swaragini..main tujhe kitna chahta hu tu soch na sake..episode 8


Guys thanks for liking my ff….so let’s get started….
In dehradun.
Swara: ragini it’s so beautiful.
Ragini: yes just love this place…
Swara: totally.
Sanskar: if sisters talk is over then may we go to hotel.
Swara: sure jiju.
They reach hotel.
Sanskar: so Laksh that is ur room and this is ours.
Laksh: fine Bhai.
In swalak room.
Swar : thank god there r 2 beds.
Laksh: yes….
Swara: get ready we hav to go …

After some time.
Rags : let’s go to market na.
Swara: yes it will be fun
Laksh: Bhai come we’ll go somewhere else.
Swara: to Laksh ( softly so that no one can hear): are u mad or want to become a kabab me haddi.
Laksh: o sorry sorry.
Laksh: Bhai u both romance….we’ll go to market.
Swara : bye rags and enjoy..
Ragini blushes.
Swalak go to market.
In market.
Laksh: listen I’m not going to pick up ur bags.
Swara: no need.
Swara: let’s go to market that shop na.
Laksh: yaar u r just going to one to other shop..
Swara: shut up and come with me.
Laksh: this girl thinks me to be her servant.
Swara: r u coming.
Laksh: yes Swara Mata…

In shop.
Swara: pack all these.
Shopkeeper: 15000
Swara: I’m having only 7000.
Laksh: keep it money with u I’m there na.
Laksh: take it.
Swara smiles.
Swara : Laksh see there is a church.
Laksh: so what.
Swara: duffer so we will go there.
Laksh: ok…
They go in .
Swara lights a candle and is praying Laksh joins his hands and sees Swara.
Swara: stop staring me and pray by heart.
Laksh also prays.
Father: child may God bless u.
Swara: thank u father.
Father: u both always be together….it’s my wish from God.
Laksh and Swara look at each other…..
They leave the church.
Laksh: Swara u wait here I’m coming in 2 mins.
Swara: see there is a park there.

Laksh: ok u wait in park.
Swara goes in park.there some boys tries to misbehave with her.
Boy: o see today weather is good.date par chalogi madam.
Swara ignores him.she tries to go from there.he holds her hand.
Boy: sharmao mat madam chalo na pakka maza aaega …..Achha chalo ek long drive par hi chalo.
Swara: leave my hand….
Boy: itni Kya jaldi h .
He pulls her. Closer.
Swara: Laksh…
Boy: kis ka intezar Kar rhi ho chalo mere saath
He tries to get closer to Swara but Laksh comes and fights with the boy.the boy runs away.
Laksh: r u fine
Swara: yes …
Laksh: lets leave.
Swara nods.
In way.
Swara: stop the car.
Laksh: what happened.
Swara: Laksh ice cream.

Laksh: ok.
They eat ice cream.
Laksh thinks: she is so cute…Laksh what is happening with u don’t even try ….
Swara: have u said anything.
Laksh: no.
Swara is eating ice cream when suddenly some one closes her eyes.
Unknown: guess who.
Swara: I know.rahul leave it.
Rahul: how did u realised that it’s me
Swara : I know u from childhood.
They hugs.

Rahul: Laksh bhai.
They too hugs.
Rahul: 3 din ke liye ghar Kya aaya shadi Kar li.
Swara : vo it’s a long story…
She tells him everything.
Rahul: Bhai toh London gaye.
Swara: par tu toh h na
Rahul: o.
Laksh: chal Bhai sanskar se nahi milega.
Rahul: aaj mai thoda sa busy ho ….tomorrow I’ll come to ur hotel.
Laksh: ok bye.
Swara: bye rahul.
Swalak leave for hotel.

Ragsan in a hotel .
Ragin : so mraheshwari when will u propose me.
San: Mrs maheshwari till the end of this trip….
Rags, lets see.

Precap: not yet decided……..

Guys thanks for reading my ff….so happy to see that u all r liking my ff……
Pls keep reading ….and some of u want to see love triangle…so don’t worry about love triangle I’ll try to add it ….if possible….

Credit to: shloka

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  4. Less ragsan scenes.. .plz give equal importance to both pairs

    1. Actually every time it’s not possible to focus in both so don’t worry u will surely see it

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  6. Nice and plzz show more and more swalak amd add some love triangle who love swara madly and do anything for her and wanna get her

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      Sure i ‘ll put the link

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  9. Make Rahul love Swara madly and Laksh feels jealous.

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