SWARAGINI – Love’s journey (part 7)


Once again thanx guys for it comments. I never thought that I would even get 10 comments.  And also a big thnx to silent readers for liking my ff. Here are first 6 ff with intro and ya my first two parts are hindi. Guys plzz let me know which is the best in these 7 parts.


Swara ‘s phone rang and she picked up. And she said

Swara: hey kavita

Kavita : hi swara, I think u forgot that u have to register for singinig competition and ragini for dancing, so now come fast I m waiting outside auditorium

Swara: oh shit, I really forgot about, thnx kavita , ur such a sweet heart.

Kavita : I know now plzz come yaar.

Swara: ya we are reaching.

And she ended the call

Ragini: what happened shona.

Swara: miss bhulakad we have to register the name for competitions, forgot.

Ragini: as if u remembered it.

Swara: ok I m sorry now we can leave for auditorium.

And swaragini left.

Screen shifts to laksh, he was thinking about his friendship with a ashish, how people use to give the example of their friendship. How the whole college was jealous of trio( laksh, ashish, sanskar). How they had fun in college.

Suddenly sanskar comes and says: hey lucky, plzz don’t get sad, she doesn’t know about u.

Laksh: u are my brother, then y taking her side and if she don’t know anything then who gave her the right to say

Sanskar: ok fine baba, I won’t take her side but plzzz move on, everybody is not like ashish, try to make friends

Laksh: bhai if another friend also cheated then what should I do.

Sanskar: leave him and make another friend, just like I flirt with girl.

Lucky: bhai again girls.

Sanskar: sorry sorry but now can we plzz procced to see our college campus, i am eagerly waiting to see our new college

And he took laksh with him.

Screen shifts to auditorium.

Swara saw Priya standing out and called her: Hey Priya

Kavita: where were u both

Swara: we were making food.

Kavita: what

Ragini: shonaaa, actually Priya she is joking we really forgot about it, thnx for calling.

Kavita: it’s ok Ragini, but now u plzz come with me to register ur names.

And they register their names for competition.

Ragini: thnx kavita, if u were not here then we won’t be able to register the names

“For what sweethearts ” someone from behind said.

Ragini fumed in anger that how can anyone say to them and was about to slap that person but she saw sanskar and stopped her self.

Sanskar: woah jhansi ki rani,( to ragini)chill it is me sanky. Hi girls, u pretty lady ( facing towards kavita) I don’t know ur name.

Kavita ( in mind): awww he is so cute.

Swara: plzz stop flirting sanky

Sanskar: I m helpless swara.

Swara: really, ok, she is kavita our close friend, and kavita he is sanskar, also known as sanky

Kavita: hi sanskar.

Sanskar: hi, I must say ur name is quiet pretty ( to kavita)

Swara: & wat about me and my sister.

Sanskar: ur name is also good but ragini, I have to think about it.

Ragini: sanky u r very bad.

And then ragini starts beating sanskar and sanskar also starts running..

Sanskar: ok sorry jhansi ki rani

Ragini: my name is ragini.

Sanskar: I know that jhansi ki rani.

Ragini: it’s useless to talk with u.

Sanskar: I know that.

Swara: nice one sanky

And they both started laughing but then ragini showed fake anger to him. whereas laksh who was standing there was getting bored and then he finally said: bhai can we please proceed from here.

Swara saw this and fumes in anger: what is ur problem, u toh don’t make friends don’t allow him to make friends.

Laksh : listen jungli billi, stay away from me.

Sanskar(saw this): chill lucky, wait for 5 minutes then we will go, by the way swara, what are u doing here, I heard u were talking about some registrations.

Swara was about to say Kavita interrupted : actually I am a volunteer here and swara is for singing whereas ragini is for dancing competition.

Sanskar( in mind: wow she also likes dancing) : really, I mean ragini and dancing.

Ragini : y is there any problem for me to dance.

Sanskar: no not at all, how can jhansi ki rani dance.

Ragini: excuse me, I love dancing, it is not my passion, it is my God & u know abcd of dance.

Sanskar: jhansi ki rani I am sorry now, by the way when is the last day of registration

Swara: tommorow, but we also like to be first so we registered now.

Sanskar: bye girls, you know laksh is waiting for me.

Swaragini and kavita : bye sanky.

And sanlak reaches near uttara’ s class

Laksh: hey uttara.

Uttara : hey bhai.

Sanskar: hi chutki

Uttara: bhaiya plzz don’t say it in college.

Sanskar: ok sorry

Laksh: so how is ur hostel life.

Uttara: nyc but missing u both

Sanskar: even we miss u.

Just then the bell rang and uttara said bye to laksh and sanskar. They also waved a bye.

After 4 hours college is over and swaragini reaches their home.

Screen shifts to GH.

Shekhar saw them coming and said : hey my darling daughters, how was ur first day of college.

Swaragini: nyc papa, we made a new friend today sanskar.

Shekhar thought in his mind: they have returned!!, even bauji was saying that he saw their lights open.

Precap: laksh and ragini are friends with the help of sanskar

Credit to: Anjali

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