Swaragini (a luv story and sweet nok jhok between ragsan and swalak) Part-7


Guys u don’t like this story then pls tell me .I know I m not good writer.
But I m big fan of ragsan.I know ff likne ke liye abhi Mein bahut chhoti Hu .But this is my passion.
Mein apke har comments ka screen shots liketi Hu because ur comments give me strength so please guys give me ur feedback.

Flight ✈ landing in Goa.
Ragsan apne luggage utha kar princi sir ke car ? me rakhte h.princi sir say ragsan u both seat on back seat ? of car.they nods.
They both ignore each other.suddenly car ? driver jor Ki break lagata h rags get scared ? she close her eyes ? tightly and hold sanky hand tightly.sanky look at rags continusely.
Rags open her eyes slowly slowly and she look at sanky Jo abhi bhi rags ko dekh Rath both share an eye lock song played in background tere hoke rahenge .
Princi sir – don’t worry ragsan we r safe.samne se ek fast speed me chalti hui gadi aai jiske chalte yeh Hua .sanky jerks rags .
Sanky – o miss akadu just leave my hand.I know I m hot but that’s not mean u hold my hand.
Rags – I m also not interested in u .ok Mr angry ? young man.
And she turns her face angrily.
They reach hotel.
Princi sir – tum dono apne room ka key lo or freash hoke ajao Hume apne set dekne Jana hai.both nodes and leave .
Swara – mom Mein clg ke liye nikl rahi because I m getting late 4 clg .
Ok byeee .

Sumi – byee & take care beta.
Swara reaches clg .
Swara and her friends going to class.swara just stunned seeing this .All class room .decorated by flower with sry notes for swara.
Swara – yeh kisne Diya ???
Lucky – meine plsssssss swara forgive me .meine Jo kiya apne bhai ke liye kyuki Mein apne bhai se bahut pyar Karta Hu .jaise tum apni sis se karti Ho .
He is saying all this is in one breath.
Swara.- Smile ? on him and say its ok ? lucky.I also want to say sorry because Mein bhi tumhe bahut data. Sry lucky she is looking very innocent .
Lucky – its ok swara..kya hm ab frnds ban sakte h .
Swara- ofcourse
Then they both shake hands.lakshay smirks at swara.
(Rohit he loves swara a lot)

Rohit looking all this from outside.he tells himself swara u only mine.Mein tumhe kise ke sath nahi dekh sakta Hu .i will not leave u.(this role played by yuraaj frm tasne ishq)
Lucky – swara aaj party h tm aogi na plss awara.
Swara- hesitantly say ok I will try.

Sanky on phon – Rishab Meine tum se Jo kaha h o Ho jayega na .
Rishab – yeah .
After sometime
Sanky and princi sir waiting for rags .sanky wearing white t shirt with blue blazer and black jeans.he is looking very handsome.
Rags coming from downstairs.
Sanky mesmerized seeing her beauty.
Rags wearing pink colour gown .her hair is hangin on shoulder.she is wearing high heels belly.she is looking gorgeous.
Sanky itself sansky wow she is looking very beautiful.but I can’t forget her slap.i want to take revenge.
Ragsanpricisii leaves together.
They all reach on the set.
Rags – sir its very beautiful set.
Sanky – yeah sir its fabulous.
Rags – sir can I take some photos from outside of set.
Princi sir – ofcourse rags.go

Rags – thank u sir .
She comes out side.&she is busy in taking photos.some goons come and put the cloth on her mouth ?.
And kidnaps her .
Rags struggling in car an d saying leave me u don’t know who m I.
Sanky simrks seeing this & say this is answer of ur slap.
Goons ties rags to ropes.and saybto shoutting for help ..sanky also come there ad seeing this and say to hiself miss akadu Ki ab dimang tikane aayegi .
Rags – I m very thirsty plsss give me water.
Goons – take it
Rags – how ?????? My hand ties with rope then how can I drink plsss free my hand for some minutes.
Goons – nono we can’t wtake any risk agar bhag gayi tum toh
Rags – how can I ranawyay from here.ap log itne sare Ho or Mein akeli.
Sanky si sign them( he is behind the gate) open her hand .
goons – ok .& hone goon free her hand .
rags pretend tat she is drinking water and throw on them andstart fighting with goons ..sanky all this watches in shocked position .
Goons – u cheated us

Rags – this is not called cheating its a use of mind Jo tum log ke pas nahi h I m champion in karata.
She continuously beting them .all goon r runaway from there .
Sanky – wids wides eyes and say baap re yeh ladki k h yaa kya .maine goons ko isko kidnapped ke liye bulaya tha or isne itne sare goons ko akele pit Diya .
Rags coming out from that house ?.rags jaise bhar ati h rags falls because of stone Jo uske per Ki niche agya tha.sanky seeing this and simrks and say god help me akhir tumhe punish god ne kar hi Diya
rags leg got twisted rags unable to standing on her leg she shouts because of pain.sanky seeing this he feel bad for her .he come nearbto her she is shocked seeing him and say u .
Rags – wht r u doing here I no tumne meri kidnapping karai thi
Sanky – r u mad Mein Q aisa karunga.i m not stoop so low like u .
Rags – u r cheap not me .she tries to stand up but she realize her pain and about to fall down
Then sanskar hold her they share sweet eye lock.song played in background tumhe apna bane Ki kasam khai h kahi h.then they realize their closseness .rags – I no
U have done this to take revenge from me .
Sanky – just setup rags .shak karne Ki bhi limit hoti h .mein tumhri help kar rahu or tum muj pe Baras rahi Ho.rags tries to stand up but sh again fails sanky hold her in arm .
rags – how dare u touch me .
Sanky just setup akadu nahi toh Mein tumhe yahi choddunga .

Swara coming for party she is wearing green colour gown & left her hair open she is first time wearing western dress ? because of her frnd.
Swara enter in party all r mesmerize seeing her beauty.lakshay sayvto her sab ka jaan lene ka irada h kyamiss golds
Wara – just setup lucky.( in smile tone )
Lakshay say lets start drink.
swara – I m not drinking wine .
Lucky – I m only say cold drink .i made this drink especially 4 u .
Swara – really lucky
Lucky -yeah
swara – awwwwww so sweet .
Swara drinks cold drink.
lakshay smirks seeing this.
Swara – lucky mujhe chakar kuy aa raha hai .lucky kahi tumne isme wine ? toh nahi milaya tha
lucky – no no swara yeh kya kah rahi Ho .
Screen freezes on lucky shocked face .

Precap- Rohit misbehaving with swara.lucky save her and some romantic moments share with each other.
Gusss pls comments karo.

Credit to: Manvi

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