swaragini..main tujhe kitna chahta hu tu soch na sake..episode 7

Guys here we go with next episode.
In maheshwari mansion.
Ap: beta wait …
She brings Kalash nd swaragini do their grah pravesh.
Sujata: parinita uttara take them to their rooms
Pari: sure .
She takes them to their rooms.
In ragsan room
Sans: so Mrs.sanskar what do u wanna say .
Ragini: that u move aside.
Sanskar holds raginis hand and pulls her closer.he is hugging her from back.
Ragini: leave me.
San: u r wife yaar.

SansKAR kisses her on her neck and then cheeks.
Ragini pushes him back.
Rag: itni Kya jaldi h Mr maheshwari
Sanskar holds her hand and pulls her on bed.
Rag is blushing.
Rag : u have still not said I love you.
Sanskar: o this is reason.I’ll say 100 times.I love you I love u.
Rags: stop not like this ….something special.
Sanskar: ok just wait and watch…
In swalak room.
Swara: so this is my room.
Laksh: excuse me this is my room.
Swara: but now this is my room too
Laksh: ok so I’ll give u couch of my room.
Swara: what
Laksh: o miss attitude yes its my room and I’ll decide.
Swara throws pillows at him….

Laksh goes to her to stop he holds her and a they share an eyelock.
Laksh: u sleep on bed I’ll go and sleep on couch.
Swara: .no it’s ur room.i’ll sleep there.
Laks : hey I’m not doing a favor tomorrow u sleep on couch .
Swara smiles.
They sleeps.
In morning.
In Ragsan room.
Ragini: o my dear husband it’s 8 wake up mom is calling.
Sanskar: holdds ragini in. His arm.
Rag : mom u.
Sanskar leaves her.
Downstairs .Everyone is sitting .
Swaragini comes down and takes everyone’s blessing
Ap: it’s ur first day and u have to make it first food in the house.
Sujata: so there is kitchen..hope my bahus will make delicious food.
Swaragini goes in kitchen and prepares food.they serve it.
Dp: awesome…u both did a fantastic job.
They touches his feet.
Everyone praises them.

Ap: come beta I’ll give u something.
She gifts them beautiful necklaces.
Swaragin : thank you ma.
Dp: so here is ur gift.ur honeymoon tickets to dehradun.
Rp: we have chosen this as it was ur wish na to go there.
They thanks everyone and goes to their rooms.
In ragsan room.
Ragini: pack ur bag we have to leave now.
Sanskar: packing.
Sanskar : so finally I’ll propose u .
Ragini: we’ll see u will get ans yes or no.
In swalak room.
Swar : I always wanted to go to dehradun but not with u.
Laksh: who is interested in going with u.
Swara: but have to go.

Precap: in dehradun….

Guys hope u r not liking it so I’m thinking to end it in 3-4 chapters….

Credit to: shloka


  1. navya

    Hey I’m first time commenting..here…I’m a big fan of your fan fiction…I love it …don’t even think of ending it it’s my favourite fiction

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