SWARAGINI – Love’s journey (part 9)


guys thnx so much for liking my ff. I am great full to u all, who continuously read such as surbhi, manvi, aditi, hayathi, preeti, pratiksha, tooba, jiya, devi, ammu, meghs, rosy and taiana and many more.

I m not revealing the pairs bcoz a story always has twist and turns.. So sorry guys u have to read the ff for that. So it’s request for all swasan and swalak fans to read it as well as comment on it.

Rate my ff from 0- 10. And tell me the best part till now.

Next day, GH

Swaragini were ready to leave for college.

Swara: maa, papa, dadi & dadu, plz wish me luck for the competition.

Dadu: best of luck beta, I know you will make us proud.

Swara: thnx dadu

Shekhar : my best wishes are always with u, my darling, just go and come fast happy.

Dadi: I won’t u best of luck.

Swara: y dadi

Dadi: bcoz I know that u will be definately get selected.

Swara: my lovely dadi

Sumi: best of luck beta, do ur best & take this dahi shakkar

Swara ate it.

Ragini: if u have taken everything then can we plzz leave

Sumi: no

Ragini: y

Sumi: who will take gods blessings

Ragini: oh I forgot.

Swara: bhulakad

Swara goes to mandir and prays: plzz God help me clear this auditions I have waited for it, many years.

Ragini: let’s go madam.

After sometime in college, auditorium

Swaragkav were talking with each other.

Swara: I m getting tension yaar

Ragini: don’t worry, my sister will definately win this auditions.

Swara: bcoz ur my sister, u will say this na

Kavita: are swara, u will definately get selected, don’t take tensions

Spotboy: all the contestants are requested to go to room.

Swara: bye lado, bye kavita & lado my bag is here.

Kavita : best of luck swara

Ragini: all the best, shona

Screen shifts to swaragsanlak classroom

Sanlak entered the classroom and was unable to find swaragini

Sanskar: where are they

Laksh: where ever they may be, I am just happy that jungli billi is not here.

Sanskar calls swara.

Kavita sees unknown no calling on swara ‘s phone and says to ragini: ragini someone is calling swara

Ragini was also in tension and was thinking about swara’s competition & then said : plzzz u pick it up.

Kavita picks up the call: who are u

Sanskar: hey gorgeous, sanky here.

Kavita: hey, hi kavita

Sanskar: well I guess, I called swara

Kavita: yes sanskar, u did, but actually she have her auditions now

Sanskar shocked and said : what, &u r telling me now, I m coming there.

He cuts the call and says: lucky , plzz come with me, we have to go from here.

Laksh: y any bomb is fit here.

Sanskar: very funny, but now come with me.

Laksh: but where bhai,

Sanskar: u just come

And he forcefully takes him to auditorium

As they reached auditorium.

Sanskar saw them both sitting there &. Went to them

Sanskar: hi kavita, hi jhansi ki rani.

Laksh: hi ragini, hi kavita

Ragini: hi sanky, hi laksh

Kavita: hey guys

Laksh: today that jungli billi is not with u

Ragini: actually shona hm have her auditions in 5 minutes.. So she is in contestants room.

Laksh: bhai, plzz don’t tell me that u brought me here for seeing her auditions.

Sanskar: actually lucky…. I brought here bcoz u like music na so u will better and it might help u to get out of that.

Ragini: get out of what

Sanskar: nothing ragini, leave it

Ragini felt strange bcoz in 2,3 days it was first time when sanskar called her by her name.

And they settled. after some performances it was a girl’s turn before swara & she was at back stage but was able to see all ragkavsanlak. They all waved her hi and best of luck except laksh instead he ignored.

Swara also waved hi and whispered thank u & gave angry look to laksh. And then she made her mind cool.

Now it was swara’s turn.. She came on stage and holded the mike and close s here eyes. Laksh was about to leave but stopped by hearing the song.

Precap: laksh gets emotional and ragini consoles him, he hugs her.

Plzzz suggest me a sad song which can be sang by both girl & boy.

Credit to: Anjali

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