swaragini..main tujhe kitna chahta hu tu soch na sake..episode 11

Guys although I’m not getting enough comments but still I’ll continue it..till I get even 1 comment because atleat any one is happy ..and I can’t make someone sad…so keep reading
So here’s my 11 episode.
In party.
Laksh is dancing with ritika.Swara goes to him.
Swara: Laksh I wanna talk u .
Laksh: u go hotel tell rahul to drop u .we’ll talk there.
Swara gets disappointed.
Swara: rahul I don’t know what happened to Laksh.he is not even talking to me.
Rahul: what do u think
Swara: I think I have destroyed his life.I think I came between them.
Rahul: so.

Swara: I have to do something.
Rahul: why don’t u make him believe that u don’t care for him and u don’t wanna live with him.
Swara: but how
Rahul: we will show him that u luv me.
Swara: fine.
Rahul takes her to dance floor.They dances and Laksh watching them feel bad.
In swalak room.
Swa: Laksh .
Laksh: I’m feeling sleepy by the way we have tickets of tomorrow to Kolkata.
Swara: fine.
On other side ritika goes to his boss.
Rit : so sir we r very close to our success
The man turns and he is rahul.
Rahul: yes I loved Swara from childhood and she married that Laksh.
Ritika: don’t worry sir soon she ‘ll be urs
Rahul: she is mine only .
In Kolkata.
In maheshwari mansion.

Ap: how was ur trip .
Ragsan: exitedly very nice
Swalak: in a low tone : fine ma.
Ragsan smells something strange.
In swalak room.
Swara: Laksh do u like her.
Laksh: whom.
Swara: ritika .
Laksh was about to say no when remembers their plan.
Laksh: yes.
Laksh: do u like rahul.
Swara: n……yes.
They look each other share an intense eyelock…and leaves.
Swara: rags I m going to cafe.
Laksh: bhai I’m going to meet someone.
They leaves.
Ragini : there is something fishy.
San: yes they r not talkiNg to each other.
Ragini: have they fighted again
Sa : I’ll talk to Laksh.
Rags: and I’ll to Swara.

In cafe.on 1 table Laksh is sitting and on 1 Swara.
Swar : rahul see he is sitting with that ritika.she came here too.
Rahul keeps his hand on her hand.
Laksh sees this and fumes in anger.
Swar : I have to return his happiness.
Rahu : I’ll help u.see I have a plan.
Laksh: ritika what to do now.
Ritik : I have a plan.
Manager: every one plz come here .
Swara and rahul goes with rahul putting his hand around swaras waist.
Laksh seeing this stands up and goes there with ritika with his hand holding her waist tightly.
Swara sees this and feels bad.
Manager: we have organized a competition.
We will put all the boys name chit in one bowl and girls name in one bowl.then we will pick one from each and that boy has to propose that girl
Everyone claps and hoots….
Manager announces names.
Laksh and Swara are together.

Manager: lets get started…….
Everyone completes the task now Laksh and Swara turn
Laksh sits on knees and holds swaras hand.
Laksh: I know u r the most beautiful girl in world….but still will u be my love….I love u more than myself…can leave my life but not u ….u r more than anything for me..u r one for whom I can live ,die or kill ….I can’t promise u to give all comforts but I promise u that I’ll always give u love and happiness….I love u Swara…I always love u.
Swara nods and then they share a hug ….Everyone claps…They get into senses…
They r going towards the line when Laksh asks.
Laksh: Swara what I just told was the truth ..I love u.
Swara: what I told was a lie …never think this….I love u too.
They hold each other’s hand.
Manager: so the winners r Mr Laksh and miss Swara .
They go on the stage.
Manager: so Mr. Laksh and miss Swara what do u wanna say.
Swara: first of all I m not miss Swara I’m Mrs.Swara Laksh maheshwari ….
Everyone hoots…
Swara: just wanna say thank u.
They leave for home.
Rahul hearing all this ….leaves in anger.
Rahul: Laksh maheshwari I’ll not leave u…I’ll snatch Swara from u..
Swalak reaches home.
Ragini: Swara wanna talk to u..
Swara: what
Rags: is there some problems between u and Laksh.
Swara: we had a misunderstanding but today..
Rags: what..

Swara: he proposed me.
Rags: omg Swara finally…
Swaragini hugs.
Sanskar talking to Laksh.
San: Bhai r u not fine with Swara
Lash: who told.
San: I saw it ..
Laksh: Bhai i love her.
Sa : have u told her.
Laksh nods….
San: great.
In ragsan room.
Ragini: finally they have sorted their problems..
Sa : yes
Ragini is arranging clothes in cupboard.when sanskar comes and holds her from back and start kissing her on neck and cheeks.
He lifts her up and keeps on bed and then lights get switched off..

Precap= swalak romance….

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