Swaragini Main or tum (Epi-10)


Hi guys this is Jahnvi sister of Khushi. M really srry for not informing u guys but Khushi has slipped into coma. I think she told u guys that she had a very bad accident and my lovely sister a work freak was going through the kitchen slipped and hid her head on the fridge handle and lost a lot of blood and now she is in coma. She told me finish her story so here is the next part.
Recap: Swara talks to her gang and Ragini hiding from Sanskar.
Episode 9: http://www.tellyupdates.com/swaragini-main-tum-epi-9/

Sanskar thinks to surprise Swara while on the other side Swara is in the car on her phn well she is wearing a Bluetooth device (my Swara is an idle she follows the traffic rules) with somebody
Swara: “Exactly………… Ya I get it but I have an idea…………… Oh hello my ideas always work……….. (Swara tells the person something which is muted) haan. I won’t let any of them know about it………….. haan I’ll be there in a moment. Obviously……. Yaa I know it was funny how it happened. That game was funny……….. I do remember. Uff ya I’m in the parking I’ll see u in the room……… Wait do u remember the room nmbr………. Oh really what was it……… dekha Mr. u r like my younger brother Rahim I know u more than what u know about urself……….. Yaa Khalid will be there. Yup………… ohh haan srry the room nmbr is ummmmm………. Wat the hell yaar even I forgot it…….. Ask Khalid…………. Off course he will know………. He is in the room Dumbo. Haan will u let me car the park uffff will u let park the car. Yup.
She calls another person. “Khalid yaar what was the room nmbr… 207 ok thank u so much I’ll be there in a moment. Bye.”
She parks the car and goes to the reception XYZ Hotel.
Swara: “Room 207.”
Receptionist: “Mam may I have ur name plz.”
Swara: “Swara Sanskar Maheshwari.”
Receptionist: “I’ll confirm.”
Swara: “Sure.”
Just then a man comes out.
Man: “Swara late ho rha hai.”
Swara to receptionist: “Don’t call to his room he won’t be able to attend.
Receptionist: “But why mam?”
Man: “Kyun ki m here dumbo.”
Swara: “Khalid shut up. M really sorry for his rude behaviour.”
Khalid: “Oh hello excuse me……. He keeps on blabbering.
The receptionist look at him amused while Swara gives him an idiot nmbr 1 look. He blabbers for some more time when another boy comes in.

Guy: “Aapa. (He suddenly notices Khalid and starts laughing loudly.) Just then Swara gets a call. It’s from Abhi.
Swara: “Hushhhh. Abhi ka phn.”
Everybody is silent after listenin that it is Abhi’s phn.
Swara picks up the call on the second ring.
Abhi: “Swara itna time. Agr Sans.”
Swara cuts him in the middle.
Swara: “I was driving. Anyways don’t worry I’ll make the presentation and send u. dekna ur presentation will be the best. Anyways bye or else I won’t have time to make the presentation.”
She cuts the call without listening to him.
Swara: “Yaar. Abhi ko toh mna liya but what about Sanskar.”
Guy: “Aapa, tell him it’s ur birthday wish to make the presentation or else u won’t talk to him.”
Swara: “No, Rahim bhaijaan. U don’t know he is Sanskar Maheshw…” (She den remembers her fight with Sanskar). to Rahim: “Sahi hai beta. Tu mahhan hai. U literally are great.
Swara messages Sanskar: ““Mr. Maheshwari do u want me to forgive u.”
On the other side his ph beeps he reads the message and replies Yes.

Swara: on one condition
Sanskar: of done
Swara: Ok the condition is that u will let me prepare the final presentation for tomorrows tender meeting
Sanskar: That’s toh ok but why
Swara: bcoz I want ur presentation to be the best. I want u to win the tender
Sanskar: ok done my wifey but where are u.`
Swara to Rahim and Khalid: “He is asking where am I abb what should I reply.” She is highly tensed.
Khalid: “ Tell her that you are not at home finding peace somewhere outside.”
Swara: “Agar yeh kha na toh he’l become jagga jasoos……. Kya kahoon sanskar ko what should I say. Uff Sanskar se jhooth bolna is so hard but why.”
In the meantime Sanskar calls her.
Sanskar: “Sweetu where r u?”
Swara: “Sanskar I’m not at home.”
Sanskar: “I know that jaanu but where.”
Swara: “Ummm who haan if at home I would prepare the presentation maybe the kids tell Abhi.”
Sanskar: “Swara”
Swara: “I know u don’t like me taking their name. m srry.”
Sanskar: “Are meri jaan it’s ok. Accha tell me fast where r u my love?”
Swara: “I came here to meet Rahim.”
Sanskar (becomes angry hearing his name): “Swara”
Swara: “Sanskar Rahim didn’t do anything wrong with us.”
Sanskar: “He is one of the betrayers Swara.”
Swara: cries “No he is not.”
Sanskar: “I am asking where r u Swara?”
Swara: “I’ll not tell u.”
Sanskar: “Swara.”
Swara: “No Sanskar.”
Sanskar: “Swara.” He was shouting at her after listening to Rahim’s name
Swara is about to reply him when Rahim snatches the phn from.
Rahim: “Jiju plz don’t shout on her.”
Sanskar: “it’s my personal matter u don’t interfere.”
Rahim: “And she is my sister.”
Sanskar: “Just tell me where the hell u r.”
Rahim: “No jiju.”
Sanskar: “Ok then keep her with u. she is not needed anymore in this house and in my life.”
Rahim: “Jiju, how can u say that? She is ur wife.”
Sanskar: “Why not. If she can meet u after I asked her not to then why can’t I.”
Rahim: “Jiju.”
Sanskar: “Don’t call me that u bastard.”
Rahim: “Jij.. oops srry Mr Maheshwari what do u think I can’t take care of my aapa. Then a very wrong thought of u. I lied to everyone there just to come and meet her but no u always have to hurt her. Anyways thanks for taking care of my sister all these years. And yes thanks for giving her the best birthday present ever. U did this earlier once and everybody forgave u but not this time. She is not a betrayer you are. You will get the divorce papers tomorrow.”
Sanskar realises what all he said and is about to say something but by that time Rahim cuts the call.
On the other side Rahim calls Ragini and tells her everything. She is speechless.

Precap: Flashback and revelations
(Taher Shabbir as Yash
Amir Ali Malik as Abdul
Karan Tackar as Abhimanyu/Abhi
Zain Imam ad Jai
Nikita Dutta as Aalia
Shantanu Maheshwari as Neel
Saurabh Raj Jain as Kartar
Disha Parmar as Richa
Shaleen Malhotra as Raghav
Sudeep Sahir as Rahul
Aham Sharma as Veer)

Credit to: Jahnvi

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