Swaragini made rivanjali Os series 02 – a token of gift by riya


It was evening 6 pm.. After all the fun and drama.. Rivanjali laid on their beds to get a peaceful sleep.. It was a master bedroom.. Having three large beds .. Their names were described on each bed with floral patterns on the background..

Riyanjali were fast asleep while Eva smirked lightly.. She squealed as she got a perfect plan to take revenge from her elder sisters..

She moved to the bathroom and took two mugs of ice chilled water and poured it on both their heads..

First, woke riya with a loud shout and next woke anjali ,throwing a pillow at them. And this lead to the Great War of pillow between the trio.. Unlike, movies there room weren’t filled with the cotton fluffs..

They stopped at the ring of bell at Riya’s cell.. She peeped to see and it was her friend’s swara’s call..

She immediately received it and kept it on speaker , inviting both evanjali to talk to them..

Swara- hello , rivanjali.. How are u all?? I know u must be fighting.. I called u to inform that u have to attend my marriage.. It’s in Delhi only .. U all only..

Anjali- wah wah khule aam hamari bezatti..

Riya- we all will come y not.. Par I am very happy ti tumhari shaadi sanskaar se finally ho rahi hai..

Eva- ye Sab chodo.. Swara aap apne lovestory ke baare me bataao.. In logon ki baatein chodo..

Swara- yes Eva.. Of course I’ll tell u.. I won’t listen the talk of these two Devils..

Swava giggles while riyanjali glared at her..

Swara- so here we start…
Sanskaar and my family were friends from childhood…. Our houses were just beside each other.. From beginning my best friend was laksh, sanskaar’s younger brother , actually difference of just 1 month is there between them.. While Sanskaar and me were brutal enemies .. I never ever liked him.. Everything was going well .. When I was 10 and sanlak were 12, some scandal happened in our family’s company and papa thought that it was done by Sanskaar’s family.. Papa suffered a huge loss and we had to leave our place and go.. Our rich lifestyle was gone and we led our life like common people.. Sanskaar’s father tried hard but he couldn’t get any clue of us.. When I grew 20 and simultaneously sanlak 22, all misunderstandings were clear.. It was Sanskaar who made papa know that the scandal was not done by his father but a common rival of their company.. All were very happy .. They fixed my and laksh’s wedding.. My happiness had also no bounds but everything again ruined.. Just I hour before the wedding, laksh eloped from the marriage with ragini, my best friend.. My dreams fell apart.. Tears had no bound..

Papa was extremely angry .. He went to sanskaar’s father and demanded for an explanation, an exoneration.. Sanskaar’s father told that instead of laksh , Sanskaar would marry me.. I was shocked.. How can I??? With a short conversation with Sanskaar, we agreed to marry each other.. We could not let the two families separate.. Even if we had to sell our happiness, our contentment for it.. I was married to Sanskaar.. Even after knowing that I am his wife, he never forced me… He didn’t even sleep on the bed with me.. He slept on the couch which was highly uncomfortable.. Slowly, slowly, I started to fall for him but I had no idea about his feelings.. So I never spoke to him .. I acted as a best friend but it was becoming too hard for me now.. 2 months were spent like this.. One day, one of sanskaar’s business rival kidnapped me.. It was devastating.. He tried to touch me but Sanskaar saved me at the right moment.. The fear of losing led to our confession.. And now happily ever after and our remarriage now…

Eva- accha, Di tell did jiju kiss u also..

Swara- haaa, of course .. ( suddenly realizing) what!!!

This time rivanjali giggled while Swara glared through phone..

Riya- acha accha, now don’t blush like a red tomato .. Jiju will get flat on seeing u.. Plz

Anjali- chodo chodo.. Tum log meri Swara ko pareshan karna band Karo..

Swara- love u Anjali..

Anjali- pata chala jiju room me hi ho. Humari baatein sun rahe ho… Accha nahi lagega yaar..

Swara- Anjali!!! U also ..

Rivanjali- accha .. Sorry we will pucca come for ur wedding.. Till then u enjoy with Jiju .. Bi

And they cut the call, leaving Swara fuming and they, laughing like maniacs..

Next day at evening, all go to get ready…

First Eva gets ready.. She wore a pink with lehenga with the chunni pinned up infront straight at the right side..

Second came Anjali who wore a blue green lehenga more like a choli and the chunni draped in Rajasthani style.

Riya came out last.. She wore a wine coloured half saree with golden and silver work on it..

All set and ready .. They moved to the maheswari mansion to attend the wedding

Credit to: Riya

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  1. Awesome 😀 😉

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    I am sorry can’t understand anything

    1. I read the first part now I understood now. Nice one

  3. awesome…

  4. Riya..sweety..I’m so sorry. I was rude I guess…but I tried yo point out anyone’s general feeling at that situation…Eva is a young girl…anyone would feel bad if mocked..so being a sasuma? (still in the character)I said all that..sorry once again..

    1. Mugdha di.. Actually I am sorry.. Riya won’t commen from now.. She was debarred from using phone.. But she used and it had a bad impact on her.. When I came to know she messaged on tu .. I informed uncle.. I didnt tell her that I informed her father and I messaged on the page so that she may not comment now and be silent .. Not to use the gadgets.. I didn’t say anything to u all so that a scene may not be created.. But it had a serous impact on her health.. I don’t know how could she be so he’ll careless… She had to be given extra strong steroids and is unconscious and is kept under observation .. And the nurse has got good amount of scoldings

    2. Mummy ji.. Everything will be fine… Meri underage sautan and nanand ji will soon be theek theek… U don’t worry… It will take time only…

      I wish sanskar hote yaha.. ??

  5. Awesomely Superb

  6. Actually what is happening here…

  7. Super fun episode…???

    How we all irritated her…. poor swara…

    And their story too is so cuteee… my jiju is gonna look sooo handsome…??

  8. Awsm.Aww, three devils ke beech me bechari swara paas gayi, lol.Get well soon.

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  10. Hey riya.. That was an awesome update.. Poor swara.. I must say u r so beautiful.. I checked the cover page .. lol. .. Are u trying to compete with HELLY shah for varun kapoor.. Hope he chooses u.. Lol

  11. Shanaya… how is Riya now?? Is she fine?? No word from anyone nowadays… ?????

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