swaragini..main tujhe kitna chahta hu tu soch na sake..episode 10


nowadays u all r not liking swalak ffs I suppose.because all the readers r not giving them respect …Guys plz they r all writing for their happiness plz don’t snatch it….
So here is my 10 th episode…….at hill
They r climbing.
Swara: Laksh….how much far is the hill top .
Laksh: how will I know …do I live here that I would be knowing.
Swara: haan u r totally useless.
Laksh: shut up.
Swara: u said shut up to me????
Laksh: can u see anyone else who is Swara.
They r fighting and Ragsan are confused seeing them like this.
San: Swara laksh leave it …u always keep on fighting.
Rag : fight in ur room.
Swalak nods.( very cutely).
At hill top.
Swara: ragini finally we r here.
Rags: it’s so beautiful…
Sans: u all must be tired na.
Laksh: Bhai is it something to ask??.
San: lets go and bring water and food for them.
Laksh: ok…
Sanlak r going .while Laksh hears a girl shouting.
Girl: bachao.bachao.
Laksh: Bhai u proceed I’ll just come.
San: but ..
Laksh leaves.

He sees a girl who is lying unconscious.
Laksh: omg .she is ritika.
Laksh: ab Kya ho gaya isse.
Laksh checks her and find that she is just unconscious.
He lift her in his arms and take her to swaragsan
Swara sees Laksh carrying ritika in arms.
Ritika wakes up and holds Laksh tightly.Laksh tries to keep her down but she is holding him tightly.
Swara: Laksh..
Laksh: Swara I saw her…
Ritika: and then my baby lifted me up in his arms.
Ritika steps down.
Laksh: no she is lying.she was lying there.so I thought to help her.
Swara: no need to tell a lie.
Ritika: haan Laksh don’t worry tell her the truth.
Swara: what truth.
Laksh: I have not hidden any truth from u.
Ritika: if u don’t want to tell ur wife.don’t tell but I’ll tell her the truth.
Swara: tell me.
Ritika: he was going somewhere with his bro and saw me and then came running to me and told..
Swara: what..
Ritika: that I’m too hot and very beautiful more than u too.
Laksh: why r u telling lie.
Swara starts laughing.
Swara: he told this….
Laksh: u r laughing.
Swar : ya because I was not knowing that ur eye sight is not good.
Ritika: he also told that he loves me.
Swara: o he loves u great than u two enjoy I’ll leave.she starts walking away in anger.
Seeing her going ritika leaves and Laksh follows her.
Swara: why m I angry .why do I care for him.wait Swara r u fine na u r jealous and that also for Laksh from ritika.no this can’t happen.
Laksh: Swara wait yaar she was telling a lie yaar I can never tell her that.
Swara: o and why so.
Laksh : because I ..
Laksh get into senses and understand thatwhat he was going to tell…
Swara: because u …

Laksh: I don’t like that chipkali.
Swara laughs.
Swar: first time u have told the truth….chipkali.
They both laugh.
Ragsan still confused that what’s going on there.
Ragini: I think there is something between them.
Sa : even I think so.
Rag: otherwise shona won’t be so angry
San: and Laksh would not have made so many petitions.
Rag: we have to find it out.

In hotel.
In swalak room.
The bell rings.
Swara: Laksh check who is there .
Laksh: m I ur servant u only go.
Swara: u Laksh…
Swara opens the door and finds rahul there.
Swara hugs him.
Rahul: how r u.
Swara: very fine.
Laksh: rahul how come u here.
Rahul: just thought to meet u both.
Laksh: come sit na.
Rahul: vo i came to ask if u both Will accompany me in the party.
Swara: party. Sure.
Laksh: of course we will come.
Rahul: so get ready we are going now.
They get ready.

In party
Swara: wow it s an awesome place.
Laksh: ya.
Rahul: Swara lets dance.
Swara: sure but …
She looks at laksh
Laksh: u both go …
Swara: fine.
Rahul and Swara dances….Laksh watching them.
Laksh: I think I came between two friends..but they don’t look like just friends there is surely something between them.
Laksh: I’ll unite them.but how.
Ritika: show them that u don’t care for Swara u love someone else.
Laksh: but how.
Ritika: I’m there na.
Laksh nods.
Laksh takes ritika to dance floor.
Swara: rahul see with whom is Laksh dancing.
Laksh dances very close with ritika .
Swara goes to washroom and ritika follows her.

In washroom.
Swara: u will not leave my husband na.
Ritika: your husband is my boyfriend.
Swara: what rubbish u r talking.
Riti: yes miss Swara.
Swara: not miss Swara I’m Mrs.Swara Laksh maheshwari.

Precap: not yet decided..
Hope u like it …

Credit to: shloka

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