked.
Ragini: “Mamu’s name. was that why.”

Yash: “Hmm.”
Ragini: “Bhai Swara would be here anytime we have to be in the guestroom ASAP.”
Yash: “Hmmm…”
they both walk to the guestroom while talking.
Yash: “Ragini, Swara might be very stressed and depressed. You were their at that time. 2 years ago you saw her yourself.”
Ragini: “Bhai lets not talk about it right here. Because.” Saying this she pulls a something from behind the Pillar. It’s Parineeta. Ragini slaps her hard. The sound of the slap is so loud that the whole MF come out of their rooms. They Yash and Ragini red with anger, rage and fury while Parineeta was holding her cheek.

Parineeta shouts: “Ragini. How dare you?” she is about to slap Ragini when Ragini holds her hand and twists it. Parineeta cries in pain and Ragini pushes her onto the floor.
Ragini: “Say thank you to god that it was me and not Swara. I’ve just twisted your hand and pushed you on the floor. If it was Swara your hand would be broken and you’d be thrown outside this house.”
At this Laksh gets furious and goes ahead to slap Ragini when Yash holds his hand and slaps him hard.
Yash: “Don’t you dare to raise your hand on my sister.”

The whole MF looks on shocked. Sujata is about to say something when somebody interrupts them.
Voice: “Are these the Ethics given by you Mr. Durgaprasad Maheshwari.”

Precap: Present- Laksh and The Nives (Swara’s gang) reaction on Swasan fight. Ap confronting Pari.

Fb- Friendship bond. Swara’s rude behavior towards Sumi. Ragini’s big secret revealed.
Sorry for being late guys. So many festivals. I realized that somehow I was ignoring Ragini in all the episodes o this episode was mostly RagYash. I have another episode almost ready and will post it tomorrow as another Raksha Bandhan gift. Plz do comment… and a very happy Wala Raksha Bandhan to all of you. See you tomorrow… PLz Plz plz do comment 

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