swaragini..main tujhe kitna chahta hu tu soch na sake..episode 16


Hello everyone it’s my last episode…so here it is…
A leap of 1 year.
In hospital…
Everyone is sitting out side the operation theatre ….except swaragini..
Laksh is roaming here and there.
Suddenly a baby starts crying it’s raginis daughter…sleeping in her mother’s arms..ragini is coming towards the operation theatre..
Rags: has doctor came out.is the operation Still going.
San: wait take breathe first.
Doc comes out….with a baby in her arms.
Laksh: doctor..

Doc: congratulations it’s a baby boy….
Laksh: ma I’m father…
Ap: yes ..
Laksh takes baby in his hands.
Laksh: oh my god…he is so small.
Ragini: can we meet Swara.
Do : Ofcourse..but first we Wil shift her to normal ward then.
Ragini: sure.
In swaras ward.
Rag: shona u have a baby boy.
Swara: yes …
Ap: I’m so happy today I have got 2 grand child.
Dp: our family is completed..
Swara nods.
Ap: Swara Laksh will be staying here. We All r going to prepare for ur welcome.
They leave..
Laksh: so baby s mother.

Swara: yes baby father.
Laksh: Swara
Swara: what.
Laksh: I love u.
Swara: I know …
They hug with baby.
At home.
Swara comes…
Raguni: I can’t believe I’m welcoming my sister/ devrani with his son.
Swara smiles
Dp: so today we have arranged for their name ceremony…
Ap: u both go with ur babies and get ready..guests will be arriving soo
Swaragini goe to their rooms.
They dress up and came dowj.theyr looking very beautiful
Sanlak r lost watching them.guests have arived.
Pandit: lets start the ceremony..
Everyone sit dow.
Pan: Baby girl is elder so her name will be decided first.
Everyone smiles.

Pan: so who is going to keep the name.
Rags: swara.
Pan: u come here and speak name in her ear.if she smiles that means she liked it.
Swara speaks in babys ear.and baby smiles.
Pan: so what isthe name.
Swara: aradhya..
Ragsan look at each other..
Ap: good name.
Dp: ragini sanskar r u not happy ..
San: vo dad..
H tells them that the same name was decided by them.
Ap: thatis great.
Pan: now boy nme
Pan: who will decidr.
Swara: rags.
Pan: come and do same.
Ragini speaks in his ear.
Baby smiles.
Pan: so the name is arnav.
Swalak look at each other.

Swara: even we decided this name.
Everyone laughs…
Pan: so u both with baby take everyones blessinhs.
Swalak and ragsan with babies take everyones blessinhs…
The end……..

Hope u liked.guys ill be back soon….plz read my next ff swaragini kya hua tera vada..it is very different ill be posting it from tomorrow…..
Thanks for all the love ..special thanks to lila and cute girl..for commentig on every episode…
Bye .
Your shloka

Credit to: shloka

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  1. very nice …
    happy ending ….i m waiting ur new ff ..

    1. Thanks …i will post first episode tomorrow..

  2. Nice swalak scens were awesome


  4. Awesome..ending was great

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