swaragini..main tujhe kitna chahta hu tu soch na sake..episode 2

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Episode 1

At swaragini mansion.
A girl wearing pink jumpsuit is practicing guitar….she is our Swara…….and a girl practicing. Sitar is our ragini….wearing a beautiful pink suit……
Sumi: swaragini now beta it’s enough for today.come down u r getting late for college…
Swaragini: coming ma.
They reach down.
R: mom we r leaving …
Su: bye
Sw: bye mom.
Su: bye shona.
They reach college.
S: rags I have to submit some papu go I’ll be coming directly to class.
R: fine ….
In class..
Ragini thinks to sit on first bench…..she is about to sit when Laksh comes…and sits there
R: hey I was going to sit here.
L: but now I’m sitting….
R: so what u can stand….
L: u can find a new seat.
R: why do u have some knee pain that u can’t stand.some like senior citizens.
L: how dare u talk to me like that.
R: so Mr.senior citizen r u going to stand or….
L: or what….
Swara reaches class.
R: shona see I came first still he is not standing.
S: I Mr.whatever you are…who cares.stand up….or.

L: do u think I m going to stand.
S: yes.
L: then keep thinking .
San: Laksh leave it we’ll sit here.
L: but Bhai.
San: Laksh..
L: ok.
He moves ……..
Teacher: listen students it’s ur first day here …..so I’m going to give u a group project …….groups will be of four students……so 1st group is of Swara,ragini ,sanskar and Laksh……
They turn to see each other…
Swara: but ma’am.
T: no but……
R: ok ma’am.
After class.
S: this teacher at least she would have heard us.
R: no problem shona.
San: yes it’s fine.
Swalak: not at all fine.
S: I’m not going to work with him.
L: yes Bhai.
S: so lets withdraw our names ..
L: no Bhai.
S: so just cooperate.
R: sanskar lets divide into 2 grps.1 of the grp will go to bring material and other will collect info.from library.
San: fine so me and Laksh. Will go to market.
.S: sure……
R: let’s meet at cafe at 10 am.
L: fine….
They leave…

In cafe.swaragini waiting…
S: these boys ..They r so late.
R: they must have got some work.
Sanlak arrives…
S: finally u came.
L: Swara gadodia was waiting for us omg…I’ll get heart attack.
San: shut up yaar u both keep on fighting always.
R: very true.
Waiter: do u need anything ma’am.
S: no thanks.

Precap: swaraginis best friends…

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Credit to: swaragini fan


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