swaragini..main tujhe kitna chahta hu tu soch na sake..episode 5

Guys thanks for liking my ff……
At swaragini mansion.
Swara: ragini do u like sanskar…
Ragini was drinking water and throws the water from her mouth.
Ragini: why do you asked so….there is nothing like that.
Swara: r u sure.
Rags: yes …….
Swara : ok gn.
She sleeps…
Rags: do I like sanskar……I like him but only As a frnd.

In morning .in college.
Swara: rahul do u know I think rags m or sanskar.
Rahul: what.
Swara: yes …
Ragini comes there….
Rags: shona we have to submit the project tomorrow..
Swara: so lets complete it.
Rags: but where is sanskar…
Rags: I mean Sanlak.
Sanskar: here we r.
Laksh: let’s go to our home and do it.
Swara: so we’ll reach there at 2 ok.
Sanskar: ok…..
Rahditya talking….
Aadi: wanna tell u something.
Rahul: what.
Ad I: I na like ragini.
Rahul: what…
Adi: yes…I like her and I’ll tell her tomorrow.
Rahul: ok.

At sanlak mansion.
Swara: wow ur house is so good.
Sanskar: thanks.
Swar : Laksh I wana talk to u.
Laksh: me
Swara: yes.
Swara: Laksh I think ragsan like each other.
Laksh: ya I too noticed that.
Swara: we need to make them realise this today .
Laksh: so partners.
Swara: partners.
Ragsan r sitting in room
Swalak closes the door.
Ragini: open it Swara …
Sanskar: is SOMEONE there plz open it…
Swara and Laksh shakes hands.
Ragini was trying to open the door and she slips down on sanskar and they fall on bed.
They share an eyelock
They come into senses.

Sanska : rags I want to say something.
Rags: what.
Sanska : I like u.
Rags: I …I..like u too.
They share a hug.
Swalak opens the door.
Swara: so we heard everything.
Rags: what.
Sanakar: what have u heard.
Laksh: actually our plan succeeded.
San: it was ur plan.
Laksh: yes.sanskar runs behind Laksh
….they all laugh
Sanskar: so lets complete the project.
Swara: yes.
They complete the project.
Sanskar: bye ragini.
Rags: bye sanskar.
They hug.
At swaragini mansion.
Swara: so finally u accepted that uike him
Rags blushes.
They sleep

In morning.
At college.
Swar : rahul rags accepted that she likes sanskar.
Rahul: but…nothing.
Aaditya meets ragini.
Rags: aadi I want to tell u something.
Adi : I too.
Rags: so u speak first.
Adi: ok ragini I like u…
Ragin : what.but I I don’t ….I always liked u as a friend…
Adi: but what’s the problem.
Rags: I like sanskar.
Adi: what…no ragini u only love me I’ll not allow u to be of someone else.
He holds raginis hands tightly and pulls her closer ..
Rag: leave me.
Adi: never.
Sanskar comes and protect ragin.
Rags: now aadi u r not even my friend.just go from here.
Swaragini and sanlak go to swaragini mansion.
Swara: papa they r our friends sanskar and Laksh maheshwari
Shekhar: beta what is ur father’s name.
Sanlak: Durga Prasad.
Shekhar: maheshwari…call him
They call.

Dp: yes sanskar.
Shekhar: it’s me shekhR gadodua.
Dp: what a pleasant surprise.
Shekhar: come on come here na.
Dp: for sure coming in10 mins.
He and ap reach there.
Shekhar and Dp hugs…
They all sit and talk and enjoys..

Dp: shekhar I wanna ask u something..
Shekhar: what
Dp: I want ur daughter’s hand for my son’s.
Shekhar= of course.
Ragini is happy but Swara is sad….
Dp: I want sanskar and Swara And Laksh and ragini to marry.
Shekhar: sure we agree …
Swaragini and sanlak r shocked………
Dp: so I want them to marry tomorrow…because I have 2 go out for tour for 5 months…
Sumi: but how the preparation will be done…
Ap: don’t worry we’ll do a simple marriage..
Swara goes to her room and cries while ragini cries in kitchen

Precap: suspense

Guys I’ll not be posting for 2 days so thought to update a long episode ….hope u ‘ll like it….

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  1. Nice but u going so fast i mean in 1 day proposal meeting of family and fixing marriage its too fast sorry if hurt u but plzz if possible extends d scenes some dialogues

    1. swaragini fan

      Thanks for ur suggestions

  2. nice ….

  3. 2days it’s OK but I miss your ff for 2days so much.

    1. swaragini fan

      Oo…so sweet of u

  4. Suspense and twist

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