SWARAGINI – Love’s journey (part 5)


Thnx so much for commenting guys and also to silent readers . Guys whether I have decides swasan or swalak or raglak or ragsan but I make sure that u guys can enjoy the ff. Again I am really sorry for my bad english.

Two days passed. In these two days swaragini were preparing for their respective competitions in colleges whereas Sanskar as usual spend his time by flirting with girls. And laksh by trying to forget his past.

It was first day of college and swaragini were ready and they were going to college by walking on roads. Sanskar as he loves racing saw the road open and drove car at high speed.

Laksh:” be careful bhai ur not on highway. ”

Sanskar :” nothing will happen lucky. ”

Just after that car was about to hit two girls and sanskar changed the direction and the car stopped a little far away.

Sanskar was coming out to say sorry but laksh said ” it’s ok I will say sorry instead of u”

The two girls were none other than swaragini but ragini was more closer and also got hurt.

Swara: lado are u okay, who was that driver I will not spare him.

Ragini : it’s ok shona I m fine leave it.

Swara: he hurt my sister. I can’t leave him.

And swara drags ragini where laksh was standing and swara assumes that laksh is the person due to which ragini is hurt. But ragini didn’t saw laksh and was busy in cleaning her dress. Sanskar saw ragini and came out of the car from other side bcoz laksh was standing on that side. After that suddenly air breeze starts and also their was guy who was singing ‘ishq bulava’ and ragini understand that his soulmate his here and assumes it as laksh.

Swara as they reach (shouts on laksh) : hey u, are u blind, can’t see girls walking on road, or don’t know to drive.

Laksh: excuse me, first listen to me u.

Swara : is there anything to listen now and what do u think of urself. u are maharaja???

Laksh: listen I am sorry, but we didn’t saw u both and full road was there for u both to walk but u r girls no so u will always do whatever.

Swara ( then watches sanskar and says to him): hey u can’t u explain ur friend,or whatever relation u both have to behave with a girl.

Sanskar then come to senses and ragini also after hearing swara’ s shout. And both handle laksh and swara respectively.

Just then sanskar says :” sorry girls and lucky plzz go inside ” to both of them and takes laksh inside the car and moves to college.

And after plzz that swara says : ya plzz take him or he would forget about his family.

Ragini( in mind) : I don’t think it is right time to say about that lucky

Ragini( to swara) : swara leave it I m fine.

Whereas laksh was shouting from : I will see u miss

Sanskar: leave it lucky, bas kar

Laksh: bhai how much attitude she had, I was saying sorry to her but she

Sanskar: ok now plzz forget about it. And enjoy the this day bcoz it would be first day of college.

And then sanskar while driving thinks about ragini. After some time they reach the college.

Swaragini went to their class and sat on different place bcoz ragini loves to study but swara didn’t. Soon the teacher came and introduced their new classmates. 

Teacher : here are new class mates laksh and sanskar, so u both have a sit.

Ragini gets happy seeing laksh and says in mind (Is he really my soulmate).  Sanskar also gets happy seeing ragini but swara didn’t notices them as she was with had put up cords. And was busy in herself. Even laksh was unable to see her. Sanskar sits in same row of ragini with laksh but sat inside. By seeing laksh in the same row she started blushing.

After some time swara got bored and then she thought of some mischief and she threw a paper ball on ragini.  but that moment ragini went down as her pen went under the desk and the paper ball hit laksh and they both saw each other and said : u.

Teacher saw this and said: plzzz go out if u want to talk

Laksh :ma’am she threw the paper ball

Swara : ma’am actually….

Sanskar interrupted : ma’am were are really sorry.

Teacher: u three can go out of the class.

And three of them but laksh was angry from her.

Ragini was thinking in mind : swara, u always do some gadbad. Screen freezes

Precap : swaragsan talks with each other.  laksh says he don’t make freinds

Credit to: Anjali

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