swaragini..main tujhe kitna chahta hu tu soch na sake..episode 12


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In morning……
In swalak room.
Swara: Laksh wake up …..
She goes to him to wake him up.
Swara: Laksh see the time…it’s 8 .wake up Laksh
Laksh holds her in his arms.They share an eyelock.
Swara: Laksh leave me ma is calling.
Laksh : no .
Swara: ma aap yahan.
Laksh leaves her and stands up.
Laksh: ma vo….

Swara laughs …
Swara : can u see her …
Laksh notices that she was not there.
Laksh: Swara …I’ll not leave u.
He runs behind her..They do a pillow fight and then Swara goes out of room.
Laksh: wait and watch Mrs.Laksh …
Everyone is taking breakfast….
Ap: Swara ragini today u with ur husbands have to go to a party.
Swara: whose party ma.
Dp: beta it’s my friends son reception party….They invited us all but as we all r going to our mama ji house we won’t be able to go…
Rags: sure papa.

On other side.
Ritika: sir we planned so much but that one competition …broke our all ideas.
Rahul: don’t worry….I’ll make Swara mine that also very soon…
Rahul: ritika today They are going to party…there u have to do something that will surely break all ties between them
Rituka: but what
Rahul tells her the plan.
Rit: sure sir.
In party.
Swara: wow a great party
Ragino: haan it s awesome…
Sanskar pulls ragini towards a pillar.
San: everything is good except…
Rags: except whtat.
San: me ..
Rags: what happened to u now
Sa : I’m dying for a kiss..

Rags: r u mad here…
San: so what.
Rags: if someone will see them
San: I’m romancing with my wife not with someone else..
Rags kiss him on his cheeks and leave.
Sa : ragini suno to.
Ragini tells no.
Swara: Laksh chalo vahan chale.
Laksh : chalenge par first say those 3 words…
Swara : to u never
Swalak r sitting when suddenly ritika comes there.
Swara thinks of a plan.
Swara: ritika come sit..here with ur Laksh
Laksh: tries to ask Swara what r u doing…
Ritika sits there and holds his hand
Laksh removes his hand from her hand.
Laksh: Swara wait.
He follows her.

Ritika: what is so special in her that he is not Leaving her.
Lights r off….dancers dance on subahallah..They pull Laksh Swara and ragsan.
Swalak and Ragsan r dancing when suddenly Swara leaves Laksh and pulls ritika to dance with him.
Laksh makes a questioning expression.
Swara laughs.and leaves Laksh follows her
Ritika goes to juice counter and add something in Laksh juice.she gives him that he is about to drink when a child comes and ask him to tie his lace he ties it.
Laksh again picks the glass and drink it.ritika watches this and then sends a chit to him written.
Want to meet u ..Swara in room 206.
Laksh goes there and sees that room is decorated but no one is there.suddenly someone locks the door and holds Laksh from back..it is ritika.
Laksh: o my wife is so romantic I was not knowing..
He kisses on her hand.and turns back he is shocked to see ritika there
Laksh: u.
Riti: yes I I love u Laksh and u r only mine.
Laksh: have u gone mad..leave me .

Laksh feels as everything around him is rotating…
Ritika pushes him on bed .he was not able to see properly and thought her To be swara.
She kisses him on his forehead and he holds her tightly.
Ritika: I love u.
Laksh: I love u too baby.
She stands up from there and goes to window to see if Swara is coming there or not..she sees that swara is just going to come …
Ritika: baby come na.
Laksh stands and goes towards her.
He holds her tightly and is about to do a lip lock when Swara comes and shouts Laksh.
Laksh looks at her.

Swara: Laksh what r u doing.
She have tears in her eyes.
Laksh: Swara u r here so she is..
She turns and then Laksh understand that she was ritika.
Ritika: so have u seen that ur husband is more close to me.
Swara sees that Laksh can’t even stand properly and understands everything.
She goes to ritika and gives her a tight slap.
Swara: leave .right now.
Ritika in anger leaves.

Swara: r u fine Laksh.
Laksh: yes.everything looks blurred.
Swara: don’t worry I’m there na.
They leave for home.
San: Swara what happened to Laksh.
Rags: why is he behaving so.
Swara tells everything to them.
Rags: I’ll not leave her.
San: we should file an f.I.r. against her.
Swara: no need.let’s go to home first.
They all leave for home.
In morning.
Laksh wakes and sees that Swara is sleeping on sofa.
Laksh: she is so cute.

He goes to her and kisses her on her forehead.
Swara smiles.
Swara: Laksh r u fine.
Laksh: Haan but I can’t remember everything.
Swara tells him everything what happened.
Laksh: o what I was going to do ?? Thank god u came on time otherwise..
Swara: that chipkali would have became my sautAn.
Laksh and Swara laughs.They hug each other.
On other side.
Rahul: today I’ll do something that after that Swara will be always mine.
Precap: suspense…

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