swaragini..main tujhe kitna chahta hu tu soch na sake..episode 14

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In maheshwari mansion.
Everyone is gathered to give blessing to ragini.
Ragini comes Down wearing a peach and pink color Saree.
Dp: so thanks to everyone who came to shower their blessings on my d-I-L
Swara: so lets start the party with a dance.
Everyone plz come on the dance floor.
Everyone dances…..
Party ends ………………
At night.
Ap: Swara Laksh u have to go to a village nearby.
Swara: village …but why ma.
Ap: because their is a marriage.
Swara: ok ma we’ll leave in morning.
Ap: no beta u need to leave right now.
Swara: now.ok I’ll tell Laksh to get ready.
In swalak room.
Swara: Laksh get ready.
Laksh: for what.
Swara: we have to go to a village nearby for marriage right now.
Laksh: ok.
They get ready and leave.

In car
Laksh: Swara what’s the name of villae.
Swara: I don’t know.
Lash : what.
Swara: yes.
Laksh: so how will we go.
Swara: mmm.we ‘ll go in this village see.there is some marriage also .it’s surely the one.
Laksh: ok .
They go there.( In wrong village)
Everyone stares at them .
Laksh: hello may we know that where do Mr.Hari lal lives.
Man: yes there.
Lash:athank u.
They go there.
Hari: who r u.
Laksh: vo we came from kolkata …..
The man sees Swara and thinks her to be the girl whom her mother selected for him and who were coming from kolkata. And Laksh his friend.
Hari: o so u r swara.( by chance that girls name is also Swara)
Swara: yes.
Hari: here u can sleep.as boys sleep out and girls in.
Swara and Laksh look at each other.
Laksh- Swara I think we came to wrong…
Swara: no Laksh …go and sleep.
Laksh: ok.
In morning.
Swara: so how is the preparation of mArriage going on.
Hari blushes: nice.
Swara: when is the marriage.
Hari- u will decide na.
Meanwhile Laksh comes.
Laksh: what’s happening outside.
Hari: vo a couple came to this village..they told the man that they r his guest so he thought the girl the one whom her mother selected and kept…so now when the truth is revealed..our villagers will not leave them.
Swalak socked .
Swara: ur surname is…
Hari: goplani.
Swalak look at each other in shock.
Swara: excuse me …
She takes Laksh aside.
Laksh: have u heard.
Swara: same is gonna happen with us.
Laksh- what to do.
Swara : I have a plan
Laksh- what.
Swara: I’ll act to be the same girl..whom he has selected…and then I’ll make him to reject me so that we can go.
Laksh- no u will act as her fiance never.
Swara: Laksh calm down.I love u.
Laksh: I love u too. But…
Swara: believe me.
Laksh nods.
Swara goes in
Swara : I wanna talk u …
Hari: speak .
Swara: not here.come with me.
Hari : ok.

Swara takes Hari to room.
She sits on bed with him.
Hari: u sit here I’ll sit on chair.
Swara: o baby don’t worry sit na.
Hari: I have some work I’ll return in some time.
Swara holds his hand.
Swara: I darling..come na.
Hari: I’ll return in 2 mins.
He rushes….Laksh comes in …
Laksh- Swara don’t go too close.
Swara: u r jealous…
Laksh: no.
Swara: don’t worry..
Laksh: ok.
In evening.Hari comes in house and sees Swara wearing hot pant and crop top.
Hari: what r u wearing.
Swara: I wear this only.
Hari: but…
Swara: what but.
She goes close to him and puts her hands on across his shoulders.
Swara: do u liked me.
Hari: yes.
Swara gets tensed.
Swara: o my baby.
Hari: Swara move away.
Swara : why sweetheart…
Swara makes him sit on bed.
And sits very close to him.he shifts Swara to goes closer…he keeps on shifting and Swara keeps on going closer…he stops when the bed end comes.
Swara holds his hand and keeps it on her waist.
Hari removes his hand.Swara again keeps it.
Swara : baby u know u r very good.
Laksh watching all this feels as he want to kill that Hari….
Swara keeps her head on his shoulder.
Hari stands up.
Swara lays on bed.
Swara: baby lift me in your hands na.
Hari: but.
Swara: plz sweet heart.
He lifts her up.
Laksh fumes in anger………
Laksh enters the room.
Hari keeps Swara down.and leaves the room.
Laksh: u r enjoying na
Swara:yes Its fun he is so cute.
Laks o he is cute Swara.
Swara runs and laksh follows her.
Swara: wait now Laksh it’s your turn
Laksh : yes

Preca p : not decided.

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