SWARAGINI – Love’s journey (part 8)


There is small mistake in my last part in last part at some places Priya is written that Priya is kavita.

Shekhar then thought : how they can come here. it is not possible, there is not only one sanskar in this world.

Swaragini saw their papa busy in thoughts and said : papa are u ok.

Shekhar returns from his thoughts : no where my darlings, I was just thinking that who is that guy who can bare my daughters.

Swaragini: papaa

Dadu : well said Shekhar, at least lado can be bared but shona , who will manage shona

Dadi : what do u think of my shona, she is the sweetest, after all she is like me.

Shekhar : that’s why we were saying that, right na bauji

Dadu: ya right Shekhar

And they both laughed

Sumi was hearing all the conversation and said : plzz don’t say anything to Maa, it’s ok if u all talk about shona.

Shekhar: but where are they.

Sumi: right now they were here , where they would have gone

And they all started for swaragini.

Sumi goes to swaragini’s room and then she is shocked by seeing something and she calls everyone. They all comes and sees swaragini had not even changed their clothes and went for sleeping. They were sleeping with innocence, like children have

They all were happy seeing this and dadi said : God bless them and there relationship.

Screen shifts to sanlak’s house,

Sanskar : lucky u did very wrong today.

Laksh: what bhai??,

Sanskar: Ragini came to u, she tried to talk u but u didn’t saw her also

Laksh : how can u say this, u know my experience with girls.

Sanskar: ” that is past lucky, & what is wrong in friendship, she is so sweet and different from others, I think u should make friendship with her” and started remembering her face, when she was cleaning her dress, when she was studying, her smile, her way of beating him and a smile comes on his face.

Laksh sees this and says : bhai where are u lost, I am seeing from 2,3 days are

Sanskar : nothing lucky, anyways what u will do tommorow

Laksh : I will say sorry to ragini

Sanskar: and

Laksh: and make friendship with her, but I will not talk to that jungli billi

Sanskar: ok now let’s go to sleep.

Next day, college campus

Swaragini sees sanlak coming.

Swara: hey sanky, she sees laksh and murmers sadu kahi ka can’t even say hi.

Sanskar: hey gorgeous, hi jhansi ki rani

Ragini: hi sanky, hey laksh.

Lakah: hi ragini, sorry for yesterday’ s behaviour.

Seeing this ragini blushes and feels good after getting his response.

Swara: omg!! Who is saying sorry.

Laksh: everybody is not like u, so plzzz keep ur mouth shut jungli billi

Swara: thank God everybody is not like me, otherwise they wouldn’t have tolerated u that much I tolerate u

Laksh: plzz I don’t have time and interest to talk with u.

Swara: who wants to talk to u, and no body can talk with u

Laksh: really!!!

Swara: yes

Laksh: very funny

Swara: it is, if u don’t find it what can I do in that

Laksh: plzz can u make ur sister behave like u, ragini

Swara: and sanky help brother to become normal, like u.

Laksh: I will not leave u

Swara: what will u do

And their arguments were going on continuously, whole college was seeing this incident and ragini and sanskar thought that’s it better to take them away from each other. Therefore ragini was swara and sanskar was holding laksh.

Swara: I will see u Mr

Laksh: I will not leave u jungli billi.

Screen shifts to the class, where swaragini were sitting together as ragini was cooling her anger.

Ragini: y u started fighting with him

Swara: what would I do then, aarti, how rudely he behaved with u yesterday.

Ragini: :madam he was saying sorry for that .

Swara: what does that means, first slap someone and then say sorry.

Ragini: but I think he is good from inside.

Swara: y r u taking his side

Ragini: bcoz, I thinkkkk that he is a nice guy.

Sanlak entered the classroom. And as they crossed swaragini swara and laksh looked each other angrily. And eyed each other as they would kill each other know.

Lecture started. Ragini and laksh were busy with the books. Where as swara was busy in her own thoughts and  sanskar was silently flirting with the girls.

As soon as the lecture finished all went out for break. Laksh said to sanskar that he is going to library.

Swara(to ragini) : lado lets to go to meet kavita.

Ragini: no shona, I have to make some notes so I will come later.

Swara: then I have to also come na ( said in a childish way)

Ragini smiled and said : it’s ok I will prepare for u.

Swara: thank u so much lado

And she leaves from there. Ragini also started to move but sanskar called her : jhansi ki rani wait.

Ragini stopped and looked him in anger: don’t call me jhansi ki rani

Sanskar: I can’t call u mother Teresa bcoz ur not like her, u r very violent so it’s perfect jhansi ki rani.

Ragini: u!!!! I will not leave mr. Sanky

Sanskar: who is telling u to leave me.

And he laughs. Ragini shows fake anger but then she also starts laughing.. Seeing her laughing face he gets mesmerized.

Ragini: by the way what was the work

Sanskar: wait, I forgot….., ya actually I want to know about our college campus.

Ragini: but I think u already have seen full campus.

Sanskar: ya I have, but actually I don’t know anything about colleges & u promised me yesterday, remember

Ragini: but I have to make notes, so can we go afterwards.

Sanskar: no we will go now

And he forcefully takes her. They were walking and then sanskar said : I think there is connection between four of us. I mean just look at us, untill we even didnt know anything about each other and today I feel like we are friends from years.

Ragini: you know even I feel the same, by the way I don’t think that u boys are from Kolkata

Sanskar: see u got to know that also, ya actually we are from Mumbai .

And then she was showing him various places but he was just smiling and continuously staring at her and thinking.( how can anybody be so gorgeous). Background sound was playing ‘moh moh ke dhaage ‘

Finally they reached library.

Ragini: so this the last stop of our train.

Sanskar came to his senses and said : too early.

Ragini: Mr sanky, we are roaming from 1 hr and u say ‘so early’

Sanskar: ok, so now u will go na

Ragini: y, ur not coming

Sanskar: no me and library,not a good match, bye

Ragini: bye.

And he leaves. she enters the library, she sees laksh sitting there and goes to him

Ragini ( in a low voice) : hi laksh

Laksh saw her and said : hi ragini, once again really sorry for yesterday

Ragini: it’s ok baba, chill

Laksh: so friends.

Ragini : y not, laksh.

And they continued their studies. But ragini wanted to talk to him .Whereas laksh was busy in studying. Screen freezes.

Precap : swara’s music competition audituions

Credit to: Anjali

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