swaragini..main tujhe kitna chahta hu tu soch na sake..episode 4

I’m feeling so good seeing ur response on my ff……feeling great……..plz continue reading…maybe I will not be posting epi for 2 days..as I have exams….so plz understand……
Next day .in college.
Swara: where is rahul.
Ragini : he must be coming….
Ad I : he has gone to meet our friends.
Rahul comes with his other two friends and they are sanlak.
SWara: rahul where were u
Rahul : shona relax see they were our friends at our school in dehradun.
Swara: they were.
Rahul : yes see this is sanskar bros best friend and this is Laksh my best friend …
Swara: u have not got anyone else….

Rahul : what
RRagini: shona rahul lets go to canteen na ….sanskar u also come.
San: no u all enjoy I’ll leave..
Ragini: I said na u r coming too.
San: fine.
Ragini : aadi chalo.
They all go rahul takes Laksh too.
In canteen
Ragini : aaj raat ko party ho jaaye
Swara: of course.
Ragini : Laksh sanskar tum do no ko bhi aana h
Everyone agrees.
Ragini : par Kahan.
San: mai batau.
Rahul : haan Bhai bol
Sanskar : there is a club called night rocks.
Laksh: yes that’s a perfect place for party.
Ragini: then we’ll go there.
Adi: but how will we go.
Sanskar: that u don’t worry I ‘ll pick u all.
Swara: great…..

Scene 2 evening
Swara: rags r u ready we have to go…sanskar must be coming anytime.
RAgini: coming shona
Ragini is looking very beautiful in her knee length blue dress with straight open hair.
Swara is wearing a black knee length dress and she has also left hair open but they are curled at bottom.sanskar s car horns…
Swaragini go out.
In car sanlak raaditya r sitting.sanskar is mesmerized seeing ragini
San: come sit in.
They reach in the club.
They all dance…..
After some time.
Rahul: Laksh aadi sanskar lets have a drink na…
Laksh: sure Bhai but we need to go that side.
Adi: let’s go…
Rahul: sanskar come..
Sanskar: no sorry but I don’t drink….

Ragini looks at him and is happy to hear this…
Rahul: really..
Sanskar: yes..
Adi= fine so u 3 stay here…
Sanskar: come soon…ok and Laksh don’t even think of taking extra dose…u know papa will kill u.
They all go….
Swaragini are dancing while some boys are staring them..
Swara: ragini mom is calling ….I’m not able to hear it …I’ll come in 5 mins.
Rags: fine….
Rags is dancing and sanskar is standing a little away.
A boy comes and holds her hand …he holds rags waist and try to misbehave with her….
Rags: leave me..
Boy: come on baby have some fun.
Rags tries to slap him but he holds her hand…
He tries to kiss her but sanskar comes and slaps him.
Rags: sanskar he ….
Sanskar: don’t worry ragini.
Boy: why r u coming in between..
Sanskar hits him.
Boy: Abbey Teri lagti Kya h.
Sanskar: ussey thujhe Kya.
The manager comes and throws that boy out…

Sanskar: r u fine .
Ragini hugs him and start crying…..
Everyone arrives.
Swara: rags what happened
Sanskar tells everything.
Swara: thanks sanskar.
Rahu : let’s go home….
Swara: yes
Sanskar: I’ll drop everyone.let’s go…
They leave raditya at their hostel….They reach swaragini mansion.
Ragini: thank u sanskar..
Sanskar: ur welcome and take care.good night.
Rags: good night..
Swara watching this thinks that there is something going on between them.

Precap: ragsan growing closer…

Guys I’ll not end my ff…..thanks to those who supported me….

Credit to: swaragini fan


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