swaragini..main tujhe kitna chahta hu tu soch na sake..episode 6

So let’s get started.
In swaragini room.
Swara: why is this happening with us
Rags: why always us….don’t know what destiny has planned us.
Swara : in mind I will not allow anything to snatch ur happiness not even faith.
Swara calls Laksh.
Laksh: why have u called.
Swara: Laksh it’s urgent..
Laksh: what.
Swara: we cannot separate Ragsan .
Laksh: yes we have to do something.
Swara: I have an idea.
Laksh: what.
Swara tells him a plan.
Laksh: r u sure it will work.
Swara: we have to do this for their happiness.
In morning.
Ragini: today is my wedding but not with sanskar but with Laksh.
Sumi comes.
Sumi: I’m too happy as today’s my daughters wedding.
Rags smiles.
Sumi: but where is Swara.
Rags: I don’t know ma I have not seen her from morning.
Swara calls Sumi.
Sumi: where r u shona …it’s ur marriage today.

Swara tells her to come at mm with everyone.
At mm.
Dp: where is Swara and Laksh.they told us to meet here.
Ap: God know what they want to do.
Shekhar: shona where r u.
Swara comes.she is wearing garlands Laksh is also there wearing garlands.
Swara: I’m here dad.
Shekhar: what is this shona.
Swara: I have married dad.
Everyone is shocked.
Sumi: do u know what r you saying.
Laksh: yes we know.
Dp: why have you done this.
Ragini: I know .
Sumi: what do it means that u know.
Ragini: I love sanskar and even he loves me.
Sanskar: and u fixed our marriage.
Rags: to unite us they did so.
Dp: if it was the reason why haven’t u informed us that.
Ap: then today a marriage will take place.
Dp: today ragini and sanskar marriage and swalak marriage will take place.
Shekhar: thank u Dp
They hug.
Rags: Swara u did this for me.

Swaragini share a hug
At evening.
Everyone comes at Mandap
Pandit: var vadu ko bulvaya jaye.
Swaragini comes.
Swara is wearing a pink golden lehanga and ragini is in a golden blue lehnga .they r looking beautiful.
Sanskar is mesmerized seeing ragini .
Sanskar: looking beautiful.
Rags: thank u
Laksh is lost in swaras beauty.
Laksh in mind: don’t get lost in her beauty ..it’s just an agreement.
Marriage take place.
Time for bidaai
Swaragini are crying.
Swara: mom how will I live without you.
Sumi: u hav got a new mom.don’t worry.
Swaragini meets everyone take blessings
They sit in different cars and leave.

In ragsan car.
Rag: I can’t believe we have married.
Sanskar: believe it u r misses ragini sanskar maheshwari.
Rags puts her head on sanskars shoulder.
In swalak car
Swara: Laksh finally ragsan got United.
Laksh: yes.
Swara : now my second mission is to handle u.
Laksh: excuse me I have to handle u.
Swara: and don’t ever forget that this marriage is just a compromise.
Laksh: u don’t forget it…….
Screen freezes on swalak fighting and ragini sitting keeping her head
head on sanskars shoulder.

Precap: Dp gifts them honeymoon tickets….

Guys plz tell me how was it ……Guys I m Swaragini fan Means …….Shloka….

Credit to: shloka


  1. Lila

    This doesn’t make any sense. The precap in epi 5 sed ragsan will grow more closer. Shloka plz explain. Episode 5 ended with sankaar droping swarag at home and swara thinking there is something between ragsan. How is their marriage happening already???????

    • Lila

      I am sooooo sorry. I got confused. I didn’t read the episode 5 thats why got confused. Now I have read I understand. So sorry again. Its totally my mistake

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