swaragini..main tujhe kitna chahta hu tu soch na sake..episode 9


Here we go with today’s episode….
In ragsan room.
Ragini finds a red gown kept on bed with paper written…a gift for my love..yours only sanskar.
Ragini gets ready she is looking very beautiful.
At terrace.
Everything is nicely decorated.balloons,hearts…etc.
Ragini: where r u sanskar.
Lights are off.
Ra : sanskar where r u come fast.

Suddenly lights are switched on.light is thrown on sanskar sitting on knees.
Sanska : will u be mine for always.
Ragini: I need to think.mm..mm….yes.
Sanskar lifts her up in air.
Sanskar: I love u ragini.
Ragini: I love u too .
They sit .music is being played at bg.song sanam re
Sanskar: will u plz dance with me.
Rags: sure.

They dance very close .then sanskar leans toward her to kiss.ragini closes her eyes and they kiss……
In swalak room.
Laksh: I’m going to sanskar
Swara: u r dumb Laksh .
Laks : what.
Swara: they hav gone for date.
Laksh: o
Laksh: so what will we do.
Swara: I’m hungry
Laks : how much do u eat.
Swara: u r coming with me or not .
Laks : coming .
They go to a restaurant
In restaurant.They eat .
Swar : food was good na.
Laks : it was fine.
Manager: hello everyone.now would like to call all couples for dance.
Swara: Laksh…
Laks : what.
Swar : nothing.

Although laksh understands but he remains quiet.
Laksh: so miss swara will u like to have a dace with me.
Swara stands in excitement and they both daces.slowy slowly they become close to each other.after dance .they r going on he road.
Swara: its too fun na walking onquite empty road.no one is here . Joe much fun na.
Laksh: whats só good in this.
Swaa: u will never understand Laksh maheshwari.
She starts running ……..Laksh follows her.and suddenly it starts raining.
Swara: Laksh it’s raining.
Laksh: so come under shed na u will get wet.
Swara: Laksh enjoy it .
She starts dancing .Laksh looks at her innocent face and is lost in her beauty.
Laksh: God what is happening…don’t say I’m falling for her.
Swara pulls Laksh out.They both dance.

In hotel.
Swalak room.
Swara: o God it’s so cold.( She keeps on sneezing)
Laksh: u were the one who want to enjoy rain.
Swara makes a cute face.
Laksh: now be quiet and sleep.
Swara nods.
In morning.
Ragsan room.
Ragini: sanskar wake up Hume ghumne jaana h
Sanskar: first say I love u.
Ragini: ok I love ……nothing.stand up .
Sanskar: mate I’m standing.
Ragini: thastu.

They laugh.
Swalak and ragsan meet at hotel reception.
Swara: so lets go for hiking.
Rag : yes .
Sa : nice idea.
Laksh: ok .
Suddenly a girl comes and hugs Laksh.
Laksh: excuse me who r u.
Girl: I love u.
Laksh: what.
Swara pulls her back.
Swara: excuse me u r talking to my husband.
Girl: what Laksh u married.
Laksh: I even don’t know u.
Girl: I’m ritika I’m mad for u I can do anything for you Laksh.
Laksh: so what
Swara: it will be good if u stay away .

Ritika leaves.
Swara: Laksh do u know her.
Laksh: why will I tell u
Swara : don’t tell.
On other side ritika reaches to a man.
Ritika: sir ur work is done.
Man : good now u have to create rift between Laksh and shona.
Man: I love Swara madly.and she married that Laksh
Ritika: we will surely succeed.
Man: we have succeed as I even can’t think of leaving Swara.
He shouts Swara I love u.

Precap: ritika flirts with Laksh…..Swara getting jealous…
Guys today I’m very happy as I have given my last exam today….so I’ll be posting one episode daily..so keep reading…….and if u want me to change my ff name plz tell….and the name u think will be fine….

Credit to: shloka

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