SWARAGINI- Love’s journey ( promo)

Guys sorry but will take 1 or 2 days to upload part 22 but here is promo.

Swara is drunk and is walking on road, laksh comes and tries to control her. She is running here and there and screaming : wooh, this night is so awesome.

She says in drunk state to him: u are lier, u always lied to everybody, u are good guy & that ritika, how can she did this to u. U loved her so much & she took advantage of ur love. I hate her but I love u.

Laksh is stunned with this.

Is swara really in love with laksh or she just said like that???

Screen shifts to ragsan

Sanskar is bleeding and ragini is cleaning it with cotton. Ragini has tears in eyes. Sanskar is staring at her when she is cleaning his blood.

Ragini : what was the need to fight with them, if something would have happened to u.

Sanskar : so what should I do just look at them, I can’t see anyone doing something like this to u.

Ragini : but y

Sanskar : bcoz I love u damn it.

Ragini is shocked.

Ragini will accept sanskar love or not???

What will happen now?? . Swaragini’ s journey towards love has started or not???

How was the promo, plzzz comment that are u excited or not.

Guys 1 more question do u want me to run the story or want to take a little fast bcoz I know I am taking it very slow but I promise u. I will try to fasten it.

Give ur reviews.




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  1. I think swara really loves laksh but in front of him she will say she said it cuz she was drunk. And ragini should accept sanskaar love. But ragini first needs to get it cleared that her soulmate is sanskaar and not laksh. Yes the love journey should be started

    1. Btw I love ur story. Its unique.

  2. amazing …waitiñg …plz upload soon… and plz run the story …as u want . .

  3. Ohhh so cute yaar

  4. No need to do fast….by this stry will become boring…so continue like this

  5. Nice yaar..and no need to run the story..just move out the story slowly

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