Swaragini (a luv story and sweet nok jhok between ragsan and swalak) Part-6

I hope this episode u enjoy.
Swara – o Mr lucky I m not miss gold my name is swara not gold.
Lucky – r u stupid swara ??? Shona means gold then I call u gold .
Swara – just setup lucky .
Sanky – Swara tumhe bhi kise ke sath rahkar fighting karne Ki adadt lag gayi h.( pointing on rags) .
Rags – wht do u mean Mr prankstar.I am fighter .look at ur self u r so cheap person always flirting with girls.
Sanky – I think u jealous right rags.
Rags – why I feel jealous.I m so hot . And u look like a donkey.
Sanky – u …. How dare u .uu call me donkey then who r u …..chuhiya.
Rags – I just kill u sanky how dare u . Ucall me chuhiya.
Sanky – yes u r chuhiya , chipkali ( lizard) …bhutni…..
Rags- sanky just stop it tumhe nahi pata Mein guse me kya kardungi.
Sanky – u cant do anything chuhiya …..chuhiya ..
Just rags give him tight slap all r just stunned.
Sanky hold Ragini shoulder tightly and say .I don’t leave u .just Wait and watch miss rags .and leave in anger.
Lucky – how dare u Rags why u slapping my bhai.
Swara – tumne nahi dekha Ragini ke sath o kaisa behave kar raha tha .and how dare u…..u don’t tlk to my sis in this tone .
Lucky – I do whatever those I want .
Swara – agar tumne meri began se aisi baat Ki toh I teach u good lessons.
Lucky – lets see .
And leaves in anger

Rags all this seeing in silent.
Swara – don’t worry rags but tumne Jo kiya o accha nahi tha.
Rags – why u support him .u r my sister not others
Swara – pls rags don’t be angry on me.Rags just look at me .i m only worried 4 u because u r going alone with him I just hope kuch galat na Ho.
Raga – o my sweet sister I am rag the rock star .don’t worry about me.ok.
They overhears a voice rags sanky come on flight ✈ ka time Ho gya h .
Rags – yes sir ibam coming.then she hug swara and say I miss u dear.
Swara – I miss u too.take care rags.byee .
Rags – byee
Both leave with teary eye.sanlak hug each other .lucky – take care . Bhai .byee
Sanky – byee .and he leaves for flight.
Jab o flight ke andar jata h toh o dekhta h rags sitting on windows seat .both look at each other in anger.
Swalak reach clg they both collide with each other.lucky holds swara in arm then they both share an eye lock song played in background ha hansi ban Gaye .
After sometime they both come in sense.
Swara – r u blind ???
Lucky – tumhare pass ankh h na then why u collide with me. I know I m so handsome.but iska means yeh toh nahi u always trying to collide with me.
Swara – handsome my foot u r look like a joker.just leave they both move in different sides.
In flight
Rags – ( itself) u don’t know who m I ?? & what can I do ??
Sanky – tumhe is slap ka jawab bahut jaldi mileha miss akadu.just wait and watch.
Screen freeze on ragsan angry face.

Precap- ragni gets kidnap .and swara in drunk state .
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