Swaragini Main or tum (Epi-13)


Recap: Yash getting to know about Swara and Sanskar fight. Rag-Yash Bond. Yash leaves to see Swara. MM ladies fight.
Episode 12: epi-12
Episode 13…
Ragini is sitting in her room murmuring something to herself, but by her expression she is looking angry. Just then a pair of arms wrap around her waist. She turns around and gives a death glare to the person who indeed is our cute and handsome Laksh. Ragini then removes his hands from her waist and makes a fulla hua mooh.
Laksh: “Abb tumhe kya hua meri jaan.”
Ragini: “Kahan the aap, so late are you Laksh. Go I don’t wanna talk you.
Laksh: “Ayehaye meri jungleee billi.”
Ragini: “U r a father of two kids who are almost 18 so control.”
Laksh: “Aree Yaar, when they were kids tb bhi u used to say the same (mimicking her) Laksh ye aap kya kar rahen hain kuch toh sharam kariye aapke do chotte chotte bacche hain. Yaar har jagah mere romance main mere bacchien kyon aa jaate hain. Huu.”
He again caresses her face sensuously and kisses her cheek. He then looks at her desired and leans forward. She senses what is coming and closes her eyes. Just then he gets a call and the caller id says ‘patakha’. He and Ragini looks at the caller id and he acts scared while Ragini is shocked to see such caller id. Ragini turns her face away in anger and as soon as she does this Laksh starts smiling.
He receives the call. Laksh On phn : “Mere patakhe u will live a hundred years. We were just talking about you.”
Person on phn: “Accha g. If I am your patakha then what is your biwi too u.”
Laksh: “Woh toh is my wildcat. (pulls Ragini’s cheeks). Anyways u tell my patakha today how did u remember me who bhi when u r there.”
Caller: “Ohho my handsome hunk I just hope I didn’t interrupt your romance.”
Laksh: “Haaye u r so intelligent darling.” And all this time Ragini was fuming listening to him as he was calling somebody patakha and darling.
Caller: “Papa itne pyaar se baat mt karo varna ur wildcat will scratch u.”
Laksh: “Arre my baby. U care so much about ur papa na.”
Caller: “Ofcourse I do. Bcoz u are the best. And bcoz I love u so much. Muaah.”
Laksh: “Aww my baby. Papa loves u too. Accha tell me why did u call? Something important.” Ragini took a sigh of relief when she heard papa loves you too from Laksh. She realized that duo father and daughter were teasing her.
Caller: “Papa woh I think probably me Jai and Ruhi di will come back.”
Laksh: “Swarsha.” (So guys Swarsha is the daughter of Raglak.) Just then Ragini snatches the phn from him.
Ragini: “You Daddy’s girl just come back and I’ll tell you. How dare you tease me with your father. Let Karthik come and then I’ll tell you both.”
Laksh snatches the phone form Ragini and says: “Haan my baby tell me what happened. Why are you coming back.” Ragini is shocked listening to this and is scared of Laksh’s reaction.
While Swarsha on phn: “Papa who Bade Papa is crying a lot. He and Badi Maa had a fight over something and Rahim Mamu was there with Massi Ma. Bade Papa was very angry so he shouted a lot at Massi Ma and they were talking on the phn when Rahim Mamu tried to solve it Bade Papa became further enraged and shouted more so Rahim Mamu also got angry and I don’t know all the details but Mamu said that he will send divorce paper’s for Bade Papa and Massi Ma. And by the time Bade Papa realized what had happened it was too late. He has locked himself in his room and is crying bitterly and even Massi Ma is not picking up her phn and so is Rahim Mamu and then Yash Mamu left a message saying that Me, Jai, Ruhu Di and Anu should be there. So I thought to inform you.”
Laksh is just blank: “Baby you guys come here tomorrow and I’ll see the rest of the matter.”. He cuts the call and runs out of the room.
While on the other side…
Swara is sitting in a dimly lit room remembering when she came here the last time.
Fb….(guys as I promised and I’ll start the flashback from this episode.)
At Swara’s birthday surprise party Abhi and Abdul were trying to talk to her.
Abhi: “Swara sun na.”
Abdul: “Swara” and makes a very cute puppy face.
Precap: Present- Laksh and The Nives (Swara’s gang) reaction on Swasan fight. Ap confronting Pari.
Fb- Friendship bond. Swara’s rude behavior towards Sumi. Ragini’s big secret revealed.

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Credit to: Jahnvi

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