Swaragini made rivanjali- OS- a token of gift by riya

For rivanjali ~~ love our triplet group.

Camera rolls.. Scene starts with an airport .. It’s the famous indira Gandhi national airport at Delhi.. Camera focuses on a girl who is coming on the ground floor via a ramp.. She moves down the escalator and we are able to see a better view of her.. She is wearing a pink gypsy top and black jeans with sporty shoes .. She looks sizzling good .. Nope ,… Nope.. She looks sizzling cute.. An aged lady passes by her and she politely moves to help her in carrying her hand luggage.. Then along with that lady she moves out of the terminal..

Old lady- beti!!! Thank u for helping me .. Now my daughter will come she will take me … What’s ur name child..

The girl- Me.. My name is Anjali.. And u don’t take tension.. I’ll be there till ur daughter doesn’t come here..

Old lady- ok Anjali.. U have a pretty name dear .. May god bless u.. Stay happy and stay blessed..

Soon , the old lady moves with her daughter.. And Anjali moves out of the airport.. As she turns , a girl comes and blindfold her..

The girl was wearing a red frock upto her calf portion with a blue open jacket and long boots …

The person ( trying to change his voice) – Guess who I am ..

Anjali- not again Eva.. Riya tell ur kiddo to remove her hands.. She will fall and will make me fall too..

Eva ( the girl who blindfolded Anjali) – haww.. Anjali .. U again got me.. That’s bad.. I thought to surprise u ..

Before Eva could continue, another girl engulfed them in a huge Beary, bone crushing hug. She was wearing a sleeveless jumpsuit of black colour with weird patterns on it and her stellitoes on it.. ( hehehe.. All are my favorite dress so mentioned it .. )

Eva and Anjali unison- riya … Jaan lo gi kya.. Chodo Hume

Riya- Anjali , I missed u so much sis.. (Whispering to anjali )Thank god u came .. How would I had managed kiddo alone

Eva- I heard tat .. U both are plotting against me .. Very bad.. Do I irritate u ??. ( both the girls shake their head) . Haww.. I won’t talk to u both ” with pouty face”

Riya and Anjali in unison- oh.. We see.. But what will happen with this dairymilk which we brought for Eva.. Let’s have it .. They pretend as if they are opening the wrapper of the chocolate.. Omg.. It’s so tasty

Eva- who told, I am angry with u both .. U both are so sweet just like chocolate..

Saying this she grabbed the chocolate in their hand and stuffed it in her sling bag.

Anjali and riya chuckled seeing this.. They always loved to tease their beloved younger sis whom they loved till infinity. The three shared a hug and then moved to explore their native place.. Delhi,, ( I wish that could be my birthplace but I live in Kolkata )

Anjali was the eldest in the trio.. Then came riya and youngest Eva.. Riya and Eva stayed in Delhi whereas Anjali was studying in madaras away from her sisses.. As the vacations started, the trio collected to have some fun.

In the car,
(The car was premium Mercedes Benz.. A convertible car… Class cla )

To the driver,

Anjali- Bhaiya.. Ye Ac kyu nahi chal raha hai..

Riya- Bhaiya.. Rear cooler on kariye

Eva- Bhaiya .. Window shields band kariye aur car upper kholiye

Anjali- Bhaiya .. App Ac band kariye aur window kholiye

Riya- no Bhaiya.. Open the Ac

Eva- no no open the upper shield..

The trio keep chattering.. Frustrated the driver says..

Driver- app log car chala lijye.. I am going by bus to house.. I will inform Bade Saahab that u all have gone for outing

rivanjali together- ohkk Bhaiya.. Aap jaiye

As the driver goes.. Riya jumps from the back seat to the driver seat.. Plucks the seatbelt .. Opens the car shield and starts the engine..

The trio laughs remembering their superficial acting, they did to make the driver go..

Eva- riya.. I want to also drive.. But u won’t let me do so because of the under 18 tag..

Anjali- and me too cause my license is not dere in the car..

Riya- accha ohkk .. I have my license so I am driving.. Anjali , next time don’t forget ur license and Kiddo, u need to wait 4 more years..

Evanjali- ok ok .. Devi .. Stop it pravachan now and increase the speed.

Riya- let’s rock my cat
And she increased the speed to 100.. ( don’t beat me for not following the rules.. But by the way I can do anything here.. After all This is Riya’s creation)

They reached a pain puri stall and all hopped out of the car.

Rivanjali- Bhaiya make spicy pani puri .. Give 10 patte and don’t stop..

The trio started their competition together and ended it also together.. They smiled seeing the scene..

Next, they moves to the mall, gip, great indian palace… They shopped and shopped and shopped.. From Mac make up products to damilano bags.. Dresses from mark Spencer’s to stelle shoes. They enjoyed and then their father send a man who took their goods to home..

And they moved to worlds of wonder which was situated inside the gip mall,( guys it’s a water park ).. They changed into their swimming costumes and leaped into the cool water.. When Eva felt thirsty, the trio came out of the water and moved to the filter.. As they stepped out , the three started dancing on their toes.. The ground was hot as a coal.. Their foot became red. They rushed and found a cool ground beneath.. It was more like a dance floor.. Water oozed out from ground.. Showers from above.. And loud song played.. They danced there till Riya saw something.. She held their hands and dragged them to a place… An artificial beach was constructed there with tides overflowing .. It was beautiful.. Life could not have been more good for them at that moment.. Suddenly anjali smirked, she had a mischievous plan in her mind.. She told Riya about it and both giggled while Eva looked on .. Riyanjali knew that Eva was damn scared of the slides.. And there they were on to do something notorious..

Riya: kiddo lets go upstairs there.. Wow that would be awesome.. It looks so beautiful..

Eva- ok .. Let’s go..

Riya winked at anjali and they moved upstairs.. Riya held Eva’s hand from one side and anjali held Eva’s other hand from other side

Riyanjali shouted 1, 2 ,3 and both jumped along with Eva on the slide and then straight into the pool.. Shocked Eva, shouted but these two people .. Heheehe u know them.. But Eva enjoyed it .. No doubt..

.. After a long day and night out , rivanjali came back to their house..
Tomorrow was an important day..

(Guess why.. Hehehe Anjali don’t bash me for doing so .. I am getting u married to vk.. Varun kapoor aka our Sanskaar.. It is a ts … But I will continue only if u say.. Eva don’t mind.. Thought to just surprise u both with this short writing..)

Hello people.. This is SHANAYA .. Riya’s bestie.. I have written this and posted This but each and every word written has come from Riya’s mouth.. It’s purely her work only my hands moved.. Thank u .. ??? hope u don’t mind using ur pic.

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  1. AWSM πŸ™‚

    1. Thank u arohi.. ??

    2. My buddies where are u.. For whom it has been written

  2. Awesome

    1. Thank u girly.. Loads of love.. Love u.. ??

      1. How are you now?

      2. Fine crazy girl.. I am better.. But all of them are not allowing me to do anything.. That’s why I ought to touch my phone secretly.. When noone’s around.. Heheheh

  3. First of all it’s not an os.. It’s a short story..

    Tellyupdates .. This is not the cover page I submitted .. Pls change

    1. Tellyupdates can the cover page be zoomed in… Pls do so.. Pls

  4. Awesome πŸ™‚ wow anjali will be lucky to get varun kapoor πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

    1. Hehe .. Yup anjali .. See now I am jealous.. ???

  5. I dk abt Anjali.. But i’m gonna “mind” coz me n VK is already married..hamara shaadi was made in heaven πŸ˜› lol… Wat wud b his real wife’s expression..jab usne accidentaly hamari yeh bakwas padi? ROFL thinking abt it…

    1. Hope.. Yea that’s true.. I guess she would stab us and poor vk.. He will be locked at home.. … Hahaha.. And about anjali.. I am not a varunholic.. Not at all .. I am Spurs sanskaarhilic.. That also for only sanskaar from anjali’s mmai .. Lol.. ??.. Then dhanya di has no rivalry with me.. Rest it’s all ur all problem.. I havee no work.. I am out of it,. Hehehe.. ?

    2. Ye kuch b ni h ji humne bakwaas ki hai uske samne… ???

      1. Seriously meher.. ??.. Lol.. ☺️☺️

  6. Riya..eisa maat karo…Anjali herself said ki woh mere Sanku ki behen hai…mera kya hoga phr..??? meh roh dungi..

    1. Eva.. Sorry dear u have to become underage sautan.. And here SANSKAAR will be ur jiju.. Si ye gandi gandi baatein dimag se nikal do

      1. Konsi gandi bateh? Meh underage sautan hu toh Sanskar mere jiju kese huye? Meri shadi useh hochukihay…..?? kisiseh bhi puchlo..??

      2. Par humane tumhari shaadi tod di.. I am against Baal vivah and as a consempation anjali is getting married to ur ex hisband aka vk

    2. Aree aree wait vk ki ek or wife b hai… Koi usse b puch lo… K use kon as a sautan n kon as a nanand chahiye ????

  7. Riya…??? best gift i have ever received…I love u sooo much…Rivanjali….awesome…my I shocked to see my pic as someone’s ff cover photo…thank u so much for this awesome gift..

    1. Kiddo… Thank u.. The cover page had the pic of all 3 of us.. But tu zoomed it and only ur image is clearly visible.. Sorry anjali.. Tu pls do something

      1. Hahaha..tu even knows that u love me more….?

      2. Yup I do love u more.. Love sho much.. ???

      3. But u r doing partiality..thats not good..i’m very angry right now…and don’t ask me why I’m angry..u should know that I have right to be angry as u r getting my husband married to my sis here..that too in my presence…I’ll now never talk to u regarding this matter…sorry but this time I’m actually hurt..

  8. Anjali with Vk then Eva with Namish?

    1. No ways niti.. I have clearly mentioned that she is of 14 years in the ff.. How can I get her married

  9. Riyaaaaa…… I can’t stop smiling….??????
    This was seriously the best gift ever….

    Love you…… sooo sooo much…

    And me getting married to vk….

    EEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKK…. I M SOOO EXCITED!!!!! ???????????????????

    Each and every scene was sooo cuteee…. plus I love m & s… one if my fave places to shop…???

    Reading this before exams…I swear I want to come over right now and give you a big big big hug….?????????

    Dude…. seriously… thank you sooo much for this love… I never expected anything like this…
    Aur underage sautan…??? see… I told u Riya will be on my side….??

    Lol… the choco incident was cute…

    Btw.. Eva told the same stuff to me on fb…???
    What a coincidence…

    Riya fb id de do pls…. we will chat and do masti there…???????

    Once again… love you…???????

    Take plenty of rest and don’t stress yourself….


    1. U r Vk’s sis haina? Toh abb how can u marry him??

      1. Niti…. Riya knows me so well… isiliye she made me his wife and not the two sautans…???

      2. Yes yes niti.. Anjali is rite.. I know she is a big SANSKAARholic so shadi to usi ki hogi

    2. Love u too.. I mentioned all my fav brands, clothings etc Etc in this.. It’s a great pleasure for me that I could make u both smile .. Love u too again.. And I actually didn’t get what Eva told u on fb.. On fb I am dere but I don’t have my personal account .. I use my friend’s account.. Y.. Because of that stalking problem.. Dad said to deactivate.. I’ll join fb soon.. ( secretly) and then we can have loads of chats

  10. It was osm..So cute.. A smile appeared on my face after reading this… It is full of sisterly bond n luv… ??
    . N I hv heard I mean read about u.. Get well soon..???
    Vese vk booked hai pehle se n.. Look underage sautan anjali ki ho gayi shadi… ???

    1. Bewakuv aurat woh tera bhi pati hai..mujhe tana marne seh kuch nehi hoga..

      1. Hehehe.. Eva.. I have never seen ur this shade.. U seem so cute

    2. Thank u meher.. I am very well .. But all have made me stick to bed.. That’s why see I have to hold my phone at night .. 12:30

    3. Meher…how come u r so happy? Tere eklaute pati ki tisri shadi horaho hai..

    4. Arre… meri so called sautans… dekho dekho….

      Sach kya h dekhlo…. tum dono sanskaar ke zindagi se chale jao….
      Let both if us live in peace…???

      But I love both of you… just don’t like u coming after my pati. ????

    5. Koi ni kavya.. Vo kitni bhi shadi kar le.. Pyar to sabse zada mere he karta hai… ? ?????

      1. Nehi nehi nehi…woh sabse zada pyar mujhse karta hai…

      2. Bachhe se pyaar karta hai ???

      3. Right meher.. Wo Eva ko apni beti maan sakta hai.. I’ll also cheer him more for doing so

      4. Mein bacchi nehi hu..i’m gonna be 15 within next 6 days..mujhe bacchi samjhega toh tumhr aur Anjali Ko behen samjhega..

      5. Eva and Meher…u both don’t worry I’ll write one os with true facts?

      6. Aww meri underage sautan… ????

        Thnku sasuma ?

  11. Ohoooo.relations r so confusing…see now I’m confused…Eva meri bahu hay..Meher bhi meri bahu hai..par Anjali toh…meri beti hai…as far as I know…Anjali toh Sanskar ki behen hai??? Meher Ko yeh parna chahiye jalbunke raq hojayegi??

    1. Mummy ji. M rakh hi hongi riya ko kuch pta nhi hai.. Use mi pta na ki anjali ne sanskar ko bhai bna Lia hai… ?????

      1. Correct.. Warna bhai aur behan ki shaadi kaun karata hai

    2. Mugdha.. Ehen did all this happen.. Kiddo when did u marry and anjali when did u tie rakhi ti vk.. All are so bad .. No one told me.. I think never is the writer of Kuch iss tarah and a smile that has stolen my heart.. Guys I am also in the group .. Don’t forget me.. I’ll become vk’s second sister.. Pucca

      1. It’s meher and not never.. So many typo errors.. Forgive

      2. Riya… in logon ne mujhe vk ki maasi saas bana diya…??????

        So I told them ki no saas vaas… ill be his sister…and whoever (the two wait and) spoils me the most…. ill support them ????

        Par iss story me, I’m vk’s wife….??????????

      3. Sautans… not wait and…

      4. Ohoooo…kitni acchi family bangayi meri….ek sautan,ek mammiji aur doh nanand….

    3. Riya ye sab tab hua jb tu nahi thi.. Dekh le.. Anjali ne kya kia.. Bhen ban gai?? n hello nanand ji.. M ur bhabhi… ??

      Are haan mai wai meher hoon.. ????

      1. Meher bhabhi Ji amd anjali bhabi Ji are rge two sautans.. Kiddo u r the bachha.. Mugdha I r their saas.. And I am the nanand.. That’s all … So everyone now no confusion.. Jehehe.. ??

      2. Sorry about that dear…my daughters in law r Meher and Eva..i don’t care about age..cause it was a bal vivah…Anjali is Sanskar sis only…we three made this family..and Anjali ki 18 also…i guess 18 years difference..Eva being bacchi…Varun can’t have a bacchi of 14…u r thinking practically…so I thought to make u understand everything practically only…

      3. Typing error..that 8 years difference not 18??

  12. Your kiddo got married in your absence ??..now she is Eva Sanskar Maheshwari…lol..and Meher also…

    1. Sahi.. Really.. Thank u for telling.. But I am against Baal vivah.. I’ll lodge a police complaint

    2. Humara sautan vs sautan itta famous ho gya hai kya ????

      1. Ra sacchi….Eva Sanskar Maheshwari lol…..Riya mera bal vivah huya hai police complaint karo ya kuch aur yeh sach toh badal hi nehi sakta…..Anjali tumhari underage bhabi hu mein…samajlo…

  13. Jao sabse kattii..kisise baat nehi karungi…sab mujhe chirahrahe hai….Anjali mera pati legayi…???

    1. Eva.. Tum Chinta mat karo.. Hum tumhare liye aur accha pati dhoonde ge.. Promise

    2. Awww….. baby sis…. ??

    3. Bewakoof kaise le k jyegi vo.. Vo bhn hai vk ki.. Bhn bhai ko le ja sakti hai ???

    4. I’m still crying…ja!!! batanahi nehi chahiye tha kabhi ki mein 14 hu…

      1. Eva u r not underage sautan.. U r ur .. My bhai’s daughter.. Hehehe.. ???

      2. Ye kab hua.. ?? ok wait.. That was bal vivah na.. Not bal raksha bandhan ?

  14. Aur ha…let me tell u all I’m Meher’s underage sautan..

    1. What does underage Sautan means.. Pls explain

    2. Yeah meri underage sautan…

      Look Eva is underage cz she is not 18 n she is my sautan cz of bal vivah with vk????

      1. Meher that was cool.. Nice name.. Who suggested??

      2. Obviously me ???

  15. Wow,rivanjali!!! Great job riya.Welcome back . You are fit now?

    1. Yea uma.. I am better dear.. But lol.. As I said before .. No one is allowing me to do anything.. So I am using tu secretly

  16. Tu zoom in the cover page image

  17. Riya haam ek family banachuke hai yaha..mein Sanskar ki ma hu.Eva aur Meher uski wives..aur Anjali josse yum usko shadi karana chati ho woh Sanskar ki behen hai..ghore kaliyug hai bhai..???

    1. Sahi kaha mummy ji ????

    2. All of u listen carefully.. In this family.. I have made some changes.. All need to listen it.. Order order.. Warna Mai gussa ho jaaongi.. Kisi se baat nahi karungi.. Katti ho jaaongi.. ??

      1. Kya changes.. M or meri underage sautan we both should remain his wives that’s it

  18. Yoyo….Eva darling Anjali tera pati legayi…..??? Tu abb underage sautan nehi rahi..?

    1. Btw Eva keliye kya serf padai hii hai?koi hero nehi? ?

      1. Shut up Kayra..mujhe tease karna bandh kar….warna meh…umm…ha tujhe meri masi sasuma banah dungi….

  19. Like ago is baby.. I am going to sleep now otherwise if someone gets to know then I am so dead

  20. awesome update yaar really luved it riya

    1. Thank u sanchami.. Love u loads.. ?????????????

  21. Aww! My sister getting married to my dream man. Chal maaf kiya anju. ??
    Riya! Idk u personally. But ur so sweet, that’s what I can guess through this. ??

    1. Ikr…. see…. u can be my bridesmaid…. aur vaise bhi… I can’t get married to him….

      You are underage….???

      Riya is really really sweet na….????

      1. Anjali.. Lol.. U all have got too good sense of humour.. Am I sweet?? Itni acchi acchi baatein.. Lucky me

    2. Correction anu.. Vk is married he has 2 wives n anjali is his sister ??

      1. Bahut hua yeah saas bahu drama.. Look at the number of comments.. All thanks to saas bahu and varun kapoor.. Hehehe

    3. Thank u Anu.. Loads of hugs.. ???.. I love ur fanfics dear .. They are incredibly amazing.. And U r even very beautiful.. ??

  22. Seriously nizz….rivanjali

    1. Thank u sherin.. ???

  23. Ok..fine..Riya is one of my coolest friend I have here…but today u wanted to make some changes…i can’t bash u cause i love u..u r making some changes..in the family group..so I’m leaving from this group…i can never accept this being Sanky’s daughter or sis…bye Meher,Riya,Anjali,Mugdha….I love u all…but I am really hurt…and yeah Riya I’m just 3 years younger to u all…u all proved that age matters in friendship…no one can understand me…now..everyone is now taunting me…i can handle unknown people’s bashing but not this…

    1. Kya hua underage sautan ????
      Mat Ja ??????
      Tujhe kisne kaha k tu beti hai!!! . ????
      Tere bina ye sautan vs sautan nahi rahega ??????

      Ye sab hone se pehle se site crash q nhi ho gai… Hey bhagwan ???????????

    2. Eva…please don’t do this…and if u stick to your decision then I’m also leaving…cause u r Meher r my besties here…both of u matter to me..for u both mein mammiji bannekeliye bhi taiyar hogayi ..anyways…i love u yaar don’t leave…I promise we won’t make any changes…but please don’t leave..

    3. Exactly evu… I don’t want anyone esle as my sautan… Dekh humne mill k ek sautan ko saas bna dia n ek sautan ko bhn… Mt ja na…. ?????

      1. Yaha sab uska mazak urarahe hai….Riya is a good friend of hers right?Accha nehi kiya yaar meri Evu tumhari wajaseh chali gayi….if u think about age then i’m elder to u and Anjali….age doesn’t matter…we were just having fun…your practical thinking…….if u think about age then i’m the most perfect one among all cause we have the least age difference..i’m 21…and the most important thing..Varun is married…that’s what u call reality…its is for fun…reality agar yeh hai ki Eva useh kafi choti hai toh pher yeh bhi hai ki Varun is married.i’m the sasuma….u came back and changed everything….doing partiality between your two friends….acchi baat nehi hai yeh…don’t get her married to VK in your ff…that’s not the prob…the prob is u r calling her Varun’s bacchi….

      2. Mugdha di.. This is shanaya… Riya’s friend.. I understand what u r saying.. But if u see from Riya’s side she is not at fault.. Unintentionally Eva has been hurt by Riya.. And she is almost on the verge of crying.. Even she is not thinking practically.. She was also joking.. In fact if u have read the message then u will get clearly.. Riya never ever wanted to hurt her.. Neither she wanted to make changes nor she is doing partiality.. Pls she just had an operation.. And from where did the age factor come.. She was just joking guys.. She knows very well that vk is married.. And making Eva her kid or something.. She thought it a silly joke .. A silly thing and posted it.. If one makes it practical .. I can’t say anything.. Sorry mughda di .. No offence.. Just that I know Riya from childhood.. She never does any age difference.. U all know her sister misha.. Rite.. She is of Eva’s age.. And she allows her to use her phone or another any thing…. She even plays with small kid.. Then from where the hell did the age point come.. She was sobbing when she read this.. And Eva.. I have nothing much to say for u .. Just that if u felt bad .. We are extremely sorry.. And Riya loves her kiddo so much.. And it was just playing up yaar.. Neither is she getting u married nor anjali in her ff..
        Mugdha di.. I am really sorry but Riya is really hurt by ur comment.. She was excited to narrate the second part.. But now she is all dull

    4. Eva .. Sorry .. Sorry .. I was just joking.. In fact in my storyline SWARA is only getting married to SANSKAAR.. That is vk is getting married to helly.. So sorry.. We were just teasing u.. I won’t make any changes.. It was just a joke.. I thought that I’ll tell u today and will stop all this.. It was just that anjali told me that she likes vk so much … So I thought to just prank.. None’s taunting u .. U will always be a part of our family… Don’t leave.. See I am crying.. Pls .. Pls u know na I am sensitive queen.. Pls.. Sorry
      (Written by SHANAYA)

      Eva.. Riya never underestimated u .. Never ever.. She did not have a single idea of this saas bahu game.. She wrote about anjali because once anjali told her that she liked vk..she had no idea that u also.. Morever she was just teasing and playing up when she got little info about this.. I only told her as I read meher’s ff.. Pls don’t go.. Riya never wanted to make changes.. She toh told me that today afternoon I ought to message in the group that she is not getting vk Marrried to anjali and she was joking.. Pls she is very sad.. Not good for her health.. Forgive her

      1. Her storyline was that the three triplets would go to the wedding of swasan where we will see more sisterly moments.. Nowhere she was putting anjali’ marriage she was just joking and u all took it damn seriously.. Sorry if I have hurt anyone with my comment

      2. I’ll clearly tell her storyline.. In first chap she wanted to have an intro of 3.. In second she wanted to start with the night bedroom scene when the 3 will receive a call from SWARA who would invite them for swasan wedding. A curious Eva would ask their love story and SWARA will tell swasan love story .. Last chapter they will assemble at swasan’ wedding where they will have some sisterly moments and together they would see some swasan moments.. Basically thus was her storyline.. And anjali’ point she just added for fun.. Had she known about u all and that this small prank of hers will become such a big issue.. She shan’t have done it only.. Can u pls tell me what is her mistake in all this..

    5. Evuuu look sab terko miss kar re hai… Aaja… Vapas… Pakka next tym jokes will be in limit bt aaja… ??

      1. Pls come back Eva.. It’s me Riya.. And go to hell shanaya.. Don’t read her comments.. She has got some mental disease that’s why she has messaged such long long idiotic comments.. Just come back.. ??????

      2. We all are sorry evuuu aajaa

    6. Shanaya….Riya…I’m Sanjana,Janvi/Eva’s school friend….i don’t know what exactly happened here….but Shanaya……u think that your friend got hurt..i even feel the same….i’m a silent reader of all the ffs….i have never commented..not even in Janvi’s ff..Janvi suggested me to visit this site….she doesn’t even know that i’m in tu….Riya loves her kiddo…..ya Janvi said that someone here calls her kiddo….she is a 14 years old girl…..u people r elder to her…u know what…..she told me about this shot…she send me the link in fb of this….i read it….and i could feel her happiness…..just then everyone started to taunting her…telling her that she is very young..and all….this was for fun only….i’m of her age so i understand…btw she left already…i guess maybe she’ll be back when our exams end(She is a nerd)….maybe middle of june and won’t comment anymore(That’s what she said to me)…..Meher,Mugdha,Riya and Anjali…..i heard a lot about u all….please never hurt her..that’s a request…..she can handle some rude things…but she can’t handle it when her dear ones play like this…Janvi if u r seeing this by any chance then please don’t be angry on me for talking in between..but i can’t see this.Shanaya is supporting her friend..so i need to support my friend.Riya was that u who had brain tumor?

      1. Sanjana…then can u please ask her to talk to us for once…i know studies r very important but still…shr has many friends here eagerly waiting for her reply…and Shanaya..i’m sorry if Riya is hurt..I have seen many situations like this..that’s why I knew it from before that something like this is going to happen…a small issue will turn into a big one..Riya is one of the closest friend of Eva….u don’t actually know human mind…Eva took it seriously…think about it..aagar tum hoti toh tum hi aisahi karti….when u would be called your fav actor’s child…and everyone else mock at u…that hurts..Riya sweetheart don’t be hurt..Eva will be back..she has too..

      2. Yr I agree things went too far in jokes… But the main thing is we all are already missing her..n no one wants to hurt her.. She is such a loving girl… No one is enjoying… U just bring her back n I promise no one will tease her or taunt her… But bring her back… Only u can change her mind… Plzzzz bring her back..

        We all will take care of this.. Bt plz evuuu vapas aaja.. .

      3. Meher di,Mugdha di..I asked her to come back..she said that she’ll come straight on 7th…she said that she promised to write something on 7th…I said na she is a nerd….she did not leave tu..she just said that she left your group…

      4. Sanjana.. Pls pls ask evu to come back.. Say to kiddo that riya is missing her so much.. Once explain her the condition here.. Tell her PLS.. ATLEAST make her read my message.. And shanaya.. I’ll kill u .. Who said to post all this.. Arey my bestie.. I know u love me so much but I could have handled it alone na. .. I know we have Hurt her so much.. Just tell her that I wasnt favouring anjali.. Make her read my storyline.. I know I can’t do much.. But I miss u Eva.. Kiddo I am really sorry.. I don’t know u r a nerd or not but I am the biggest nerd .. This is what people say when I sit studying., but I am there on Tu.. I come just because of u ,u and u .. And now u ought to come for me.. Pls

    7. Woahhhhh…… I went for my exam and all this has happened??? ????

      Eva sweety. Sorry…. don’t be upset….
      You have fun with ur sautan… I already told u… me vk’s sister…. chill….

      If u felt bad by what I said…sorry…. an smile pleaseeeee. ?????

      Riya…. u also don’t be hurt….

      Lets all forgive and forget everything….????

      Idk what else to tell…????

      1. Evu… Look sab chilla rahe hai tere liye… We will start a new family.. Sab kuch new…
        N sanju dear use bol na k 7 tk to sab pagal ho jynge… 14 days koi mazak ni hai.. ????

      2. idk what to do.. It’s my fault only.. Not anyone’s else.. I came and created this mess.. Unknowingly, I have hurt Eva to such an extent that she left commenting in her own group,, mugdha di is right.. Guys pls u all patch up .. I realize that it’s my mistake and I am quitting from this group .. U all continue as u were.. Waise bhi my head pain has increased from the time , I have started using or typing from my phone so it would be better I quit.. And pls whoever reads it , from the group ., don’t u dare think that I am leaving because of u all.. I am leaving because my head pain and muscle cramps are increasing.. That means dose of medicines increasing… Then harmful to health and then more injections.. And I hate injections .. For all This I would tend to murder the doctor and I’ll end up in prison.. So better I leave it.. Love u all and Eva .. I am really sorry.. Kiddo I am really sorry.. Trust me age never mattered to me.. Never ever.. ???

      3. Yeh ladki kabhi nehi sudregi…she is not answering my calls and not replying also..I’m so sure that this girl has no idea about this mahabharat..else she would have replied…people chill..she’ll be back…I’m sure…

      4. Now enough… !!! We are not playing leaving leaving…. !! ??

        Koi kahi nhi ja raha?… Apne zara zara se dimag me zor mat do koi… !!!

        We will start a new family… I mean new game… Something like sautan vs sautan 2….

        Let Eva reply once…

        Sanku that we know she will come but we want her now…

        I desperately agree with anjali…

        Lets forgive and forget…. Lets start new…

      5. Bas… no one is leaving…. we were a triplet…. now u both will leave me??

        No… I don’t allow it… I won’t allow it… my eva has to come.back… and riya… u can take all the time in the world to get better… but not quit this group

        Friendship isn’t something that you quit….

  24. I realy wasted my time reading this how there be any competition between Anjali and swara seriously total waste of time

    1. Batane Ki koi zarurat nehi thi yeh..no one asked for your opinion…Anjali Swara seh kaam nehi hai..

    2. Swasan .. We all are swasanians.. U can’t compare one person with another.. U can criticize me but not anyone else for something which had been posted by me

  25. Even the next part has been written.. I was about to post but before that thought of checking the comment.. And she felt very bad seeing the situation

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