Swaragini Main or tum (Epi-11)


I’m really sorry for not posting all these days guys but Khushi passed away and I was really depressed all these days. My cousins had come over from India and they just gave me the idea of continuing the ff so I can get a bit distracted and so it is here. It’s a short one. I’ll write a really long one next time and I’ll try to be regular.

Recap: Sanskar and Swara’s serious fight. Rahim taking Swara’s side and talking about divorce.

Episode 10: http://www.tellyupdates.com/swaragini-main-tum-epi-10/
Rahim gets a call from Ragini.
Ragini: “Rahim, where are you. It’s been a long time ur flight landed Mr. everybody here is tensed. What should I tell them now.”
Rahim: “Bhabhi Bahut badi problem ho gyi hai.”
Ragini: “Rahim Bacche what happened.”
Rahim: “Woh aapa.”
Ragini: “Rahim Alia is fine.”
Rahim: “no woh Swara aapa. And he tells her about the fight with Sanskar but doesn’t tell her the motive of meeting.”
Ragini is speechless.
Rahim: “Bhabhi m staying here with Swara aapa. Just make a random excuse to everyone the rest I’ll handle.”
Ragini: “But Rahim, if anyone here gets to know about this they will kill Sanskar for his Rude behaviour to Swara Especially if Yash Bhaiya know.”
Rahim: “I know Bhabhi so plz handle them. Bye.”
Ragini: “Take care of my Shona.”
Rahim: “Ji Bhabhi.”
He cuts the call.
He then looks at Swara who is completely broken down crying.

On the other side Ragini is talking to herself.
Ragini: “Ab what excuse should I make. Agar Yash Bhaiya gets to know about this then mahapralaya will come and I tell Abhi then also problem. Should I tell Laksh. No no Ragini are you pagal Laksh will tell Abhi and Yash Bhaiya about it oh my god.”
She suddenly realizes that the door of her room is open.
Ragini again talking to herself: “Bewakoofi ki had hoti hai Ragini. Atleast close the door of your room. These detectives always roam around my room when I don’t want them to.”
Ragini goes and is about to close her rooms door when suddenly Yash steps in.
Yash (in a calm yet serious tone): “Ragini what were you and Rahim talking about.”
Ragini (nervously): “No..nothing Bhaiya.”
Yash: “Ragini don’t lie to me.”
Ragini: “Bhaiya I told u na nothing serious. He..he just told me that he cannot come due to some urgent work so I make an excuse so that ur mood doesn’t spoil.”
Yash (angrily): “Ragini if you don’t want to tell then don’t I have my own ways of finding out and if I find out that u lied then beware of the consequences. And I know ur lieng ur nervousness and Shocked tone is a proof of that anyways thanks.” He said stepping out of the room.
He got his phone out and was about to call somebody when he heard Ragini say: “Bhaiya wait.”
Yash looked at her and said: “Dekho, Ragini I didn’t mean to scare you but I knew it was something about shona I cannot take it. Plz tell me what’s the matter.”
Ragini tells him everything she knew about their fight she knew.

Yash (enraged): “He again did that. He again hurt her. Last time he tried to kill me and Richa and now he again hurt her. M not gonna leave him this time.” (revelation 1)
Ragini gets scared seeing his anger and tries to calm him down: “Bhai, we have to think on Swara right now. Plz Bhai. Think of Swara once Bhai.”
Yash: “M going to Kolkata. M not leaving him this time.”
He walked out of her room saying this.
He again stops somewhere in a the big corridor and asks Ragini: “Where are they?”
Ragini: “I myself don’t know about it Bhai.”
Yash: “Well then I suppose you should call Rahim and ask him.”
Ragini knows Yash is really angry so she just obeys him so that everybody else doesn’t know about it.
Ragini calls Rahim and asks him about their whereabouts and gets to know that they are staying at Swara’s mansion in Kolkata. She tells this to Yash and he leaves from their immediately.
Ragini: “Bhaiya they are in Swara’s mansion. You know na which one?”
Yash: “Haan my baccha.” And he kisses her forehead. “Apna dhyaan rakhna Ragu. And if anybody asks about me or Rahim then tell them that u don’t know or ask them to call me because you don’t know ok.”
Ragini: “Ji Bhaiya aap bi apna dhyaan rakhiyega.” And he leaves.
He goes up to the terrace and we are able to see queens necklace (famous view of Mumbai). So Swara’s gang, Yash and Ruchi, Raglak live in Mumbai. A helicopter is waiting for him. He gets in while the pilot gets off it. He wears the microphone and very clearly and professionally does all the checks and take off.

Here on the other side a big mansion is shown. A white Aston Martin one-77 enters and is parked in a parking with hundreds of more very expensive cars. Two people walked out of the car. Their faces are shown they are Rahim and Swara.

Precap: more revelations and what are Swara and Rahim doing in that mansion?

Credit to: Jahnvi

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    1. Next epi will be both the families and Sanlak

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