swaragini..main tujhe kitna chahta hu tu soch na sake..episode 13


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In morning.swalak room.
Laksh: I HAVE some work so I’m going…
Swara: fine come soon.
Laksh: if you want I’ll not go….
Swara: no no no plz go….
Laksh: but before that….
He goes near Swara and holds her and they kiss.
Swara: go Laksh.
Laksh: ok going.
He leaves.
A paper comes from window
Swara: what is this
She opens and reads.
Swara I love u……..
Your lover
Swara: who dare to do this
She goes downstairs and sit on sofa.then Bell rings.
Swara: coming.

A man holding a bouquet is standing….
Man: ma’am for u.
Swara sees a chit on it written meet me now or ur husband will be killed.
Swara gets tensed .She tries calling Laksh but his phone is switch off.
Rags: what happened shona
Swara: ragini .
She hugs rags and cries
Rags: shona why r u crying.
Swara tells her every thing.
Rags: don’t worry we’ll inform police.
Swara: no ragini we don’t have time .I’ll go.
Rags: ok I’ll also come with u.
Swara: no …I’m going
She leaves.
She reaches the godown .
Swara: is anyone here.I have came.plz leave my husband.
Suddenly she sees a man coming from front.
Man: Swara I loved u a lot but u married that Laksh.why Swara ..still today I’ll make u mine.
Swara: who r u.

She sees rahul and is shocked.
Swara: ra…hul.
Rahul: yes me I love u Swara.
Swara: u did this with me…
Rahul: yes because I love you..and today u will be mine..forever.
Swara: no never
Rahul holds her hand and pulls her to a room.
Rahul: will u be mine without force or with force
Swara: I’ll never be yours.
Rahil pushes her on bed and goes on her.
He holds her both hands and tries to kiss her but she turns away.
He kisses her on her neck.
Swara: leave me.
Rahul: never.
She pushes him and tries to run away but rahul holds her from back
He is about to kiss her on lips when Laksh comes and punches him from back
Laksh: I’ll not leave u today.
Swara: Laksh plz save me.
He holds her face and tells.
Laksh: Swara don’t worry I m here now.
They hugs.

Meanwhile sanskar reaches with police and takes rahul
Swara: I have never thought that my best friend will do this.
Laksh: don’t worry lets go home.
San: Swara u r fine na.
Swara nods.
San: that was good that we came home on time and when rags told us about u we came here searching for u.
Laksh: lets go home
They all reaches home.
Ragini: shona.ú r fine na.
Swara: yes.
They hug each other.

Rags: u sit here I’ll bring water
Rags was going towards kitchen when she faints.
Swara: ragini ..
San takes her to room and Laksh calls doc.
Doc checks ragini.
Doc: congratulations she is pregnant.
Swara: what wow..
San: means I’m going to become father…
Doc: yes.u need to take care of her.
Swara: sure doc.
Laksh: come I’ll leave u …..
They go in.
Swara: Ragini ragini ragini u r going to become mother..
Ragini nods.
Swara: sanskar u sit here I’ll come in five mins calling ma.
She goes downstairs.

On phone.
Swara: ma listen all of u plz come fast.it’s emergency.
Ap: what happened.
Swara: ma u just come home.
Ap: ok we will reach by evening.
Swara: ok ma.
In ragsan room.
Sanskar goes to ragini and kisses on her forehead and then on her stomach.
San: u made me the happiest person. Today.
Ragini smiles.

In evening.
All family memebers come and knock on door.
Swara opens the door.
Swara: ma u r coming now.we have so much work .a new member is coming..
Ap: what what have u just said.
Swara: yes ma ragini is pregnant.
Ap: really.
Swara: yes ma.
They all go to ragsan room.
Dp: May God bless you.
Rags: thanks papa.
Ap: I will be grandma.thanks ragini.
Dp: Laksh we Will do party tonight.go and make arrangements.
Laksh: Ofcourse dad.
Swalak arranges for party.

Precap: celebrations.
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