swaragini..main tujhe kitna chahta hu tu soch na sake..episode 3

Guys this is a ragsan and swalak ff I have not got enough comments so I m thinking to end it……thanksto those who commented……keep reading and supporting me…..
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S: see we have got all materials…for project.
R: so lets leave we’ll start the project from tomorrow.
L: fine bye.
R: bye.
They leave for their homes …

At swaragini mansion..
Sumi:my daughter’s r back.
R: yes mom.
S: mom tomorrow we’ll go early in morning.we have to finish project.
Sumi: fine.

In swaragini room.
Swara: ragini will u participate in fresher of the year..competition.
R: no .
S: y .
R- I don’t like such competition.
S: I toh will participate and win it.
R: sure..
Sumi: Swara ragini come down see who is here…
S: who mom..

They go down stairs.
S: omg u both here.
R: what a pleasant surprise…
They hug the 2 boys standing there.one of them is rahul and other is aditya Swara and raginis best friends….
Ra: how r u shona.
S: very fine.
R: how is everything.
A: good.
A: what about ur college…how was ur 1st day.
S: awesome except meeting some people.
RA: what shona.
S: nothing important.by the way in which college u have got admission
A: some st.Peter college
S: it’s our college guys.
R: what can be better than this that we’ll go in same college.
Ra: guys we have met after 2 years lets go to our favourite cafeteria.
S: sure.
A: rahul our friends of class 11 and 12 are also here only na
Ra: yes we have to meet them too.
S: May we go.
A: yes…on bikes..
R: like always.
Swara and rahul sit on 1 bike and ragini and aaditya on 1.

At cafe.
S: I ‘ll take my fav. Dark coffee.
R: same.
A: ok I’ll go and order it.
Ra: so any new friends.
S: no but enemies.
Ra: what.
S: nothing I met a boy who was so rude and a mad boy…
Ra: who was so daring to fight with u.
R: leave it .
A: here comes ur coffee.
Swaragini : thank u.
A: ur welcome.
Ra: it’s late we should leave actually we have to reach at hostels room before 8: 30 so bye.
A: bye…

Swaragini go to their house.
S: it was fun.
R: yes.

Precap: not decided
Guys so happy to see ur interest…..

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